$100 hire that will TRANSFORM your agency

Have you ever tried hiring someone for your agency and it’s been an absolute disaster? And you think “How do people put up with this?”

Well, I’m going to take you through the $100 hiring process where you can find someone full-time, make the process as painless as possible so you don’t waste any money, and show you how to make sure you’re getting the most from your new hire

But in order to make this awesome life-changing hire, you need to understand why 99% of businesses will never move past having one sole owner/worker.

Worth saying there’s nothing wrong with being a sole individual business owner

But I will say that since using this hiring process, I’ve enjoyed more freedom, I take time away from work, more work at a higher quality gets done and I like knowing I can pay people to work with me.

In the past, I like a lot of you have experienced “sea sickness hiring”.

That’s where you work by yourself and think “I should hire someone” so you make a hire and everything seems to go well.

They ask questions, and you’re communicating lots, but then you hit a snag or a problem or a work task that you want to change slightly and you think “It’s faster if I do this myself”.

So you do that over and over and eventually you think – the hell with this, I was less stressed when it was just me, and it doesn’t cost me anything!

But then over time, the pain fades and you decide to hire again, and then you take over a few of the tasks and you’re back to where you started.

I remember a lot of the hiring and scale gurus talk about “Well if you do it then it’s costing your business $100 an hour” or more or whatever.

And I never really got that.

To me, unless my new hire made a difference within a few weeks – I didn’t really see the point of hiring.

Plus, we’ve all been burned on places like Fiverr with “I can do leads or cold calling or revolutionise your social media for you.”

And so I want to show you three core parts to hiring.

  1. How I create a job role that I know will be profitable in a few months (even a few weeks)
  2. How I hire the right person I can trust
  3. Where I find a team of people who work full-time for $100 a week (yes, really)

The hardest part of hiring a new team member, especially if you’re going from 1 person to 2 people (which is doubling your business by the way – congratulations!) isn’t what you think.

As we saw earlier in the sea sickness hiring trap we all fall into, it’s not hiring or training or even paying them. It’s something else.

And something you will see over and over in many VA hiring groups and what a lot of business owners tell me about hiring is – You need to have SOPs. Standard Operating Procedures.

And I’m here to tell you that is absolute bullshit.

I have not built or written a single SOP.

And SOPs don’t protect you from the one thing that completely destroys new hires.

What’s making new hires and team management difficult is…

Now prepare for this…

It’s you.

You are the problem.

More specifically, your lack of ability to let go of certain tasks and concede control over to someone else.

And it starts at the root of the job hire.

It has nothing to do with the SOPs or the job role or even the person you hired.

It starts with what your job is.

When I work with businesses who tell me about their new role they’re hiring for or a new team member, they’re very excited to tell me what jobs that person will do.

And my first question is to them “And what’s your job?” and they sort of look at me confused.

They’re the business owner, right? Their job is whatever needs to get done. Or owning the business. They have “many hats” (which is the equivalent of someone claiming to be a multi-tasker).

And this is the problem. 

If you want to hire someone and expect them to have well-defined tasks and roles, is it fair to expect you to have well-defined tasks and roles.

When I first started hiring people, some of my longest serving team members told me that when I take over a task because I know it better or I can do it faster or I feel it needs to get done there and then, I’m taking power away from them and essentially telling them that I don’t trust them to do it.

You know what that feels like, when a manager micromanages you and makes you feel small, and takes value away from you.

Which is why the absolute first thing you need to do, before hiring anyone, is this.

First, ask what are you going to do for 8 hours a day?

If you want to do this well, and do it right, and make sure that your next team member is profitable and adds value – you need to know what your job is before you know what their job is.

Coming up I’m going to show you how to define your core role, to make hiring 100x easier and I’m also going to show you where you can find full-time awesome team members (like mine) for $100 a week.

Define core role

  • Plan for the future, see yourself in 5 years
  • What would you bet the future of the company on?
  • Move away from do-er to owner

Keep a stop list

Most people have a “to-do” list (mine is like a mile long)

Instead, we need to create something called a stop list

  • Every time you do something that isn’t your core role
  • Write it down as a task
  • Bonus tip: hit record on loom next time you do it and just record it


Next is the most misunderstood section of hiring. Here is where most people make the biggest mistake

We’ve got a list of tasks now that need to get done, based off your stop list

But in order to write a killer job listing, we need to know one core thing that most people entirely miss

But, if you do miss it, this is the reason that you always find yourself having to check your new hire’s work.

Or fix mistakes.

  • Three columns, I.P.O
  • Start with outcomes 
  • How will they know they’re successful?
  • Permission is what they need to do the work
  • Information, training, resources, SOPs etc.

By the way, I’ve got my entire job posting template, interview questions, and IPO framework that I’ve literally used to hire people working in my team right now.

And you can get that google doc for free, by heading to sellyourservice.co.uk/hire


  • This is where I go to hire people
  • Post the job
  • Look for $100 a week

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