7 steps to achieving your goals (big or small)

Why is it that some people have boundless energy and seem to accomplish so much more than everybody else? How do we achieve everything and anything? Universe Fuel.

We look at famous people, celebrities, entrepreneurs, they seem to have accomplished so much more than we have. I’m going to show you how these people are able to do it and how you can too.

The problem is that we often see our own lives as too busy, or that some of our goals are to big. The biggest problem that our society tends to face is that the big dreams and big goals are seen as things that other people can do.

We look at some of the achievements of the people that make the media, and that can seem overwhelming to us when we are struggling to pay the mortgage, or even just create something interesting.

How do some people have the energy and time to accomplish so much while everyone else seems to be averaging mediocre results?

There’s a massive misconception that only other people are able to achieve seemingly universal scaled changes. It’s got nothing to do with your race, religion, upbringing, education, wealth, money It’s got nothing to do with who you are, how famous you are, what you are doing now, or what your goals are.

Never before in human history has it been so easy for someone to start a business or begin to run the life that they want to run. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be satisfied with the way that they are currently living their lives.

If you feel you destined for something greater or bigger, or you just want more out of life than what you’re looking for is Universe Fuel.

Where other people go wrong is they start comparing themselves to other people. They look at other people’s achievements and think “that person has got so much more money, or so much more disciplined or is more successful than me, therefore I’m not as successful as that person”.

In truth, Universe Fuel and the achievements that it can bear are the results of some pretty simple habits.

On top of all that we surrounded by hyper realised versions of success. We have 22-year-old kids with Lamborghinis and Porsches telling us how they’ve had this incredible lifestyle and are able to travel and they don’t pay any mortgage and everything is great all the time.

The truth is that this is absolute horseshit. What you’re capable of doing and what it is that you need to achieve have got absolutely nothing to do with the world around you.

So how is it that we as normal human beings can achieve extraordinary results? The answer lies within Universe Fuel.

The 7 stages below outline the process that successful, wealthy, healthy, disciplined and extraordinary people go through.


Clarity is the number 1 thing that I’m asked about even if people don’t know they’re asking for it.

“How can I…?”

“What should I do about…?”

“Who shall I speak to about…?”

Questions where we ask who, what, why and all the others are questions on clarity. People want clarity on what they should do next and what they should focus on.

One of our biggest fears is that we dedicate all our energy to the wrong area or pursuit. Only to find out months or even years later that it was a complete waste of time.

Saying that clarity is the first thing to go after in pursuit of Universe Fuel, is like saying gasoline  is the first thing to buy when you want to go on a long car journey. It seems very obvious but the question isn’t knowing what you need. The question is knowing how to get it. How can you get clarity?

In preparing for my second book I wrote a few blog posts on how to get clarity on absolutely anything. In fact, you can actually get the first chapter of the Universe Fuel book on clarity  here.

Understanding how to achieve clarity is perhaps the ultimate goal for all human beings.  Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, mindfulness experts, Hindu gurus, meditators, hermits and teenagers are all striving understand clarity. The ability to get clarity on a subject is the most sought-after ability, and has been, for all humans.

Think about it. Wouldn’t it be incredible to know whether EVERY choice was either a good choice or a bad choice? A right choice or a wrong choice.

Let’s be honest, a free PDF download of the first chapter of a book, probably isn’t going to solve this question. However, for your business or lifestyle, clarity might be easier to achieve than you realise.

In order to start getting more (whatever more means to you), you must be able to gain clarity on the actions and steps that you are willing to take. Focus  and on learning HOW to get clarity, rather than getting clarity on one subject. It’s like the difference between learning how to learn, and just learning answers.


What’s my purpose? Can you already see how clarity above, is a vital part of finding and using more Universe Fuel? Understanding your purpose is perhaps the greatest question that mankind has ever faced. We all strive for understanding about our purpose.

Why are we on this planet? What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be a part of a community? These are all purpose driven questions. We assume that if we were to understand our purpose, everything else will fall into place.

I believe this to be 100% correct. By understanding our purpose, the rest of our actions become much easier to understand and execute. Purpose is seen as a divine high level epiphany moment, handed down to humans who have utter conviction within their actions.

Purpose can also move from day to day, or entire lifetimes. Purpose is about knowing what you want to become, or who you want to help.

I would argue that it’s easier to understand your purpose when you know who you want to help. The pursuit of helping others and making the world a better place is not only the most noble of purposes, but also far easier to structure long-term goals and rewards from.

