dont watch the news, information ignorance, information diet, news media unhappy

Why I proudly don’t watch the news or read the papers (and you shouldn’t either)

By Mike Killen / May 17, 2018

“You can’t be serious? How on Earth can you possibly call yourself educated and informed when you refuse to watch the news! You’re an intelligent boy Michael, I really expected better.” This particular customer wasn’t happy that I didn’t watch the news. I also admitted to not reading the newspapers, listening to the radio or…

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wordcamp london 2018, things you have to do after wordcamp, after wordcamp

7 things you need to do the DAY after visiting a WordCamp

By Mike Killen / April 16, 2018

You’ve just come back from a WordCamp. You’ve got your swag, your notebook is full and you met some amazing people (in person!). But now what? How can you capitalise on all that energy and good will? Follow this list and you’ll 10X your WordCamps. 1. Book that call If you’ve attended a WordCamp (or…

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2018 predictions, 2018 marketing funnels

My predictions for 2018’s marketing funnel landscape

By Mike Killen / December 14, 2017

2017 is now close to being a distant memory. Last year I wrote about my 6 predictions for 2017’s digital business landscape. Today we can look at my predictions for 2018’s marketing funnel landscape. Messenger chat bots dominate the auto responder market Software like Chatfuel and Message Hero are making messenger chat bots more accessible…

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thug marketing language bullshit, marketing bullshit statements

Thug marketing language is the 2010’s equivalent of corporate jargon- stop using it

By Mike Killen / November 30, 2017

I love swearing as much as the next bloke. Just read any of my blog posts and it’s pretty likely that at some point I’ve cussed in the writing. Something I’m seeing more and more of however, is “thug marketing”. “We make great shit to help you sell more shit” Tell me you haven’t seen…

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7 motivational hacks for monday, funnel builder motivation,

7 motivation hacks that turbo charge your Monday morning

By Mike Killen / November 13, 2017

Contrary to many business owners and even normal people. Mondays are my favourite day of the week. The reason I love Mondays is because it gives me a chance to exercise all the ideas and planning that my subconscious and conscious mind have been brewing over the weekend. There is always so much to do…

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marketing funnel budget, ask for a budget, marketing project budget

How to successfully ask a customer what their marketing funnel budget is confidently and without being rude

By Mike Killen / October 12, 2017

If you’ve ever needed to ask for a marketing funnel budget, I’m going to show you how to successfully ask for a marketing funnel budget confidently, successfully and without appearing rude. This is also a guide on how to get over customers not wanting to answer your budget question. Three of the most common scenarios…

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marketing funnel tool pricing

How funnel builders can cover tool and software costs without being out of pocket

By Mike Killen / September 21, 2017

How should you charge your customers for services like autoresponder use, plugins, software, outsourcing and anything else you have to buy? When we build funnels, of any size or scope for customers, it isn’t as clear as building just one thing for them. We might have to set up a CRM or autoresponder for them…

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failure universe fuel commitment want it

You fail at things because you didn’t want it badly enough

By Mike Killen / September 18, 2017

When we fail at a task or goal, we’re often quick to blame all the external circumstances for why we didn’t achieve what we wanted. It was too expensive, we didn’t have the support or experience, we don’t need to change that much. There are hundreds of excuses and reasons for not seeing something through.…

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choosing a marketing funnel niche

How to decide the niche for your funnel business once and for all

By Mike Killen / September 14, 2017

Choose a niche for your funnel business. Niche down. Create a sub-niche. Find a micro niche. All good advice but how can funnel builders really choose a niche AND stick to it. There are literally THOUSANDS of agencies and funnel builder businesses out there. Why should someone choose you over anyone else? What does your…

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