April traffic report

“What get’s measured, get’s managed”

Peter Drucker

We’ll be measuring traffic, conversions into leads and email subscribers. I want to share what’s working, insight as to why numbers go up or down and our goals.

We use Oribi to measure our traffic and leads, ActiveCampaign to measure leads and email subscribers and we’re now using Facebook analytics to measure our remarketing traffic and some lead gen.



2819 VISITORS YO! Another month where our traffic grew. Sweeeet! That’s a little over 94 visitors a day which is so close to a straight 100 people a day. Imagine that, 100 people every day reading my nonsense.

This means we’re above our original goal of 2332 by April 2018.

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I’ll go over some of the specifics of our Facebook campaign later in the post. I posted 5 YouTube videos, 6 blog posts and 4 podcasts. A webinar, a bunch of Facebook live videos and a load of emails, obviously. All of which would have contributed to the growth in traffic over the entire of March.

In April we published 8 YouTube videos, 7 blog posts and 4 podcasts.


I have a feeling that our Facebook remarketing campaigns could be delivering more. So I think I’ll try to change the set up this month to optimise the amount of traffic it delivers.

Next steps

We’ll need to start driving cold traffic to our blog posts and webinar sign up pages. We’ll start with cold traffic from Facebook and send cold traffic to our most popular posts on Google.




Small climbs in Twitter and YouTube traffic, but another big leap in Google SEO traffic. Facebook traffic went down this month, despite spending more on traffic. Direct also dropped which is good as it’s harder to measure and affect.

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I’m still struggling to distinguish between paid Facebook and free, organic Facebook. According to Facebook, we drove 188 paid remarketing clicks (more on that below) which means we got more paid Facebook traffic than free, which is fine.


Cool to see YouTube and Instagram on there as well as older posts on GoDaddy getting traffic. I’ve said before how I believe content is like regular saving. The initial input and individual pieces don’t make much. But combined over time and with the law of compounding in effect, they become a powerful force.

Next steps

New paid cold traffic campaign from Facebook needed and more research into Google SEO traffic and where it’s landing.

Email subscribers


In April we attracted 165 new email subscribers. Including unsubscribes, this is a net gain of around 83 subscribers. This is roughly an 16% growth on last month, which puts us right above our projections.

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According to ActiveCampaign, we reached 1000 subscribers! In total, we reached around 1080 subscribers. However – our email newsletter list is 892 in total, as many of our lists while active, are lists of customers and other types of subscribers.

Next steps

I like using webinars to keep people engaged. I still want to focus on email list growth, while also looking at ways to lower my unsubscribe rate. Overall, we are growing net month on month, but that growth would be faster if people didn’t unsubscribe.

Facebook paid traffic


Our Facebook campaign is in full swing. 188 clicks from remarketing audiences. At a total cost of £0.27 per click, we spent £44.42 on paid remarketing traffic.

I know we had subscribers and leads come through those ads so I’m positive that we made back that £44. However, the reporting to find that out is proving very difficult.

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I need to be clearer on the reporting function and ad more pixels to the site in order to track leads and sales. We have a brand new product funnel that I want to test this month, selling a goals, productivity and motivation course.

I also never got around to fixing the ads which I really need to. Interesting that the volume of clicks went down from last month.

Next steps

  1. Rebuild the campaign with the same copy
  2. Improve the reporting with some new tags

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