Podcast episode 13. Eileen Lonergan

Today we’re speaking to Eileen Lonergan

Today we’re speaking to Eileen Lonergan.

Podcast Highlights.

Eileen runs her own WordPress and marketing business.  She also runs the Divi User group on Facebook, which is SUPER friendly.

https://www.expand2web.com/coaching-and-training/ is the group that Eileen belongs to, which was so helpful and her inspiration for starting the Divi Theme Users Group.

This weeks podcast was brought to you by Eileen Lonergan You can download the MP3 here or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


You can find Eileen on Twitter @eileenlonergan or visit her at www.eileenlonergan.com or on LinkedIn.


Eileen is giving away FREE consultation on WordPress, running a WP business OR the Divi Theme!

Go ahead and get involved in the comments below for your chance to enter.

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