15 laws of selling marketing funnels to clients

If you want to sell more funnels and funnel projects to clients, you need to commit these 15 laws to memory.

Every time we’ve found new clients for our marketing funnel projects, we’ve followed these laws like they were our process. Some of these are hard work, some you’re probably doing already.

The secret is that these laws aren’t about finding more leads for your funnel business. It’s about getting people to approach you to become a client.

That’s the difference with my funnel business. Our lead generation strategy is about having people approach me. Not me seeking out new clients. If you follow every one of these laws, I promise you’ll have clients approach YOU for funnels.



You need to be an authority

No one can sell anything sustainably, repeatedly and profitably unless they’re an authority. You need content, books, webinars, lead magnets, resources, courses and videos (and anything else you can think of) to show off exactly why you’re the expert.

Expert positioning and being seen as an authority isn’t difficult, it’s just hard work. You have to repeatedly publish content regularly and share your knowledge, in order to become an authority. However the payoff is that authorities don’t find leads. Leads find them.

If you want to sell funnels to customers, you need to be an authority.

You must have a funnel yourself

“Physician, heal thyself”


If you’re selling funnels and you want to find more clients for your funnel business, do you not think that you yourself need a killer funnel?

Protip: You do. You absolutely need a funnel yourself. You need a lead magnet and an upsell in order to move your clients through the same process you want to sell them.

Nurture all your prospects

Are you emailing customers every day? You should be.

You should be nurturing your email list and subscribers like they’re family.

Don’t just send blog posts and promotional emails, send them stories and entertain them. Show them interesting events and topics that will help them. Nurture them through their own journey and make sure you’re seen as a person. Be a celebrity to them, not a faceless business.

You’re not selling a website

Websites are still a vital part to any business. Online content publishing is more important than ever, but that’s not what you’re selling.

What you’re selling, as a marketing or sales funnel, is an automation process of attracting new visitors, converting them into leads and selling useful products to them.

Funnels might look and feel like websites. But their process is different. A website might have content added every day, a regular blog post and even sales pages. But the process of automating and moving people across that website to take specific actions is the marketing funnel.

Help people for free

I can’t stress this enough. You should be giving your best content and help away for free. If you’re thinking “but if I do that, they won’t need me”, stop. That’s not how it works.

Our customers want to read what to do. Then they want you to do it for them. It’s a really simple model.

The journey hasn’t changed. Sales people used to tell customers everything that they’d get and what they’d do. But it was the sales person’s company or team that did the work.

Don’t hide what you do. If you have a killer process and you want to sell more funnels, you have to produce free content that’s useful to customers. Help people and the money will follow.

Price per month

Don’t price funnel projects as a one off. They’re investments that need constant work.

If you build a funnel and only charge a one off, you’ll be stuck in an endless cycle of trying to find work.

Repeat work is the cornerstone of a business that grows. Besides, your customers want to pay per month too.

Be human and have an opinion

Like I mentioned with the Nurture Law. You need to be a human being and be seen. Your face needs to be the face of the business. People are always trying to come up with a USP or UVP, when it’s already in front of you.

It’s you. You’re the USP. Be human and have an opinion. It’s important that you divide people. If you’re neutral, no one will fall in love with you.

Be controversial, talk about your ideas and beliefs. Help people fall in love with your business and know that some are going to hate you.

I’m the world’s #1 expert on selling marketing funnels to clients. A lot of people don’t like that I say that about myself.

I also believe I can build a better marketing funnel using WordPress and BeaverBuilder than with ClickFunnels. Even more people don’t like that about me.

But the people who DO like me, they love my work and they follow me.

Customers must have products

You absolutely cannot build a successful, profitable funnel for a customer if they don’t have products.

Unless you have a product creation consulting service (more on that later), your customers need products to sell.

Even if it’s only one to start with. They need to have something to sell and you need to stand firm. You can’t do everything for customers (unless they pay).

Create a range of products

All the way from $9 eBooks and courses to $250 000 projects. You need to have a range of products.

Every single one of those should help people do the same thing.

You should be helping them achieve a goal or result and each product is a step in that direction.

Even free blog content should help them do the thing they want.

If you want more clients for your funnel business, increase the number of offerings and levels you provide.

I’m not saying do a $10K marketing funnel project for $2000. I’m saying, what CAN you offer for $2000 that does help a customer.

You can upgrade websites

If someone has a website already, they’re a prime candidate for a marketing funnel.

Treat customers who have a website already as a prospect and make sure to have a funnel product that suits websites.

Customers must have content

Another golden rule, unless they’re willing to pay you, your customers need to have content. They also have to be willing to create content in the future.

No one can attract an audience and grow their revenue unless they’re willing to create and promote content.

Be willing to pick up the phone

This is what your competition aren’t willing to do. If you have leads and customers in your database, call them.

Businesses who want to sell marketing funnels to customers, and who are willing to pick up the phone WILL accelerate their results.

Don’t cold call businesses, but get a phone call as quickly as you can. Zoom, Appear.in, SKype, they all offer the chance to speak to your customers.

As soon as you get a new lead in, have a conversation with the. It doesn’t have to be over the phone, but have a real conversation with them.

Overdeliver on every promise

The most important thing you can do to generate more leads, is delight the leads and customers you have already.

If you go overboard on the delivery, smash their expectations and delight them, they’ll do all your lead generation for you.

Have a customer in mind

“If everyone is your customer, no one is your customer”

-Seth Godin

The first thing, above all else, is to create a customer profile. An avatar of who you want to go after. It’s so important that I wouldn’t even worry about other work until you’ve got a crystal clear idea of who you’re talking to.

Income, age, name, gender, how they like to buy, how they like to be communicated to, where they hang out, what their problem is. The more detail, the better.

Most of the time, we’re only looking for 1 customer to start with. So you might as well know who you’re going after.

Talk to your current customers and network

Finally, if you’re not willing to talk to your current customers, why do you deserve new ones?

Book regular calls and hold webinars with your current network and clients. Share what you’ve been learning and help them.

Talk to customers about future projects, referrals and opportunities. Your network is the most valuable assest you can grow. But you have to communicate with them.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.