108 niches that marketing funnel businesses could become kings in

If you want to discover endless depth to your market, you need to get very specific about your niche.

I’ve lost count of how many marketing businesses will offer advice like “you need to niche down”, but when they themselves are asked about their customer, they’ll respond with “any small business really”.


The fastest way to become an industry leader (and some might argue the only way), is to create the space that you’re going to dominate.

CREATE the niche that you’re going to be number 1 at. Create the category that you’re going to lead.

The awesome part? It’s not even that difficult. You can use the list below to create a killer niche for your marketing funnel business that no one else can touch.

If I narrow down my market, I’ll lose options!

Our biggest fear about choosing a niche, is thinking that we’ll narrow our options down too much. Maybe 20 years ago, when the internet wasn’t as widely accepted, that might have been true. But today, there is no such thing as “too niche”. It’s like saying you’re too focused.

When you define a category that you’re going to become a king in, you find depth and growth.

Use the list below to define a new category for your marketing funnel business. It has to be something you’re passionate about and willing to talk about every day. But you can become #1 overnight if you’re willing to define who it is you serve best.

We want to be able to complete the sentence “we build marketing funnels for…”

Now ideally, you’ll look at your category and say what you get for them. For example, rather than “we build marketing funnels for splinter products sold by online fitness coaches”. You’d change that to the result which that market needs.

“We help online fitness coaches sell more splinter products”. That’s your niche. Then we can make up a category name. The category could be “fitness engagement”.

Fitness engagement is what all online fitness coaches need to increase their sales. We start by selling a small, low barrier to entry product to your customers and prove that you’re the expert. Your online coaching business needs Fitness Engagement.

Use the list below to create a few ideas and decide what it is you want to be #1 at.

Part of the process

Email signups

Cold traffic

Warm traffic


Video advertising

Facebook direct leads

Re-engagement emails

Product launches

Webinar follow ups

Core product consumption (increasing use)

Re-launching old products

Evergreen campaigns

New subscriber follow up

Types of product

Splinter products

Lead magnets


Core physical product offers (be specific with industry)

Subscription products (be specific within industry)

Customer win backs




Digital downloads (be specific within industry)

Physical products (be industry specific)

High ticket items

Workbooks and programs

Live events


Auction sites

Job boards

Industry niches

Pro tip: combine two of the below industries for a super specific niche. For example, medical and authors becomes building funnels for authors in the medical field. Or content publishing and applications becomes content publishers for app businesses.

Saas businesses

Online courses


Physical exercise

Writers and authors


Design and branding

Coding and development


Medical and veterinary

Application and software

Content publishing

PLR or public label rights



Types of customer

New customers

Long time customers

Customers who have left

Un-engaged customers (people who have bought but never consumed)

Subscription customers

High ticket customers

White-whales (people who buy EVERYTHING you put out)

Promoters and evangelists (super fans who love what you do)

Loyal customers

Unhappy and disgruntled customers

Personal contact services (think personal trainers)

Off the shelf/cookie cutter products

Who need to…

Again, mix the results needed to get super specific. For example increase traffic and decide a target customer becomes increase traffic form a specific and high converting target market.

Grow an email list

Generate first sales

Increase traffic

Increase traffic to subscriber conversions

Generate core offer sales

Sell more products

Increase customer consumption/lifetime value

Increase average customer purchase

Increase event sign ups

Lower customer acquisition cost

Find a larger audience

Expand the number of products they sell

Decide on a target market

Create sales on automation

Have characteristics

Have a list of #

Have revenue of over #

Have # staff

Have remote staff or all in one location

At least # products

Products of value of at least # or between #

Are aged over # years

Sell in # countries

Have or don’t have a marketing department

Are or are not listed on the market

Traffic of over # a month/year

Have both physical and virtual stores

Are only available online

Are only available in store

Who are [blank] in their market

Category leaders



Commoditized and don’t want to be

Entry level (i.e. the option for start ups)

Enterprise level



Specific and focused



Who get [blank] for customers

You’ll want to specify the result your customers get here, for their customers. For example physical trainers who sell online courses get a “physical” result for customers. But it’s probably closer to get fit or lose weight.

Physical results

Financial results

Self help and improvement

Market results

Measurable results (email list, traffic)

Clarity and consulting

Content creation and publishing

Safety and security


Exposure and publicity

Break records

Customer acquisition

What if I don’t find customers? Or other customers come along?

The effort needed to find one perfect customer, in your category, who needs your services – is worth it.

It might seem like a longer period to find the right customers, but it’s 100% worth the investment to focus on finding and helping that market.

And you know what? Other businesses WILL approach you if you can get someone else results.

I understand that we have to pay the bills, I get that. But every time you’re working on a project which isn’t your chosen category, you’re missing out on dominating a space that you’ve created.

The only true, 100% proven method to become #1 in a large industry, is to create a category which no one else is focusing on. They don’t want to focus out of fear of missing out. So do you want to follow the same feelings of fear as everyone else? Or do you want to FOCUS and become the world’s #1?

Let me know your category below in the comments.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.