How to Implement SEO in Your Marketing Funnel

By Lucy Higgins / September 2, 2021

A marketing funnel is also known as a sales or conversion funnel where your visitors follow an imaginary path that will hopefully lead to their conversion to customers or subscribers. Initially, the number of online visitors will increase but gradually there will be fewer and fewer people along the various stages of the path. Those…

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Use This Free Explainer Video Script Formula to Get Massive Conversion Rates

By Andre Oentoro / November 18, 2020

One of the main goals of every marketer out there is to generate more conversion rates that lead to sales deals. In the fight of eyeballs, it isn’t easy, honestly, to hook the audiences’ attention solely to your brand.  There are thousands of marketing campaigns that will beat your ass off if you don’t truly…

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7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Other Forms of Marketing

By Phuong Nguyen / September 22, 2020

Table of Content: What Is Email Marketing? Why is email marketing better than other forms of marketing? 1. Email marketing is more personal.2. You own your list of email subscribers3. You don’t have to deal with algorithm updates.4. You can get a higher ROI.5. Email is an open platform.6. Email will not go away anytime…

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Treat your customers like royalty to be paid like a king

By Harrison Baron / September 16, 2020

Pull your head out of your ass. Start treating your customers like royalty and make them your company’s biggest fans.  Sorry, was that too aggressive? The companies that reach the billion and even trillion-dollar threshold live by that statement. In this blog, I’m going to tell you not only who is successful but also how…

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I’m a cheap-ass and this is EXACTLY how to get me to click “Buy”

By Leif Kristjansen / July 16, 2020

I have to admit something, and I don’t care what you think. I’m super stingy. Like, literally, I could spend hours doing price-comparison for a computer monitor only to decide I can do without it anyway.  Yep, I’m one of those annoying people who always tries to negotiate a price, asks way too many questions,…

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Top Trends in Marketing Automation For 2019

By Angelina Harper / February 8, 2019

Automation is the latest in the long line of technology buzzwords circulating around the web. The idea is simple enough – increasingly powerful and affordable computer hardware, combined with advanced, AI-based software algorithms and large data sets have made it possible to automate the performance of a whole range of tasks in the digital realm.…

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perfect landing page, leadforest, lead forest landing pages, landing page infographic

The Anatomy Of A (Perfect) Landing Page [Infographic] by the team at LeadForest

By Nirav Dave / February 22, 2018

A massive thank you to our guest post author Kristel Kinne and the sweeeeeeeeeet infographic by the team at LeadForest. If you’d like to feature on our blog, get posted on our newsletter to over 2000 funnel builders AND be promoted for free on our social channels then just reach out to us at michael[at]…

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email marketing messaging bruce white

6 Vital Questions Email Marketers Forget to Ask Before Clicking Send

By Bruce White / September 7, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of decades, you know that email is an incredibly effective strategy to communicate with existing and prospective customers. Perhaps even more exciting, is that it’s also one of the most cost effective methods! Over the years, I’ve written a ton of emails for my…

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