Sales pages – write them fast with this

By Mike Killen / July 23, 2020

Most people massively over-complicate the process of writing a sales page. In this email, I want to break down the basics of writing a compelling sales page that gets views, clicks and conversions. Your sales page just needs to tell people how you can help them. It’s really as simple as that. But we need to move away from…

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I’m a cheap-ass and this is EXACTLY how to get me to click “Buy”

By Leif Kristjansen / July 16, 2020

I have to admit something, and I don’t care what you think. I’m super stingy. Like, literally, I could spend hours doing price-comparison for a computer monitor only to decide I can do without it anyway.  Yep, I’m one of those annoying people who always tries to negotiate a price, asks way too many questions,…

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Are you ignoring these two critical (and easy) things that increase sales?

By Mike Killen / October 18, 2019

Serving them as best you can When you’ve decided on an audience that you want to serve, be it independent bar owners looking to manage staff better, CEOs who want to spend more time with their family, single women who want to travel the world safely, or any other audience. You need to make the…

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sales letter, marketing funnel sales letter, marketing funnel page

How to write a killer sales letter for any product or service

By Mike Killen / June 29, 2018

I absolutely love writing sales letters. It’s not only where I got a fairly strong start, with regards to finding customers. But I also find it a fantastic exercise to understand exactly what I’m delivering to customers. A well written sales letter will help you understand why someone would buy. It can even become the…

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frank kern marketing funnel, marketing funnel sales letter, frank kern sales letter

How to copy a $1 million sales letter from Frank Kern

By Mike Killen / March 8, 2018

We’re going to breakdown a Frank Kern sales letter, which sells a tripwire book product on booking more clients. In the interest of full disclosure, this page is copyright of Frank Kern and is taken from I’m purely using the copy of this sales page to demonstrate well written and well structured sales pages. Aside…

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8 sales page types, dominate marketing funnel, sales funnel types

The 8 types of sales pages your funnels need to DOMINATE a market

By Mike Killen / January 25, 2018

If you want to help your customers make sales through their website or marketing funnel, you need to read this post. In this post, I’m going to talk through the 8 different types of sales pages that your marketing funnels need, in order to dominate a market. Imagine knowing that you were increasing every chance…

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Exit intent pop-up, sales page exit intent

If you want LOW conversion rates, follow this – sales page review.

By Mike Killen / October 27, 2017

Earlier this week I received an email from Paul Okeeffe. I’m going to show why I think Paul will have a low conversion rate on this sales page. For love nor money I cannot remember how I signed up to Paul’s email list. Paul calls himself the Global Marketing Ninja. Paul is apparently based in Norway…

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sell marketing funnels, marketing funnel sales, marketing funnel projects, sales mistakes

5 shocking mistakes killing your marketing funnel project sales

By Mike Killen / October 5, 2017

Are you making these five shocking mistakes that are killing your marketing funnel project sales? It just doesn’t make sense. You work long hours, give hundred percent every day, follow all the gurus online and yet-you still struggled to make an close marketing funnel project sales. What gives? Have you ever felt that your marketing…

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marketing funnel conversions increase congruency

Increase ALL conversions by building your funnels backwards

By Mike Killen / July 28, 2017

How do you build funnels so fast Mike? How are you getting these funnels build and converting inside a 2 hour period? Whenever we release a new worksheet, guide, video or lead magnet with a call to action AND a content funnel, I’m always sent this question by a few people through email. Out customers…

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