Podcast episode 10. Phil Yarnell from Smay Design

Today we’re speaking to Phil Yarnell from Smaydesign.com

Today we’re speaking to Phil Yarnell from Smaydesign.com

Podcast Highlights.

Phil insists that he isn’t a ‘business type guy’.  This is probably his biggest strength, as he’s worked in the graphic design space for the music industry for a while.  Phil believes that if you’re easy to get on with, a decent person and you provide good work, then you’ll go far.  I have to agree with that one.  Also, we get to see some of the work that Phil produces, from his design agency smaydesign.com.

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Bit of a special competition this week.

phil yarnell smay design

Phil is VERY kindly giving away a boxed set of ‘The Midnight Special’ DVD collection.  The Midnight Special was the first of its kind. The most popular artists of the 70’s, from rock, pop and soul, shared the stage performing their hits LIVE on late-night television

Phil designed the AWESOME packaging for this badboy, all you need to do is watch the video the learn how to win.


You can find Phil at Smaydesign.com

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