Why your beliefs around money are killing your marketing funnel business

What would you say if I told you, that your beliefs, myths and mindset around MONEY might be killing your marketing funnel business?

In this post, I’m going to explore 5 of the most common money beliefs that are destroying your chance at running a successful, profitable marketing funnel business.

The problem is that our very beliefs around money, trickle down into our marketing funnel businesses, sales process and products.

Most of us set up a business because we wanted freedom from employment and we wanted to make a decent living.

Our marketing funnel businesses deal with money every single day. Not only do we need to make it and spend it. But our products SHOULD be creating money for our customers.

Imagine running a chocolate business, when you hate the taste of chocolate, you’re allergic to cocoa and you’re not sure anyone should really be eating chocolate because it’s bad for you. That’s the situation you’re in if you refuse to have a positive, healthy mindset around money when you’re handling other people’s money.

I carry around 3 books with me at all time. A budgeting book, a goals book and a notebook.

My budgeting book manages every aspect of my personal finances. I always want to be “ahead of budget”. Which is to say, I know how much I’ve got to spend before my bank does.

Why? Because it’s not my bank’s job to manage my money. It’s my job. My income is my own resource. It’s my energy, my time, my ideas, my relationships. No one else will care about my money as much as I do. So, I do everything I can to make sure I know where my money is, where it’s going and what it does.

Is your body the responsibility of a gym or a restaurant? Is your eyesight the responsibility of your optician? Of course not, so why would your money be any different?

It used to be that only the wealthy could start businesses. It used to be that only the wealthy could keep an eye on their money. It USED to be that money was harder to get and make and generate, unless you already had it.

But with bank apps, online banking, PayPal, Stripe, Control, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon and countless other online payment and shop systems, it’s easier than ever to make money and your marketing funnel business should be utilising as many of these as possible.

If your mindset isn’t healthy with money, you’re going to struggle to make more of it.

On top of all that? You can be WRONG about money. I used to have massive hangups about money.

“All rich people are wankers.”

“They might have money but they don’t have happiness.”

“It’s the bankers fault that we’re in this situation. The previous generation fucked us all and no one has any money because of them.”

Most of my thoughts and beliefs around money were probably passed down to me by my parents, even unintentionally. It’s probably the same with you. It’s not a bad thing, they’re all just trying to do the best they can with what they know.

But how you work with money NOW is totally and completely up to you. And it COULD be killing your marketing funnel business.

Let’s look at some common beliefs, that you might have around money. How they affect your marketing funnel business AND how to work on them and turn them around.

I’ll never be rich/ I wish I was rich

This deep down is one of the hardest beliefs around money to confront. Have you ever thought, deep down, when other people talk about wealth, success and money, that you’ll never reach that level of income?

I know I have. In fact, I used to trick myself into thinking that I could be rich by wishing I was rich. Pro tip: If you’ve ever wished you were rich, you don’t really think you can be rich.

I wish I was a ninja who had a robot sidekick. It’s probably not going to happen. A wish is something that can’t happen. Unless you turn it into “want” and “can”.

So how is this killing your marketing funnel business? Well, most marketers I know just want to pay the bills. “I just want to survive, pay my bills, save a little and buy a few nice things. I don’t want to be a millionaire.”

That’s kind of like saying you just want to climb the stairs without loosing your breath. It means your sights aren’t set high enough, which means you’re probably never going to reach that level.

I want you to think about your current belief that you’ll never be rich and that you wish you were rich. How has that helped you so far? Are you able to pay the bills? Are you able to go on holiday? Save money? Think of all the things that you DO want to do.

Has your wishing for riches, or believing that you’ll never be rich, helped? Probably not.

I absolutely understand that being filthy, mad, mega rich might seem like a MASSIVE undertaking. But, it isn’t impossible. You just have to believe that it can be done.

If you’re unwilling to believe that you can rich, why would anyone pay you to help them make money? Ever seen a fat personal trainer? Or a shy radio host? Your entire belief system POWERS your ability to help people.

