2018 predictions, 2018 marketing funnels

My predictions for 2018’s marketing funnel landscape

By Mike Killen / December 14, 2017

2017 is now close to being a distant memory. Last year I wrote about my 6 predictions for 2017’s digital business landscape. Today we can look at my predictions for 2018’s marketing funnel landscape. Messenger chat bots dominate the auto responder market Software like Chatfuel and Message Hero are making messenger chat bots more accessible…

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marketing funnel conversion, marketing funnel conversion optimisation

7 statistically proven conversion hacks that you can do TODAY

By Mike Killen / November 24, 2017

I’m going to show you 7 statistically proven conversion hacks that can increase your conversion rates for your marketing funnel. One of them increased conversions by 2000%. Seriously, no joke. When we work on our own sites or customer sites, it’s easy to focus on copy, design and the product. But page by page, there…

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find customers online, marketing funnel customers,

4 unusual places to find customers (and 1 way to reach them)

By Mike Killen / October 20, 2017

I’m going to show you 4 unusual places to find customers (and 1 way to reach them). We’re all looking for more customers for our marketing funnel business and more ways to find customers in general. The most common question I’m asked, is “how can I find more customers for my funnel agency?” The most…

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4 tools (plus 1 killer underground tool) we use to increase our email list subscribers for customers

By Mike Killen / October 13, 2017

Increasing email subscribers for our customers, is our agency’s bread and butter. It’s one of the most commonly viewed metrics, and is often determined as a success metric. Increasing email address subscribers, to a customer’s email list, can have a massive impact on their business and of course yours. These are the 4 tools (plus…

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free resources for building marketing funnels

The 6 best resources for building the perfect marketing funnel (and they’re free)

By Mike Killen / September 29, 2017

I have a habit of referring to the same guides, experts and resources over and over in order to build marketing funnels for myself and my customers. If you want to build marketing funnels for yourself and for your customers that convert, attract traffic and generate sales then these are the seven resources that I…

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10 reasons marketing funnels don't work

10 reasons why your customer’s marketing funnel isn’t working

By Mike Killen / July 21, 2017

Nothing is more depressing than when your customer’s marketing funnel isn’t getting them results. But it happens. If your customers don’t get the results they’re expecting, you look bad. If they don’t succeed, you don’t succeed. Recently we had an audit of a few customer sites to explore why they weren’t getting the traction we…

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content silo category optinmonster

Creating content silos with OptinMonster and WordPress

By Mike Killen / July 14, 2017

Content silos are fantastic way of increasing conversion rates with your blog posts. The key to increasing email subscribers is offering lead magnets. However we can further increase conversion rates with content silos. We’ve talked about content silos here┬ábefore. At a high level, the idea is that if someone is reading content on card tricks,…

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find the perfect funnel customer qualification

What does the perfect funnel client look like?

By Mike Killen / June 23, 2017

I’m going to tell you how to find the perfect customers, target them and make sure you only speak to customers that you can help. I’m also going to share our customer qualifier questions for our marketing funnel customers. There’s no doubt that every business in the world can benefit from marketing funnels. However, there…

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marketing funnel content restart engine

Content restart engine

By Mike Killen / June 22, 2017

Taken some time off writing content and you know you need to get back into it? Follow this plan to start your regular blogging and content creation back up again. I recently took some time off for my 30th birthday (I know! So old and wise now). I was in Paris for a WordCamp and…

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