The first step you NEED to take to sell a marketing funnel to a customer

If you want to sell marketing funnels to customers, this post is going to clear up the FIRST and most fundamental step you need to take.

“Mike, I want more customers for my funnel business. How can I sell more marketing funnels?” is the most common question I’m asked with funnels.

“I want to sell marketing funnels.”


I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what you need to do, to sell your first, tenth or hundredth marketing funnel.

If you want to sell marketing funnels, this is the first, indispensable, non-negotiable step that WILL help you sell more funnels to customers.

Look at all the stuff we sell!

They were all sat in a room with other digital marketing business. They ranged in size, from freelancers to 20 person marketing agencies. They had seen funnels with another company and wanted to know how THEY could sell funnels to their customers.

They heard that marketing funnels offered equity shares, recurring revenue, easy deployment AND customers wanted them. The guy at the front was more than happy to tell them what to do to sell marketing funnels.

The attendees were asked by the guy at the front, what it was about a marketing funnel that they could sell to customers.

“Sell me a marketing funnel,” he asked them. “If you want more customers then treat me like a new customer and sell me a funnel”.

“I can get you more leads” replied one.

Another said that he could grow an email list. One of the freelancers told him that a marketing funnel was a better than a website.

Then they were asked to list all their features and benefits of a marketing funnel.

Landing pages, sales pages, email automation, sales automation, remarketing, social leads, revenue growth, splinter sales. The list went on and they filled up a few pieces of paper.

Still, no-one had asked the one thing the speaker wanted to hear.

“OK, great. So now, tell me what you do.” he questioned the group to sum up what they did.

  • We build marketing funnels
  • We build online brands through online automation
  • Expose your business to more people online through marketing automation

All the answers we’re pretty generic. They were missing another point which was preventing them from finding customers.

The speaker finished up by asking “what do I want? What does your customer want?”


He continued “tell me the problems I face. Tell me what I want. Tell me everything about me.”

No one spoke up and no one could tell him what he wanted. They had tried to sell features, benefits, results, processes and buzzwords without understanding what he wanted.

They had no idea what he was struggling with.

A few of the group piped up and accused the speaker of trick questions, or misleading them.

“Maybe” he replied “but when I asked you what you did, you all told me what YOU delivered. You didn’t tell me what you could do for me. Or who I was or tell me you could help me. You spoke like I already knew what it was I was buying.”

The problem was that they knew their product well. Most websites are marketing funnels already. It has nothing to do with the product, the name, the process or service.

“I’m constantly asked can you find me more leads and customers and when I ask ‘OK, who are we targeting’ no one can give me an answer.”

“How can you expect me to find you more customers if you don’t know who you’re helping?”

This is the first, most fundamental and important question you can answer is “who is your customer”.

It’s often said that if anyone is your customer, then no one is your customer.

So that’s what we’re going to solve here and now.

Who can you help best?

Think about who you can help best? Who would benefit the most from working with you? Who are they? What industry or area do they work in?

What do they do and feel, day to day? What does their business look like?

You have to be able to see exactly who you help and you help best. Who do you CARE about?

Your customers won’t buy from you or even listen to you until you clearly CARE about them.

The easiest way to care about someone is to listen to them and know them. Know what they want, who they are and what they’re dealing with.

What result do they want?

What are their goals? What are they working towards? More customers? More revenue?

Lot’s of times I’m accused of this question being too obvious. But if I ask you to write down what your customers want, is it easy? Do you know EXACTLY what they want? Do you know why they want that?

All businesses and all industries have different needs and wants. What they want is the key to finding more customers.

They don’t want marketing funnels or sales automation. They want more income, or to pay the bills. Or they want growth and more holiday time.

If you listen, people will tell you exactly what they want. And that’s the key to finding more customers. But telling them you can help them, with what they want.

What problems to they have?

What are the roadblocks that your customers face? Why haven’t they reached their goals? What’s stopping them from reaching their goal and getting what they want?

Do they have too many things on? No marketing outreach? No strategy? What are the roadblocks preventing them from going where they want to go?

If you ask customers this question, they’ll tell you. Most of the time they know exactly what they need to do and what’s in their way.

Where do they hang out?

Tell me where they are. Day-to-day, online, at home, at work. Tell me physically and emotionally and mentally where they are.

What does their watering hole look like? Where do they gather? Who do they look up to? Who are they influenced by?

Do they drive to work? Listen to podcasts? Follow Facebook groups? Read magazines? Attend webinars? Use Instagram? Work inside the M25?

If you don’t know where your customers are, how on Earth are you going to find them? Would you hunt deer without knowing where they are?

Would you look for a new pair of shoes without knowing the shops that sell them?

It’s not exciting, it’s not sexy. It’s fucking boring. But boring work makes exciting results.

How do they buy?

Finally, how do they buy? How do they feel comfortable handing you currency for your product or services? If your customers only want to pay by cheque and cash, good luck generating recurring revenue.

Do they subscribe to services? Do they buy online? Do they buy training? Do they buy after webinars or from paid adverts? Do they need to be sold to and consulted?

What is the process they want to go through to buy more products?

Do they prefer to buy for themselves or do they have a budget holder?

What do you do?

So now. Tell me what you do. Feel free to use the template below to know EXACTLY who you’re going to target.


We help [type of customer] get [result they want].

When they work with us, we eliminate [problem] and help them get [result].

Our customers look like this [physical description]. Their biggest want and goal is [goal].

The one thing in their way is [problem] and we can help them.

They prefer to buy after/while [buying process] and love to hang out [location].


That’s where you need to start. It needs to be so obvious that you help [customer type] that it’s clear you’re the ONLY person they should be talking to.

It needs to be clear that you’re going to help them. Help them get results they want, solve problems they have and be seen where they are. It’s really as simple as that.

If you want more customers, you have to be able to tell me who they are.

Are these questions you’ve been asking yourself? Do you have a clearer idea of who your customer is? What else do you know about your customers? Let me know in the comments below.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.