Not how to make money, how to HELP people. If you honestly and truly believe you can be rich and wealthy. That means that you believe other people can become wealthy too. If other people can pay their bills, save money, invest and go on holiday, you’re HELPING them live a better life.

What about profit and income? There are two MASSIVE benefits to making money.

  1. If you’re profitable, you’re in business and you can continue to help people. As a marketing funnel business you can help grow other people’s businesses and make a difference in their lives. If you don’t make money, you don’t exist. If you don’t exist, you can’t help them.
  2. The more profitable you are, the more tax you pay. I personally am happy to pay tax. Tax is a system that gives money and support to services and people who need it. The more I make, the more I give.

Your belief that money is for other people, MAKES you one of those other people. Be someone who GIVES and not someone who takes.

Money mindset: I can be as wealthy as I want and I am morally obliged to make as much money as possible, so I can help as many people as possible.

We can switch our mindset to say exactly what we need it to say. Thoughts become words, words become our reality and the cycle goes on. If you want to run a successful marketing funnel business, know that you’re morally obliged as someone who has the ability to make money, to make as much as possible.


No one will pay that/ no one has any money

The richest 1%. 5% own 95% of the wealth. Money is kept in private networks and inner circles. That’s why no one has any money.

And because no one has any money, they’ll never be able to afford my higher prices.


The problem with a negative mindset around money, is that you have to invent lots of “if’s and or’s” to explain the world around you. It’s like a conspiracy theory. The world doesn’t quite match up with your reality, so you have to invent reasons why things happen the way they do.

I’m constantly telling people to up their prices. THE most common question I’m asked is “how much should I charge for a marketing funnel?”

I’ve written about this time and time and time and time and time again. I think that your projects should probably be $20 000+.

Even basic websites should be at that price. But when I tell people, that’s how much they should charge, I’m given every excuse in the book.

Hell, I have people comment on my posts and social ads that “$20k is an insane amount for a marketing funnel or website. None of my clients would pay that.”

Why? Why wouldn’t they?

I’ll tell you why. Because you’re not delivering $20 000 worth of value.

Besides, if you’re saying that your customers wouldn’t pay that, that’s like saying “none of my children are called Sam, so no one else could have children called Sam.”

Your current experiences are not the limit of the world around you. You believe that people wouldn’t pay that much, because they don’t have that kind of money.

That’s YOUR fault. I’m sorry if that upsets you. But if you’re not finding customers who DO want to spend $20 000, $50 000 or $100 000’s on a marketing funnel project with you, that’s your fault.

When people ask me what they should charge for a marketing funnel, what they’re really asking is “can you justify why I only charge $3000 and never make any money?”

If you don’t make money now, it’s probably because your prices are too low. $20 000 is NOTHING in comparison to the revenue you could be bringing in for a customer.

20 products at $1000 would cover your costs. Does that sound insane? Does that sound impossible? If they had a list of 100 customers, are you telling me you can’t get 20 of them to spend $1000?

Most people are afraid to raise their prices and charge fairly, because of their overall hangups about money.

Some of those hangups and beliefs, we’re exploring now. Some others are-

  • If I make money, people will judge me
  • I can’t raise my prices if my previous customers only paid $xxx
  • I might make too much money and become like those people I hate

Can you see that once you change your initial beliefs around money, raising your prices not only makes sense, it’s MORALLY the right thing to do?

Therefor, if my prices are $20k+ or $50k+ or in my colleague Rob’s case $250 000+ (minimum), it’s better for me to search for people who can and do want to afford that?

If I raise my prices and find people who want to afford it, I set in motion a series of events that could change the world.

  1. I raise my prices and therefor raise my income. I’m safer, can start working less and spending time on things that I love.
  2. With my prices higher, my profit is higher and I’ll pay tax. Giving back to the country, system and people that need my income.
  3. If I’m profitable and charge what I’m really worth, I can help more people. I can help businesses make more money and generate more profit.
  4. If I’m helping more people, make more money, I’m adding even MORE into the profit and tax system! I can scale my impact on the world infinitely by helping more and more people.