For example, the purpose of my new book Universe Fuel, is to allow ordinary people access to a universally accepting, unbiased and simplistic approach to achieving more and being more. MY purpose is to help more businesses help more people. Although I run a funnel business, coaching business and Community Design business, ultimately Michael Killen’s purpose on earth is to help more people, help more people.

I’ve written a couple of posts on purpose here and here. I don’t claim the exercise, or act of discovering your purpose is easy. But it is the most vital first stage to cementing your future plans and actions.

What most people do, rather than figuring out their purpose, they start to focus on actions, tasks and strategies to execute. This becomes a futile waste of energy and time, as there is no conviction behind their actions. Without purpose there is no meaning. It’s an incredibly simple formula.

If you’ve ever felt that your hard work, energy, time and input doesn’t seem to be yielding the results that you either expect or desire? It probably because there isn’t a steadfast, unwavering conviction of purpose behind your actions.

“Going through the motions” when running a business, be it a small funnel business or large £500 million FTSE listed company, is molasses in winter to your growth and success. That means it’s fucking slow and hard to get through.

The more you spend time on working out your purpose and the stronger your conviction in your purpose, the easier and more obvious the rest of the solutions become. With purpose Universe Fuel comes freely and easily. Tasks and actions that are executed yield more and provide more results.


Direction is the path that you need to take when you discovered your purpose. It’s the how to your purposes why.

How do we get to the ultimate goal of your purpose? That’s the direction that you must take in order to reach that purpose.

Imagine knowing that your purpose is to travel to another destination. Let’s say, Micronesia (as it somewhere I’ve always wanted to go). If I’m steadfast and unwavering in my conviction that my purpose is to get to Micronesia what’s the first thing I need to do?

In this case it would be finding out how to get to Micronesia. Chances are, that there are millions of people who’ve done this already. Which also provides me with the conundrum “which method do I choose?”

For activities and purposes such as travel, there aren’t as many variables. But for purposes such as changing the world, achieving growth, running a business or getting funding. The direction and how might not be so clear.

Direction is where people tend to lose focus and become distracted. If we know that our direction is in a certain place, why is it that we become easily distracted and try to move on to other destinations?

If we are in a shopping centre or mall, we know exactly which shop we want to go to. However on the way there are an infinite number of distractions trying to draw our attention to other destinations. Our direction is challenged and depending on how strong our purpose is, we can falter.

Direction is the path that you take with your “internal True North”. Your True North is what determines your moral guidance, choices on travel and direction and dedication to a purpose.

The direction you take is like steering a ship in uncharted waters. There are islands, ports, pirates, whirlpools and shipwrecks and rocks. Your direction must remain steadfast, based on the strength of your purpose if you wish to make it the other side undistracted.


But getting up every single day and doing the same thing over and over, can be draining. How do you find the motivation to continually march towards your purpose, in the direction you’ve chosen?

I believe motivation is approached and tackled in an entirely incorrect method.We all seem to strive for motivation and to find more motivation, within our daily lives.

I believe that motivation isn’t the key to success, but discipline is.

Motivation is doing something when you want to do it. Discipline is doing something when you don’t want to do it.

I decided to choose this heading “motivation” because this is something that people want. If I called it “discipline” people would be uninterested. Discipline is seen as doing something that you don’t really want to do, being punished or something very boring which saps away creativity.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Motivation, while incredibly important, fails at the first hurdle of success and achievement because it fails to provide enough momentum to continue with the task.

At some point everyone’s motivation begins to wane, no matter what the reward or potential is. It’s human nature to want to climb back into bed, start a new and novel project which looks exciting, or just ignore the task.

Discipline however allows us to achieve incredible things almost on autopilot.

I don’t believe that offering yourself rewards, or making deals with yourself is the way to find motivation. I believe the way to find true motivation, make things easier every day and have success and rewards come naturally to you-is through discipline. Discipline builds habit, habit builds success.

Digging deep and understanding why you want to do something, isn’t necessarily your motivation. If you genuinely want to change the world and make a difference, or you just want to pay the bills and give yourself a nice holiday, at some point that purpose will be challenged. It can be very disheartening to see your purpose not enough to motivate you. You can even make you feel guilty.

But in truth motivation is only as good as the discipline and habits that come before it. Discipline will get you further than motivation.

Flip motivation on its head and see the results of being motivated and being disciplined as the only result. Don’t try to trick your brain into saying “if I go to the gym every day this week, I reward myself with a bucket of chicken”.

