My secret client…secret

By Mike Killen / July 11, 2024

Have you ever felt like you’re shouting into the void, trying to expand your audience, but nothing seems to click? I’ve been there.  For a long time, I struggled to make my voice heard, to broaden my reach.  Then, I stumbled upon something incredibly simple, yet transformative. Let me share a quick story. There was…

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JUST three funnels = $100,000+

By Mike Killen / July 9, 2024

I see it all the time, people running around building 10, 20, or even 30 different funnels. Talk about a rabbit hole of complexity and confusion! Let’s get this straight: all you need are three types of funnels. Why? Because funnels should only serve three core metrics: leads, sales, and profit. The first funnel is…

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Make $50,000 in 30 Days

By Mike Killen / June 14, 2024

What if there was a game-changing and explosive secret that all the agency YouTubers and internet marketers were keeping hidden from you? A secret that could EASILY skyrocket your agency revenue, but they don’t want you to learn it because if you did, you’d never ever need to buy one of their marketing courses ever…

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Make $2000 in 24 hours

By Mike Killen / June 13, 2024

Starting a business that generates $2000 a day might sound daunting, but there’s a powerful strategy that can help you achieve this with significantly less effort. Imagine setting up a system within a few days that not only makes this possible but also allows your time to work ratio to decrease over time while your…

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The Myth of Solo Content Giants Exposed

By Mike Killen / June 11, 2024

Ever wondered how the titans of content creation churn out endless streams of material?  The answer isn’t what you think.  Let’s shatter some illusions today.  You’ve been fed a narrative that prolific content creators, like Alex Hormozi, are solo maestros orchestrating an endless symphony of content.  But here’s the cold, hard truth: it’s a facade.…

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You’re Leaving Money on the Table, Here’s How…

By Mike Killen / June 7, 2024

Once, I was chatting with a group of struggling affiliate marketers. Their pain point? Sales were a ghost they couldn’t catch. Being curious, I asked, “How often are you emailing your list?” Crickets. A staggering majority confessed, “We’re not building a list, and we don’t know how.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So,…

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Should you bother with Threads?

By Mike Killen / June 3, 2024

A new social media platform called Threads was released.  Much like a shiny object, it’s garnered attention, and its supporters are touting words like “opportunity” and “untapped market”. But does the platform’s release really change anything for you or me? Not necessarily. Here’s the thing: We’re continually bombarded with new platforms, new technologies, and new…

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Why Peloton sucks

By Mike Killen / May 29, 2024

Let me tell you a story.  When I first started my journey in content marketing, my main focus was always on showcasing my product.  I spent countless hours polishing, perfecting, and presenting it.  But no matter how much I polished, it didn’t seem to resonate with my audience the way I expected.  I was shouting…

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