Mike – but what about those people who avoid tax? Only rich people do that. It’s disgusting. I know loads of rich people who do everything they can to avoid paying tax.

I agree. But so what? What’s that got to do with you? Are you a more dangerous driver because there are drunk drivers and bad drivers on the road? What other people do with their money and their value system is entirely on them.

First, the amount of money that IS taxed, legally and fairly, which does enter the system to help people and pay for services, FAR outweighs the amount of tax hidden and saved.

Second, people who are immoral or even illegal with money, will always exist and history has shown that it’s unsustainable. Their fate catches up with them and the do end up paying. Besides, if you’re so morally outraged about it, do something about it. Make more money than them and bring the money back to the right system. Take the money out of their hands.

People will pay exactly what they think something is worth. Art, cars, houses, furniture, consultation, books, courses, plane tickets. Everything has a value and people are spending BILLIONS every year on items they want and need. Your product and service has a right to be charged fairly for.

Once your mindset on money is positive, it’s no longer about convincing people to pay your price or compete against a cheaper alternative. It’s about finding as many people as possible to pay for you to help them.

“But what about people that can’t afford me? I feel bad because I should be helping people and you’ve told me I should help people. But some people can’t afford me.”

Brilliant question. And, not something that I haven’t struggled with myself. But there is a solution.

Let’s say you ONLY work with those that can afford you. You build up enough of a business where you have 5% of your income now spare. You have profit, tax, debt, your salary, overheads and costs covered. So you start to take 5% of what you earn and use that to give back.

Education systems, foundations, universities, online courses. You could take all you know and offer it as a MASSIVELY reduced price through other systems and delivery methods. But you can’t do that straight away. You must build yourself to profit first.

Money mindset: I will charge what I’m worth because it’s morally the right thing to do. I’m worth the investment and I need to find people that need my help.

Imagine you’re a doctor and you know you can heal broken legs. You don’t even have to be the best, you just know that you can HELP.

Help people walk again, help relieve the pain and help them live a better life. Wouldn’t it be your MORAL obligation to find people with that problem?

Yes, healing a leg that’s broken is painful. It’s expensive. But can you imagine someone turning you down? What would you do? Walk away?

No, your are obliged to help that person and help them get better. Your value’s would tell you that must help that person at all costs.

If you don’t have a strong enough conviction with what you can help with, you’re going to struggle to find people who need your help.

Being obsessed with money is dangerous…or even evil

Now we’re in the big leagues.

“Money is the root of all evil”

Timothy 6:10

First, that’s not even the right quote. The actual passage is “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

Imagine being SO against money and wealth that you’d willingly and blindly follow a bible passage, that’s been misquoted over and over to become a warped version of what it once was. Imagine that level of ignorance.

Money is the root of all evil, like oxygen is the root of all evil.

What about diversity, education, evolution, freedom, child slavery, sex workers, equality? We all happily challenge injustice with those topics, but with money, we’re happy to accept the status quo, pushed onto us by people who HAVE no money.

Remember when we talked about bad drivers not making you a bad driver?

Sure, money is used for all kinds of evil. It’s also used for countless levels of good. Medicine, charity, shelters, aid, heating, food, clean water, research, support, counselling, therapy, hospitals, childcare, education. I could go on and on.

This quote used as a reasoning for NOT becoming rich is, without a doubt, the weakest argument and belief there is. It’s used by lazy people who have no interest in understanding more about money.

Evil is the root of all evil. Bad people DO use money to further their causes. And yes, some evil people make a LOT of money. But it isn’t money that does that, it’s the people.

Money is an accelerator. It amplifies whatever it’s already got and where it goes. If someone is tyrannical, rude, uneducated, miserable or pompous (or all 5), money will just make them more so.

Everything uses money and everyone needs money. It’s at the centre of our entire civilisation. Even societies that do away with money back to a barter system end up using money again very quickly.

