How to build a Frank Kern style book funnel in HighLevel

Today, what I want to talk about is a Frank Kern style book funnel.

Now, the reason I love this funnel in particular, and I’m going to show you the ins and outs of not only how it works, but also how I have replicated and built it and how I use it in my business, is that it is so fast to set up.

the reason I love this is it’s kind of like an opt-in funnel and I’m going to show you how I build it in High Level.

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The reason I like this is because it’s kind of like an opt-in form, but requires a little bit more qualification.

Here’s how this works.

It’s a pretty standardized funnel and the reason we call it a book funnels because it’s selling, unsurprisingly, a book.

Now, if you have no idea how to write a book, don’t worry about that.

We’ve even got some software coming out that will help you write that, but don’t worry too much about that. It could be for any kind of product.

What we do, we have our sales page here and the sales page positions the book and the sales page, the reason it’s of specifically a Frank Kern style sales page is because it’s very, very, very basic.

It is a written old-school sales letter with text and headlines like this.

You’ve seen them and I’ll show you an example.

I have a picture of him here and a picture of the book there and we sell the product for like 19 bucks.

Then, when they buy that is when we take them to what we call an OTO or one-time offer funnel page, where we basically try to upsell them to something more expensive.

The reason I like this so much is that you can have this OTO on quite a high price and it will probably convert at around 1% to 3%.

Can you imagine having people come in and buy this book for $19, which by the way, will be used to pay for the cost of acquisition of the traffic in the first place, and then offering them a course for let’s say 997, right?

That’s a big jump 20 bucks to a grand, but if you just had one person buy this, that would mean you’ve made a hundred sales of this.

You’ve made around $1,900 there. Then, you’ve made an extra 997 for the sake of having one person at a 1% conversion rate.

Now, the reason I like this is because it qualifies them because they have to buy a product.

My friend James has done a really good job with this.

He’s got a book called Zero Leads. He sells it for 499, which by the way, I wrote the foreword, too, and it’s a sick, a really good book. It’s really interesting.

You can see that we go through the process here and he’s got a bunch of bonuses. And yeah, I want the book today in free bonuses.

James will then upsell later on.

First of all, there’s the audio book, which is awesome. And then later on there are further upsells.

If we take a look at Frank’s actual example here. You’ll see just how simple this page is.

It is a pure copy. There’s nothing crazy about the design. It’s really simple. It’s straightforward.

How to get consulting clients fast. This, in this case, I believe is actually a transcript from some training that he did, which by the way, is a hint to you guys.

If you do a webinar, get it transcribed, turn it into an ebook and start selling it for 15 bucks.

He’s just got a bunch of bonuses.

Here’s how this works.

Even if no one’s ever heard from you. You are likely to buy based on the headline alone.

You leave the go. well, I’m a consultant. I want to sell high ticket services and no one’s heard of me.

More than consulting, a load of different benefits.

What I like about these benefits. It even tells you the page of where the benefit is.

That’s interesting. They even referenced the actual stuff.

There’s a ton of authority there. He’s built a ton of trust. The process works.

Watch me build this funnel in High Level here:

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Marketing funnels don’t have to be complex. Yes, there’ll be emails involved in this, but you can see how quickly I could start generating sales and qualifying people.

Don’t think of the sale as your only source of revenue. Think of it as a method of qualifying your customers.

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Mike Killen

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