Crazy Ol’ Mike Killen. That’s what they call me ‘round these parts.

I hear folks aren’t too keen on what I’m talkin’ cus they ain’t believe that I got all my faculties, so to speak. See, I done reckon that writing blog posts for yer site, it’s like diggin’ for gold in a tree trunk. Yer objectives are smart see but you’re off with yer execution.

Ok I’m done with the western prospector type talkin’. I promise, that going against every single grain of advice and common sense, that the concept of not writing blog posts will seem like a very sensible, smart option.

The problem is that we spend hours writing blog posts to drive traffic to our websites. That takes time, effort, content and topic ideas, publishing and THEN you have to drive traffic to the post.

There’s a myth that writing a posting once a week is a magic formula that will bring in traffic, leads and customers. Your SEO will climb Google’s pages and eventually you’ll just be able to pump out posts and KNOW that you’ll get 10 000 hits per day.

The truth is that writing blog content IS useful. It’s extremely powerful to have a library of fresh content and relevant posts to share with customers and subscribers. That’s not going to change.

What is changing is how people find you and start to trust you.

How about instead of writing blog posts, we pretend that we took the same time, effort (and guilt of not creating more often) and used it to build products. Maybe something physical or a service that is neatly packaged.

Now what if you produced one new product and put that on a shelf, promoted it and took whatever results came your way. You might get some sales; you might pick up a few more leads or you might not get anything.

However, like blog posts, these products can be sold again and again. They were in limitless supply.

Can you imagine if you had this opportunity of a limitless supply of products, that no matter how many people bought or consumed or visited, you always had more. All you had to do is attract and drive more visitors to the store or shop that you had. All you had to do was tell more of your network that they could share and sell these products, you’d give them a cut as long as they shared it with their network.

Now ask yourself, what kind of lunatic mentalist would spend the bulk of their time creating NEW products that could generate revenue, attract leads and be shared when they already had something that could do all that?

You’re smart people so I’ll assume that you’ve already started to make the connection. When we write a blog post, we have an opportunity to attract traffic to our site. We also have an opportunity to capture leads and build customer relationships.

Can you imagine being told by digital marketing experts that you need to create a new product every week? Then, you can only promote it for a week and move onto the next product? You’d spit in their face. The very idea of building new products every week seems horrendous.

Frankly, we’re doing the exact same thing for blog posts. And we’re being fed the same bullshit by digital marketing experts that we need to build new blog posts every single week.

Here’s what we should be doing.

Traffic. Leads. Sales.

That’s what blog posts should deliver right? We write our blog posts and that attracts traffic.

We post that blog post on social media a few times a day on a few different channels. We make sure it’s listed on our sitemap so Google can crawl it. We send the new post to our email list and we buy some paid traffic on a social site or two.

When visitors land on our blog, we should be offering them a light bulb moment/lead magnet related to the post. That way they can get access to some extra, specific content in exchange for an email address lead.

For example, if you write a post on search engines, you should offer something like an SEO checklist at the end of the post.

Once they sign up you can send a few emails to move them to a sale, start a dialogue and build your way to a customer.

Blogging 101. Next week however it all starts again. Fuck that.

What if, instead of new content every week, we created a handful of killer, kickass, ground shatteringly awesome blog posts that have super specific topic. Then, we offer the most obvious and NEEDED light bulb moment at the end of (and during) the blog post.

So now that we’ve got 5 epic, hard working blog posts, what if…we just promote those? Non-stop, relentless promotion of 5 psycho good guides that act as blog posts but that are designed to capture leads.

Like a landing page that offers a lead magnet, but it GIVES so much more AND it looks so much more organic and natural to promote.

Think of each post like a mini-book. Something that you’d get recognition and authority from if you were known as the author.

What if your company was known for 5 incredible and useful guides? A series of posts that genuinely helped your audience and customers with their problems. Blogs that get you recognised and that people want you to talk about to them.

Does that sound like a plan? 5 (or more, or less – don’t stress yourself) incredible posts that have a related light bulb moment. Can you write just one to start? One super mega sweet post? Then, we’re just going to promote that. Just that post.

We’re going to measure clicks, cost per lead, traffic. Ah man it’s going to be awesome. Think of that. You only have to write one post. You know it’s going to generate leads AND we get to do grown up marketing by measuring how many leads we got for our promotion.

Sounds good to me.

Do we still write regular posts?

Absolutely we do. But make sure to take it easy on yourself. Instead of forcing 500+ words for every blog, post a meme or make an image. Find an infographic or video and post that and write a few words.

Our smaller blog posts should promote our killer posts. Our killer posts are where we make the monies.


So to sum up, rather than sweating over 1 post every week, think of just promoting the killer posts you have instead.

Sure, your email list and customers want new stuff, but it doesn’t always have to be a post. It can be a video, a meme, an infographic or someone else’s content.

Our killer blog posts are lengthy, detailed and have the next step immediately laid out to the reader so it’s obvious how they can execute on what you’ve taught them for free.

Hell, I’m going to give you the best possible example I can think of. Below, you can get access to my entire Stop Writing Blog Posts Plan below. Just enter your email address and I’ll send you the day by day plan on how to write ONE blog post that has the impact of 10 posts.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.