Obsession with money is what will drive your cause further and help you change the world. If you don’t want money to be a problem, get obsessed with it. Focus on it, learn about it, love it and care for it. What you appreciate, appreciates.

Let’s say that even secretly, you’ve decided to embrace money and be grateful for it. You’re a little afraid to proclaim your new love of cash and money, but you accept that you’re going to be as obsessed with money as you are anything else in your life.

When you accept that you need and want to become obsessed with money, you’re more open to receiving it. You’ll actively see and look for opportunities that allow you to earn more, learn more and deal with more money.

Have you ever bought a red car, only to see that car EVERYWHERE after you buy it? Same thing. When you’re open to money, the good it can do you and the good you can do with it, you’ll see more of it and you’ll get access to more of it.

One of the big reasons people struggle to make millions in the world, is their circle of friends and family judging you. I’ve gone through it, many other people have gone through it too. As soon as you start earning more, you’ll outgrow your current network.

You can absolutely still have friends, but some (very few) might resent you. And what about strangers too? They’ll judge you for having money.

I’ve got news for you. You’re not that likeable already. Your values, what you prioritise and what you feel is important, will already alienate 50% of the world’s population. Remember, money is an accelerant. Your values don’t change as you earn more, your ability to promote and use those values does.

So MORE people will see those values. But it isn’t the money they hate, it isn’t even you. It’s what you stand for.

Let’s say I’ve always believed in teaching evolution in schools. That fact based evidence is 100x more important to teach to children, than the myth of creation. I’ve probably already upset and even pushed away a few readers here.

When you have money, your values will naturally come out and reach more people. You might even promote them and use money to further your cause. So, you’re bound to attract more judgement (maybe even hate), based on your values. Money just accelerated the reach and result.

So, don’t worry about being judged, people are already judging your diet, the way you drive, how you dress, the TV you watch, the exercises you do, the way you run your business, how you talk and how you write. Might as well let them get on with it.

When you DO have money, it draws people out of the woodwork. Your job then becomes “protect money and use wisely” rather than just “find and make as much as I can”. An old old childhood friend reached out to me recently, telling me he had a wealth management business.

He found me online and saw I was doing OK. So sure enough, he asked me to not only allow him to manage my money, but to invest in his business. I hadn’t talked to this guy in almost 25 years. Why the fuck would I want to give him anything?

What was I called when I turned him down? Selfish, rude, a prick, a rich wanker. I was absolutely judged for NOT giving him any of my money. Even though, my reasons for not giving any money wouldn’t have changed if it was 5 years ago and £10 or in 50 years time and £50 million.

Money mindset: I need to be obsessed with my money and making as much as I can, so I can do more and give back more to the world. My values won’t change, I can simply do more with my values with more money.

Imagine being locked away  in prison. Your values are what got you there. Even though you were doing what you thought was right, society and your community judged you for your actions.

You’d become obsessed with freedom. You’d value freedom and do everything you could to get as much freedom as possible. You’d behave according to your values still, and work out how to become free quickly.

Nelson Mandela was arrested and kept in prison because of the values he stood for. At the time, he was a terrorist. His actions were exactly the same as any other terrorist today and he was doing it for reasons that he believed in.

Judged at the time, he was locked away and what kept him going was freedom. He longed to be free. He studied, worked hard and kept to his value system, obsessing over his freedom. Eventually, he was released and his legacy lives on today as one of the most important figures in anti-apartheid rule in South Africa.

Your obsession with money needs to be the same as a prisoners with freedom. Value it, work to earn it and appreciate it. You’ll still be the same person, just richer.

Money doesn’t change people. It let’s them be who they already are.


Being poor and struggling is noble

Have you ever been truly poor? I don’t mean “no money in the bank” or “can’t afford Netflix this month”, I mean truly poor. The definition of poverty?

Chances are you probably haven’t. There is a huge difference between First World Poor and Third World Poor.

