Facebook Groups: Client Goldmine?

Ever wondered if Facebook could actually land you agency clients?

You need feeds with leads, not just industry noise.

Give me 8 seconds on your Facebook feed and I’ll predict the health of your lead gen.

Take a gander at your current feed—is it brimming with potential clients or just peers?

As an agency owner, are you networking in the right circles or just echoing within an industry bubble?

You might be leveraging Facebook for camaraderie among fellow agency runners, but is it bringing in business?

 If you’re anything like lots of my clients, you use Facebook as a support and connection platform with other agency owners. 

You’re probably in a few agency groups but ask yourself, “How many groups am I in with my ideal client?”

Pose yourself this, “Am I mingling in spaces where my ideal client hangs out?”

If you cater to influencers, course creators, new parents, or local cafes, how many of those are in your groups?

It’s about infiltrating the spaces where your services are not just seen, but sought after.

Your goal? 

Feeds filled with leads—delve into groups where your ideal clients thrive, not where agencies congregate.

What we’re chasing here is a shift from a cosy echo chamber to a fertile hunting ground.

Wouldn’t you prefer your daily scroll to be a strategic move rather than a comfort zone linger?

How will you pivot your Facebook presence to be a lead magnet rather than a peer hangout?

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Mike Killen

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