How To Run A Successful Funnel Business

The solution to every problem funnel builders face, is remarkably simple. I know, because I’ve done it. Let me lay it out for you.

Why businesses succeed

First there are universal truths that govern the success or failure of any business. We’ve talked about the logistics business, funnel businesses, cars, beds and more.

As funnel builders, we too have universal laws that we have to adhere to, if we want a bigger business. And remember, scale doesn’t have to mean hiring staff or taking on salaries.

We’ve also seen that customers are attracted to better versions of themselves. They don’t want what you have, they want what they haven’t got. In the future, where do they want to be? What do they want to see, do, feel, have or become?

Customers will happily pay

And when it comes to money, there are two sides to the argument. First, you are allowed to charge as much as you need, to give the customer the future they want. Second, customers will gladly pay anything for a better version of themselves, that they want badly enough.

The same people that tell you they can’t afford your services, are happily getting into debt for new cars, holidays and mortgages. When people say “that’s too expensive”, what they mean is that you haven’t clearly demonstrated how much better their life will be, when they buy.

Turn down 99%

Will your funnels deliver everything that all people want? Of course not! And that’s OK! You must turn down 99% of the market to start working with the 1% that desperately want what you have.

You don’t WANT 100% of the market. Hell, we’ve already discussed how you couldn’t cope with too many leads. Just like the logistics business owner who does all the work, there is a limit to the number of people you can serve.

The stronger the want, the clearer the future and benefits, the more likely people are to work with you.

Become the best version

Your funnel business could help people spend less time at the office. Or help people sell a business. It could help people who want to be a best selling author on Amazon Kindle.

When you shout from the rooftops (blog posts, podcasts, books, interviews, videos) that you help people get a thing that they want, you’ll never be without customers.

Commit to the fear

The hard part is making the leap. Setting those ideas in stone and committing to your new direction. The fear of getting it wrong or upsetting people. The fear of turning people away or not doing a good job.

It’s scary, I agree. It’s like committing to a relationship or a long term loan. That fear has prevented millions from taking the next step, towards something that will make them happy.

The Funnel Business Gameplan

This is how The Funnel Business Gameplan was born. I worked so hard attracting customers to my funnel business, that I almost broke down. I didn’t have anything to show for all my work, and graft.

I had all the tools, plugins, software and platforms. I had the knowledge and the ability. I even had customers. But my business wasn’t growing. Every single month seemed the same as the one before. No more profit, nothing left in the bank.

What was I doing better?

And then I found something incredible that totally changed my business. Within a year we were moved out of my Mum’s spare room and into our own house. I was speaking internationally and had a book coming out. I couldn’t really tell why things were better so I sat down with a pad and a pen and I thought.

What was I doing differently from every other funnel business? I was building websites and email marketing systems still. The product hadn’t changed. The systems and services hadn’t really changed. What was I doing now?

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. In fact, two things hit me.

I didn’t talk about funnels

First, nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE on my own business website did I mention the word funnels. Literally not one place did I say “we build marketing funnels”. On the “about page” I didn’t talk about selling marketing funnels. Marketing funnels weren’t mentioned in our services page or product testimonials either.

My site JUST focused on WHO I was helping. We just talked about the customer and how they could get what they wanted. At the time, it was offline membership businesses who wanted to scale their business by offering online courses. We talked about how they could sell courses, create course content, scale revenue per employee, grow an email list.

Turn down more work

Secondly, we didn’t want to work with everyone. I realised that I was able to help offline businesses transition into scalable, modern online course businesses. What they WANTED was to jump on the growing trend of online courses.

We didn’t help e-comm businesses sell more physical products. We didn’t help authors sell more books. I just helped offline businesses feel that they still had a chance in a new market. I turned down more work than I took on.

Your system

How you do this is up to you, but a pretty good place to start, is the Funnel Business Gameplan.

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