Third World Poor means drinking unsafe water, child prostitution and living in war-torn states. It means little to no support from the government and living day-to-day. If you’re a man, you’ll either work as a farmer, in the military or a criminal. If you’re a woman, you’re probably a teenage (or earlier) mother and wife, maybe even one of many.

Education is hard to get and even harder to use. As a female, you might not even be allowed to learn. The little money you earn is taken from you by warlords, your government or other means of force.

First World Poor means living in a society that values money and having “things”. It’s a hard life and there is absolutely poverty in many first world countries. But with one massive, crucial difference.

Your education is entirely within your own control. Education is the KEY to rising above poverty.

In many western nations, we seem to value being poor. We wear the badge of “poor” on our shoulders. Proudly proclaiming that we’re working hard and it’s the man keeping us down.

“If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake.”

― Bill Gates

If you die poor, it’s your fault. 100%.

You have absolutely no reason for not learning more to bring yourself out of debt, raise money, work smart and make more money. You have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not being rich.

Many people without money believe that it’s the 1% or 5% or wealthy elite that are keeping money from them. Like they want to hoard all the cash for themselves so they can buy drugs, apartments, holidays and hookers.

It’s numbers and statistics like that which cause social justice warriors and proud-to-be-poor’s to get up in arms and post on Facebook and Tumblr.

“There should be an equal distribution of wealth to those without money! The rich wouldn’t even notice it!”

Imagine if there was a series of systems that allowed those with no money to amass millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars over night. No matter their past, their education or current financial status. Imagine there was a way to equally distribute more than enough per person, to an individual.

It’s called a lottery and it doesn’t work.

A THIRD of all lottery winners declare bankruptcy. 33%. That means that of 100 winners, 33 of them are worse off than before.

It’s estimated that of all lottery winners, close to 1% have any money left. Most either loose most of it, go back to where they started or declare bankruptcy.

Where do you think that money goes? What do lottery winners buy? They buy shit they don’t need from businesses OWNED by the 1%. As soon as you give people money, all their notions of being against the wealthy elite go out the window. They soon discover that they can buy stuff sold by the 1%.

Redistribution of wealth doesn’t work like people imagine it would (more on that in the next section).

But what about those who ARE really poor. No money in the bank, they need food stamps or food bins at Christmas? What about those who are just scraping by, with the government paying their rent and bills, just so they can have a roof over their head.

Sounds to me like we have ANOTHER method of redistributing money in order to help those who can’t help themselves. Or those that don’t want to help themselves.

Let’s go back to our broken leg analogy from before. Some kid is running around, fucking about on a roof, slips trying to impress his friends and breaks his leg. Who’s fault is that?

It’s his. No big deal, he’ll learn his lesson, but is is his fault.

If a doctor offers to fix that broken leg, who’s fault is it if he turns it down? Again it’s his.

Imagine deciding to live with a broken leg because you simply don’t want to read, or learn or be educated on what broken legs do to your life. No more running, walking is painful. You could get an infection and loose the leg. You might gain weight because you can’t work out as much.

Every single consequence of that action, is the fault of the kid. No imagine he teaches HIS children that if you break your leg, you shouldn’t fix it. Even if the reasons sound INSANE and LAZY to you, he’s drilled it into himself and his children that you shouldn’t ever get it fixed.

Sounds fucking mental right?

Educating yourself with money is how to redistribute wealth. Wealthy people WANT you to be wealthy. It’s easier for them to become richer, when you’re richer.

Remember, that even though it isn’t perfect and it isn’t always as much as it could be, tax from profit is exactly the method we use to help those who can’t earn more.

My Mum works with very disabled children. Mentally handicapped individuals who are mentally half their age, or even younger. Many of them can’t speak, their brains don’t allow them to vocalise words.

However, the all have an iPad style tablet which allows them to communicate. You can ask “Tom, have you had enough to eat?” and Tom has learned to press 3 buttons on his tablet. “I, am, full”.

