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Become an Apex Marketer

Everything to identify profitable customers, build killer campaigns and get outstanding results for your customers.

  • How to create massively desirable offers for any business
  • The Campaign Matrix that plans incredible marketing campaigns
  • Why some customer’s campaigns will never work (and which will)
  • The 4 step process to identify customer projects that will succeed and fail
  • Help your clients discover brand new sources of revenue
  • The secret that ClickFunnels, Unbounce and Lead Pages don't want you to know
  • You’ll be able to discover profitable opportunities for clients
  • Help them exploit those opportunities with smart campaigns
  • Have total clarity on what you need to build for customers
  • Feel confident in your marketing abilities
  • Feel empowered to reject customers that aren’t right for you and follow your gut
  • Grow your own funnel business through picking better clients
  • Understand and create a niche for your business

Not all customer campaigns work

Despite your commitment, skill or input, some things just don’t take off. Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a customer project, only for it to fall flat?

Working with low value clients can make us feel worthless or undervalued. Despite it being their project and product and business, we're blamed for their lack of success.

This means that we struggle to increase prices because we can't seem to get results. Which means you take on any work you can, despite budget or value because you can’t find better clients.

When your confidence is low, you're unlikely to suggest marketing plans or sticking to them when customers suggest something else. You're also less likely to charge for work like research or discovery calls because you don’t want to lose the sale.

Customers don’t know what they’re talking about

Your customers might know their business. But they don't know marketing and they sure as hell don't know how to fix their business.

You're not "one funnel away"

And learning how to build funnels, no matter how good they are, can't fix just any business.

Content toothache

On top of all that, it takes ages to get content from customers (if you get it at all) and it's usually garbage. Why?

Because they're not copywriters. They're not marketers. They're not funnel builders. They're experts in their business and that's it.

Content is like a toothache. Devastating when you've got it, but easy to fix and a massive relief when you're not suffering from it.


The profitable campaign framework for funnel builders and their customers

Apex-campaigns-project-planner-marketing-strategy 1
  • Get paid to discover if a customer is a good prospect (audit)
  • Create profitable and desirable products for customers (product)
  • Get paid to run workshops and collect content from customers that makes selling easier (engage)
  • Complete clarity on the next steps for every campaign and customer (matrix)
  • Stop working with customers that aren't going to get results
  • Always get paid for your expertise, even when you're not "building" anything
  • Never get blamed for poor results again
  • Easy training content to learn at your pace
  • Audit process to qualify and set customers up right
  • Product framework to create killer scalable products for customers
  • Run workshops and get content from customers easier than ever
  • Build campaigns using proven techniques and processes
  • Weekly resource release with each training video
  • Swipe files, templates and worksheets for you and customers
  • Product creation framework, audit process, copy and content workshop, campaign playbooks
  • White label worksheets for you to use with customers
  • 4 weeks of live q&a, training and calls with mike
  • One call each week for each module
  • Ask anything plus bonus training per topic
  • Total clarity on every step
  • Live calls with mike
  • Ask absolutely anything
  • Accountability for your progress
  • Stop learning in a vacuum
  • Connect with other members and share progress and ideas
  • Never worry if you've misinterpreted something
  • Lifetime access to all materials, recordings, updates, videos and resources

APEX Campaigns

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Valued at $197 we're including all 3 volumes of The Funnel Builder's Bible for every APEX Campaign Launch customer.

  • 3 volume written book for your funnel business
  • Immediate access
  • Volume I: starting and growing your funnel business
  • Volume II: selling marketing funnels to customers
  • Volume III: building marketing funnels for customers
  • Value of $197
  • 32 exercises with guided written walk-throughs
  • Uncensored, unedited access
  • Digital version to download and use however you want
  • Everything you need to run a funnel business that you’re proud of
  • Fundamental principles to selling funnel based products and services to your customers
  • The entire process of building a marketing funnel for your customers

My Ironclad Guarantee

If Apex campaigns doesn't help you build and create profitable marketing campaigns for your customers, answer all of your questions about customer projects, or if you think the content is weak, I'll give you 100% of your money back.

There is a 60 days refund policy. Simple. If you think it sucks, and if you go through the whole course. And it hasn't helped you build and create profitable marketing campaigns your customers, I'll give you your money back. Simple as that. 100% risk free.

Become an Apex Marketer

4 week training ($997 value)
Resource release ($997 value)
4 live support calls ($997)
Funnel builder's bible ($197)

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