Going to the gym every day IS the reward. The results of the discipline are the reward. The results of discipline ARE motivation. For me, finding motivation to write content every single day, came from the discipline of writing blog content every single day in the first place.


Energy is the one thing we say we could all use more of. I wish I wasn’t so tired. I wish I had more energy. We all say the same things over and over again.

If you say you could use more money, that’s really you saying you could use more energy. Money is just a transference of energy. No different from a battery cell or heating element in an oven.

Understanding where to find internal and personal energy, as well as where to exert and spend energy, is the difference between wildly successful people and those that “got close”.

Energy is the replacement for luck. Whenever we tribute success to someone, there’s always an element of “luck” involved.

Bullshit. Luck is like any other energy. Money, power, wealth, property, heat, light. Energy comes to those who expend it.

The hardest part Of understanding Universe Fuel and its role in success, is understanding that the more you give the more you get. The more energy you give to a project the more energy you will receive from that project. The more energy you give to a person, the more energy you will receive from that person.

I understand that there are some pursuits where you can pour all your energy, time and money and still never yield anything in return. This is where you must make the decision “does this expenditure of energy match my direction and purpose?”

This is extremely hard to do. I personally have given, and still do give time and energy to a couple of close personal pursuits which I know will never yield in positive results. Family, friends, Those around us who can’t ever make a better world for themselves. No matter how much we put in.

At its core if you want to find more energy, have more energy and do more with that energy. You must find wise places to invest that energy. I’m always fascinated when people tell me they never have any energy, but when I ask them what they did at the weekend they reply with “not a lot really. Just sat around watching Netflix.”

If you’re not willing to expend energy, the universe is not going to be willing to give it to you. The same goes for money, friendship, networks, connections, wealth, property, happiness, security. Anything that you desire more of is a type of energy. And whatever that energy is you must be willing to put into the universe in order to get something out of it.


Time, more than all the other energies, has a paradoxical relationship with humans.

At the same time we both value time and treat it like a guarantee. We take time for granted, despite the fact it’s our most precious resource. Time is the one thing in our entire life, Universe and existence that will never replenish.

Money, power, light, heat. Everything else replenishes or can be grown. But time is the one thing that saps away every single day. 1440 minutes a day is all we get and yet most of us invest that poorly.

How you invest time is how you invest everything. If you’re wondering why you never have any money in your savings accounts, look at how you treat your time. If I gave you £1440 every single day, what would you do with that?

Your answer to how you would spend £1400 every day, will tell you how you are spending 1400 minutes every single day.

Time is the measure by which we say people are either wildly successful or drowning in tasks. How is it that some people can achieve more in a day, than most of us can achieve in a month?

The answer to this lies in their use and understanding of time. You must could take control of your most fleeting and precious resource-time.

This is not about time management, efficiency management or time/productivity metrics. This is about taking control of your time and understanding that if you don’t, someone else will. If you want to achieve more you must be willing to control the time of others.

Results do not come quickly, they come with time. Repeated consistent actions yield, repeated consistent results. Over a long period of time, these results stack up and will yield more in return than the individual sum of their parts.

By putting away just 10% of any income that comes my way, over a period of time can equate to an entire month’s salary within the space of 10 months.

By repeatedly writing a blog post every day or every week, I compound the previous 49 weeks blog content on the 50th week.

Universe Fuel is created with momentum and will return more than is put in.


Finally, in order to achieve more you must be willing to grow. We talk about achieving more and success often, within our daily lives. As a way of creating a security blanket to protect and keep that which we already have.

We are afraid of change because we don’t like the idea of things potentially getting worse. Changes seen as a risk. However the active change through growth, is the most important and overarching goal for the whole of our existence.

We must grow. Spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, financially. Everything about our lives must grow. That is the ultimate goal. Expanse, discovery, growth. These are the underlying laws of the entire universe. Those that refuse to plan for growth will never experience success.

We say we want more money, but what does that growth in money get us? We should be thinking about what the growth will give us, rather than the money.

Understanding that you need to grow and must grow, in order for any of the above to take hold and your results, is perhaps one of the hardest things for us to do.

To break free of our preconceived ideas of success and what is possible, is a tough thing to do. But you can grow bigger than you are now. Everything about your life can become better, if you’re willing to accept that. If you are willing to believe that becomes better, then it will.

If you’d like to download the first chapter of my new book Universe Fuel, sign up below. The first chapter is about understanding how to get utter clarity on absolutely anything.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.