“Ok Tom, would you like to get some pudding? You can have a cookie or yoghurt”

Tom presses 3 buttons. “I, want, cookie”. Tom can now communicate and relieve his hunger and frustration using a very sophisticated piece of technology.

Poor people didn’t build that tablet. Rich people did. Rich people who wanted to solve a problem. Designers, engineers, programmers, manufacturing, marketing, sales, language experts, disability researchers, doctors, logistics businesses, careers, trainers. They all had to be employed by someone to make this happen.

I absolutely do not believe in trickle down economics. But I do believe in the transfer of wealth. I believe you’re capable of being the richest person on the plant, paying plenty of taxes to help children like Tom and build solutions that help other people.

Your moral obligation is to make as much money as possible.

Money mindset: Being poor is a choice and I choose to be rich. I’ll gladly educate myself and I’m grateful to live in a world where I can learn everything I need to make more money.

You’re no longer going to be a proud poor. You’re going to be proud rich. Who says that being rich isn’t praise worthy? We praise everyone else for overcoming adversity.

Royal Marines who become paraplegic and then decide to become a pilot. Children who lose all 4 limbs to become a wrestler. Adversity and changing your life is up to you and you should absolutely be proud of it. Your financial fitness is up to you and you can do it.

If I just had ONE big payment, life would be easier

Right, this is the most common belief we have about money. It’s also the biggest myth. Have you ever thought that your marketing funnel business would be SAVED if you have just one more big payment come in?

What did you do with your last $10? I know what I did. It’s in my budget book, app, budget software and Xero.

What you did with your last $10, is what happens with your next $100 000.

The Windfall Fallacy is a myth that people buy into, expecting it to make their financial lives easier.

“If I just had one more project. Then the business would be OK.”

“If I just had one big payment. Then my bills would be taken care of.”

“I could start being better with money if I had a little breathing room. If only I had one big project come in!”

Do you remember starting your marketing funnel business and thinking, “my costs are low, I don’t have staff, I don’t have any tools. I just need to cover costs and pay the bills.”

Yet, you’ve been going a while and your expenses seem to be going up. It literally doesn’t make sense. You’ve slowly been increasing your fees and income, but for some reason you never have any money left over. WTF?

Let’s go one step further. Have you spent someone ELSE’S money to get thing you want now? I’m talking about loans and credit cards. Often, the Windfall Fallacy is a result of having debt. We think that having a big windfall that could pay off debt, will make our lives easier.

If we pay off our debt, THEN we could start saving. If we pay this months bills, THEN we could start being better with our money.

That’s like saying you need to loose weight before going to the gym. Or you need to loose weight before changing your diet. Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

Your marketing funnel business will either thrive, or die, on your financial habits and discipline.

How can some people run marathons, over and over. I personally know people who have run over a 100 marathons. I know people who do multiple Iron Mans and other mental things.

Do you think they decided they’d start to do the marathon, then once they’ve done it, start training?

Just a quick note on credit cards and loans. I don’t believe that all debt is bad. But when it impacts your ability to be profitable and sleep well at night, it’s clearly something you need to fix.

There’s a chicken and egg paradox though. Until you’ve GOT money, you can’t SAVE money, right? If you’ve got debt, it’s tough to put money away. Not only do you have debt and bills and overheads and costs, you’re now expected to take more of that and save it?




Pay. Yourself. First.

Check out Money by Rob Moore, or Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, or The Richest Man In Babylon by George Glasson or Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. The list goes on. They all talk about paying yourself first. How you must build a habit of taking a percentage of your income and keeping a portion of it forever.

You need to take YOUR money from any income first. You must pay yourself first, and until you learn that habit, you’ll always feel like you need a windfall.

Pay off debt first

First, call your debtors and work out a payment plan. Most are willing to reduce payment terms if it means getting paid back. Put aside 10% of ALL your income into your debt accounts and pay it off. Work out how much you need to make.

50% business income goes to you

That might sound like a lot, but it isn’t. In Profit First, Mike Michalowicz talks about giving 50% of your business income to you as a salary/payment.

