What is Sell Your Service?

Teaching WordPress businesses how to build and sell marketing automation funnels.

The Sell Your Service Gameplan is for WordPress businesses who don’t know how to build marketing funnels – which their customers need, right now.


Sell Your Service was set up by Mike at Devon Digital Design Limited.


We help WordPress businesses turn into WordPress marketing funnel rockstars. You’ll generate leads and sales from WordPress websites and marketing automation funnels. We’ll show you how to build a marketing funnel using ANY WordPress website.

What you get

Discover more leads for your own business by building a powerful marketing funnel with your own WordPress website

Customers that want to work with you. You can eliminate low value and budget projects and have your pick.

Projects last longer, with more revenue and lifetime value because you’re needed to maintain their marketing funnel.

Proud that you have a process and a strategy around what you deliver and most importantly, it gets results.

Competition unable to touch you because you’re light years ahead of them.

The course

click and stay like op

Building the perfect landing page system with ANY WordPress website.

hyper profit repeat op

Integrating MailChimp with your WordPress site to automate the marketing process.

core offer buy op

Capture more leads and build a list of leads that want to work with you.

cerberus method op

Craft and write killer email copy that generates traffic and sales - all on automation.

pitch perfect op

Prove to your customers that you’re doing great work and worth the money.

customer x hair op

Launching, testing and promoting a marketing funnel.


Gameplan   Sell your service

11 more courses

  • Designing lead magnets and splinter products
  • Attracting and researching the right traffic
  • How to sell consultation and marketing services
  • And more…

Monthly webinars and coaching calls

Private Facebook group access

All templates and SYS products

Lifetime access to The Gameplan