The fastest way to start feeling better about yourself, is to…

Maybe you’re just feeling groggy, almost like you’ve got a hangover. Or maybe you don’t know if your business is headed in the right direction.

But I’m going to teach you the fastest method IN THE WORLD for feeling better about yourself, your business and what you’re doing day-to-day.

Sometimes we can feel a little directionless and lost. Selling marketing funnels and running a funnel business can get very complicated. Despite all the planning and strategy in the world, sometimes we just feel like we’re unmotivated.

This has nothing to do with waking up earlier or reading more. It’s not a meditation ritual or anything. If you want to start feeling better about yourself, start helping other people.

From helping other people we can find motivation, purpose, energy, positive re-enforcement and increase practical things like our email list, customer enquiries and revenue.

You’re not in the business of building marketing funnels or selling funnel services. You’re in the business of helping people. That’s what your focus should be every single day.

Who can you help more than anyone else?

It’s not just about helping anyone and everyone. It’s about understanding who you can help more than anyone else.

In a broad sense, can you help amatuer athletes or business owners? Who could you get the biggest and best results for? Keep narrowing down the characteristics of your chosen person and think about who you could help the MOST.

Sure, you could probably help amatuer runners somehow. But a business owner would yield greater results.

So could you help a business owner who has no customers, or a business owner who has lots of customers? Which one could you get MORE results for? Depending on your model it could be either.

I know that I can help business owners who have customers already, more than business owners who don’t have customers.

What kind of industry are they in? What kind of work do they do? Who are their customers?

Think about a person or business that you could really get results for. Make it easier on yourself and think of people that you could really really help.

What does your audience need help with?

Now let’s think about what they need help with? Interestingly, this is less of a question about “what canĀ you help with” and more a question of “what does your audience need help with”?

Now ideally, what they need help with and how you can help them will overlap. Otherwise you haven’t really got a business.

Write down what your audience needs help with. Everything they’re struggling with and want to accomplish. Their goals, problems, roadblocks, results, aims etc.

Keep it focused on things you know that THEY want. What are the problems and goals that they recognise? What are they searching for?

YouTube, Google and Quora are amazing resources for learning what your audience wants help with.

But the best place in the world is to ask them yourself. Ask your customers and audience what they need help with. You’d be hearing it straight from the horses mouth.

So what does your audience need help with? You should be able to make a list of over 10 subjects and topics that your audience and customers are trying to fix.

What’s the most common question you’re asked?

Another great way to think about how you can help people, is asking “what’s the most common question I’m asked”?

If someone was interested in what you do and they asked to take you to coffee, so they can better understand what you do, what would you normally talk about?

What would someone get if they spent an hour with you? What would you talk about and what do they ask?

List down the most common questions that someone asks or think about emails and conversations you’ve had with people. What have they talked about? What have they said is their biggest goal?

How-to and helpful blog posts

Now we can actually start to help people. Don’t worry about social media sharing, trendy platforms or any of that shit. Focus on being helping and useful. The beauty of written published content is that it’s the easiest format for people to digest.

Video, podcasts, webinars are all great. But the real advantage of written content is that it’s easier to share, people can choose how they consume it AND written content is more authoritative than any other content.

Your helpful posts and guides don’t need to be epic, monster posts. They don’t have to be complicated either. Just think about the question or problem you’re asked and write out 5 – 7 headings on what to do to solve that problem, or reach that goal.

Steps and processes are extremely beneficial to readers. Don’t go overboard with your complexity. Sometimes people just need an overview. You can get into more detail later if you need.

For example, lets say that we build marketing funnels for gyms. We want to help gyms increase their memberships and help their personal trainers book more time with clients.

What would be the 5 – 7 steps that someone would need to take, in order to sign up more members?

  1. Advertise locally with targeted online ads
  2. Make it easier for people to book sessions online
  3. Publish helpful content like workout plans regularly
  4. Offer an incentive to sign up to a mailing list (e.g. free workout session)
  5. Specialise your personal trainers into certain areas
  6. Collect testimonial videos from raving fans
  7. Use email marketing to remind your list about benefits of working out

What’s interesting is that not everything on the list is something directly related to marketing funnels. Some of those points are “enablers”, meaning if they do them, it’ll enable you to get even more results.

This is the advantage of focusing on a particular customer. You can see what works and offer ideas that you’ve seen work already.

By creating free helpful content on your blog, you have something to offer people. If you can get one person to say “this is a great blog post”, I promise you’ll it’ll feel worth it.

It doesn’t have to be blog posts though.

You can create video training, webinars, live broadcasts. There are so many options. But the key is to HELP people.

Make sure you’re focusing on being helpful and the rest will come.

But I can never write every week

Writing, or creating any content for that matter needs to become a habit. I honestly believe that writing and creating content is the most important thing your business can do when you’re starting.

Give yourself 2 hours a week. Block it out, lock the door, switch off your phone and write. Just follow the process above and write. Yes, your first few posts might suck and it might seem like pulling teeth. But it’ll be worth it.

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Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.