Marketing funnels – it’s a must have for your marketing

You need a marketing funnel if you want to grow your business. Marketing is all about growing your business and the fastest way to do that, is with a marketing funnel.

However it isn’t as simple as that. If you’re just getting started with marketing funnels, it can be tough to figure out where to start and what to do. Read this post to find out-

  • WordPress marketing funnels are simple
  • You can’t just drive traffic to any page
  • You’ve already experienced marketing funnels

Simple Funnel:

Traffic -> Squeeze (landing page) -> Thank you page -> Email Follow Up Series”

WordPress marketing funnels are simple

When experts and gurus talk about marketing funnels non-stop, combined with the amount of technology that’s available to build them, it’s easy to think that marketing funnels are complicated.

In truth, a marketing funnel is no different to how businesses interact with people anyway. If you own a store that people can walk into, you’re going to ask them what they’re interested in and you’re going to watch what they pick up and look at.

As a business owner you’d take these cues and make sure, that whatever you talk to the customer about, is related to what they’re looking at.  Even at a large scale, if they’re in a kitchen and cookware shop, it’s unlikely that they’re looking for parts for their car.

The way that people buy has changed drastically with the internet. Salespeople are no longer the gatekeepers of information. People can browse reviews, blogs and other sites for relevant information that help them make the right choice.

As a business owner, people will look to you to help them make the right decision. Listening to them and recommending relevant products. If you give away free information in a ‘sales pitch’ or conversation, why can’t you give that same content away online?

With a WordPress website, you can easily create WordPress marketing funnels that deliver free, restricted and paid content that helps customers make the right choice. All people are looking for is a trustworthy source that helps them get the results they want.

If you’re building funnels for customers, look at the types of products they sell. Look at what your customer’s customers want and produce content that easily found and shared. If they sell cookware, create demonstrations and reviews in the exact same way that you’d do if they were face to face.

Don’t over complicate how you want people to find a business. Take the most common questions that are asked and write a little about the answer. Share that where your customers are and share it with people who ask. That’s all a WordPress marketing funnel should be delivering at the start – useful information that people are looking for.

You’ve already experienced marketing funnels

You don’t have to look far for marketing funnels that demonstrate the process. You can probably even find a marketing funnel with an example in your industry.

Michelle Hudson from NeedaVA talks on about the various types of marketing funnels.

“Say you see an offer online… maybe it’s a free eBook or a course etc. for this information you will give your email and name… Following this would be an email from the company… and now you would be on the companies [sic] email list.”

Marketing funnels, as we explained above are no different to a regular sales interaction.  We attract attention to a shop and make our products easy to see and understand. When a customer is interested, we have a conversation with them and talk to them about their needs.

Michelle goes on to talk about the various types of marketing funnels. Particularly those that can be built as WordPress marketing funnels.

Application Sales Funnel – driving traffic to a squeeze page or opt-in form that sends leads to a sales page for a trial or upsell product.

Webinar Sales Funnel – driving traffic to a webinar registration page. After a user signs up they’re taking to a recording or a live webinar at a later date. The webinar gives TONS of valuable content to all the audience.

The Free E-book Sales Funnel – it doesn’t have to be an eBook (they’re a little overdone to be honest). You can use a template, swipe file, PDF case study. Something that can be downloaded and read/consumed at a later date.

Whenever you buy or sign up to something, smart businesses will email you later with similar offers and related content. That isn’t a coincidence, businesses know that the easiest way to sell to you, is to offer you MORE stuff that they know you’re interested in.

You can’t just drive traffic to any page

Crossing your fingers and hoping that traffic on a page will convert into a lead or sale is crazy. We can divide this up a few ways and see why it’s not a smart method of marketing.

Driving back to pages/post with opt-ins

You’re right in thinking that you can publish posts or regular pages with opt-ins. However it’s not as simple as just having a ‘newsletter sign up’ box. You need to offer something relevant and specific to whatever page people are being bought back to.

Driving traffic to landing pages

In the bad old days, a landing page was just a headline and a form. Visitors do not react well to bland and low content pages anymore. You need to give more upfront and really hammer home what they’re getting if they sign up.

Driving traffic to sales pages

The lowest conversion rates are driving cold traffic to sales pages. People that haven’t interacted with you don’t trust you and that means that they won’t buy. You need to give them information and content up front. Build a relationship with them before you try to sell to them.

What can you do instead?

You need to drive traffic to pages and posts that help and inform your audience. It’s as simple as that. The more value you give upfront, the more people trust you.

Keep opt-ins specific to the blog posts they’re on and make sure landing pages are full of content.


Marketing funnels are simple way to capture leads and have conversations with your customers. All we’re trying to do is replicate conversations that you would have with customers offline.

  • WordPress marketing funnels are simple. Don’t over complicate them and start emailing customers with relevant information.
  • Search for funnel examples (you won’t have to look hard). Look for adverts on Facebook and LinkedIn and see where they take you and what you get on automation.
  • You need to give people tons of value and useful stuff on a page if you’re driving them there. Don’t skimp on content.

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Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.