Over time, as your business revenue increases you can reduce this percentage. But you must pay yourself.

“1/10th of all I earn will be mine to keep”

In The Richest Man In Babylon by George Glasson, he talks about keeping 10% or 1/10th of all you earn forever. We’ve paid off our debt and now we pay ourselves. But ANY money we earn, we live on 90% of it. 10% is put away and saved. It’s invested and kept for long term.

These 3 rules make money more manageable and clearly show you that there is a system to the money mindset. One of the biggest things I struggled with when starting my business, was money feeling like water. I couldn’t control it and those that could, seemed like magicians to me.

The concept of managing money and controlling it seemed almost ethereal. Until I read all the books I could (and I’m still reading – check out my list of books on money here) on money management. The same 3 rules came up again and again.

Being rich and wealthy comes from repeated, habitual actions. Small inputs over time create MASSIVE outputs. I don’t need windfalls now, they are a welcome bonus and of course I’d never turn them down. But my debts, payments and outgoings are managed.

Here’s the key, sometimes I am overspending my income. I’m living above my means. It happens and it happens to the best of us. The key is that I’m able to focus on the important things (my long term future finances, my credit score and my marketing funnel business overheads), the rest can be worked on.

What do I mean by worked on? Well I’d rather find the money to pay for it, than cut it back. That’s the EXACT opposite of common sense and often taught practices on money management. If I’ve decided something is worth buying, I don’t cut back or get a refund. I work to find the money to pay for it.

You can’t grow a marketing business (or any business) by cutting costs. It doesn’t work. If I’ve bought software, advertising space, outsourcing work or anything else that the business needs, I’ll find the money for it.

Money mindset: I can create limitless wealth, pay off my debt and I don’t need the pure luck and chance of a windfall to pay off my debt. I can do that myself and I don’t even have to make massive sacrifices.

You’re not going to lose weight overnight in a windfall. You’re not going to read every book you want to read in one fell swoop. You’re never going to travel to all the countries you want in one trip.

Your financial problems won’t go away with one windfall payment. It takes discipline and habit to create a lifetime of monetary stability and success. Wealth is built over time with habit BUT! That will put you in better stead than you could have ever hoped with one single payment.

You can either have temporary pleasure now, but long term pain. Or short term pain and long, sustainable pleasure.


That’s all well and good Mike, but I don’t have ANY money now

I hear you. And I understand, I really do. Lot’s of funnel businesses say the same thing. But what we’ve found is that you have INFINITE potential to earn more money than you could ever spend. It’s all about time and habit.

What most marketing funnel businesses do is jump from opportunity to opportunity, thinking it’ll give them the cash injection they need.

One minute you’re doing funnels for authors, the next you’re building an LMS for an online course, next you’re delivering Facebook ad’s for a sports company.

Nothing links these activities. Same goes for blogging and outreach. One minute you’re using YouTube videos, the next you’re blogging and then you try Facebook live and Snapchat. There is no FAST route to money. Yes, that seems like an opportunity here and now. But it requires as much time, effort and energy as any other project or action.

You must stick to a type of project and actions if you want to build wealth. That’s it. Some days it’ll seem like ANY other opportunity seems more profitable, but it isn’t Dedication and repeated actions over and over is what generates profit.

If you feel like you don’t have any money now, think about OTHER times when you’ve had no money. List them out. Have you changed your opportunities and outreach actions since having no money? I’m going to bet you have.

That’s the key, pick an action and deliverable and repeat it over and over until it gain’s HUGE momentum. Focus on helping people over and over and the money will follow.

When I really connected with my Rich Mike, was when I saw there were literal habits and actions I could take. Putting 10% aside, paying off debts, working slowly to erode debt and then creating profit and savings.

It also made a massive difference when I really started to learn more about money. There are so many books about money, making money, saving, investing and profit and revenue. There’s no reason you have to struggle with money and your current mindset, there are so many ways to work on it.


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Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.