4 tools (plus 1 killer underground tool) we use to increase our email list subscribers for customers

Increasing email subscribers for our customers, is our agency’s bread and butter. It’s one of the most commonly viewed metrics, and is often determined as a success metric.

Increasing email address subscribers, to a customer’s email list, can have a massive impact on their business and of course yours. These are the 4 tools (plus 1 killer underground reporting tool that we love) that help us increase email subscribers for our customers.

There are some affiliate links in these links, but you know that they are tools that we a) use and b) trust.



Proof has become a very popular tool, for social proof and micro-testimonials. Whenever anyone converts, signs up or accesses a lead magnet, use proof measures that conversion and tells your other website visitors what happened.

Use proof, email subscriber tools, increase email list

Use proof displays and name location and profile image if it has it

For example if I’ve got a blog post with a opt in form for a lead magnet at the end of the post. When a new visitor enters their name and email address into the opt in form, Proof will tell the rest of the website that visitor has downloaded that lead magnet and display this little pop-up.

Use proof, email subscriber tools, increase email list

I’ve noticed an increase in subscribers and conversion rates, when we’ve displayed a Proof notification on the sign up page.

Proof also has conversion and analytic reporting where your articles being used. It also really nice way to track and measure conversions.



OptinMonster is my favourite conversion sign up tool. We build all of our funnel is in WordPress, so adding OptinMonster to all of our sites is very easy and standard practice for us. OptinMonster has a range of opt in tools, forms and pop-ups.

It has a great analytics and reporting function, and it integrates with absolutely everything.

My absolute favourite feature is the “display by category” feature, Where I can create content silos based on my lead magnets and blog posts very very easily.



ActiveCampaign is the auto responder and CRM system that we use for us and our customers.

We use ActiveCampaign because it’s got such an amazing partner and management system for customers. The biggest worry that we had when setting up auto responders and CRMs for customers, is that they would not pay and we would be left out of pocket. ActiveCampaign allows us to individually manage customer profiles and switch them off if they haven’t paid.

ActiveCampaign has helped us massively increase our email subscribers by becoming a standard tool that we use for all our email list growth protocols.

First, ActiveCampaign has a great tagging system which allows us to measure lead magnet topics, user profile data and automation reporting to provide us with a very clear overall picture of where our customers are subscribing and when they buy.

By easily integrating with all our other tools including Beaver Builder, OptinMonster, and WordPress.



Oribi is the underground analytics and conversion tool we talked about earlier. At the moment it’s invite only but it is free. (Asi from Oribi Reached out to me to let me know that Oribi is not invite only and is free to sign up). However I would be comfortable to pay monthly for this service because it so amazing.

Oribi is an analytics and conversion measuring tool. It really easily understands the conversion buttons, such as “sign up” or “download” etc. And helps you measure what buttons have been clicked and where people are visited.

Ultimately it’s a conversion measurement tool. For example I can see that this month I’ve had 36% more traffic to my entire website.

I’ve also had 66% more people sign up to my newsletter. Now these analytics and results might seem easy to manage but this is where Oribi gets very clever.

I decide the event that Oribi measures. It’s very simple, Oribi is constantly scanning my website for new buttons and conversion events, and conversion opportunities. I simply tell Oribi which ones I want to measure and what they mean.

It then delivers me a report every week on who has converted, where they’ve converted from, and trends.

Email list growth, email subscriber tools, Oribi analytics

Wouldn’t you love your insights to be this simple?

For example I can see here that my thank you page for a specific type of lead magnet, has had 66% more visits than the previous period. Oribi then tells me the main reasons for this increase. In this case it’s more visits from Google and more direct traffic. It shows easy comparisons and this is just high level view of the data. I can see the different channels that people come through, breakdowns and statistics and the key metrics that matter to me.

Go ahead and check out Oribi now and start seeing how you can measure conversions really easily on your customers websites.



Sumo has a wide variety of tools for increasing email optins. For example it has a opt in form, a pop-up form, a welcome mat and a robust share function. However the main reason we use sumo is for the content analytics and heat maps.

Sumo allows me to look at the amount red of the blog post. For example I can see how many people read 50% of the blog post or 25% or 75%. I can see how many people are reading all the way to the bottom and even seeing the opt in form.

Some blog posts, which are incredibly long, and I assume no one will read, have almost 30% of the visitors reading all the way to the bottom (which is considered quite high). Other pieces of content which are very short, and I assume people read the whole thing have people drop off at the headline.

Sumo email list growth, list growth tool, email subscriber tool

For example with this landing page, hardly anyone went past the optin form

Being able to view my content analytics and heat maps (where people are clicking) allows me to analyse how popular a piece of content is, and why it works.

So those are the 5 tools (including 1 awesome killer underground analytics tool), That we use with our customers to grow their email subscribers. What tools do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.