win larger budget customers marketing funnel agency

How we’re winning big budget clients

By Mike Killen / June 9, 2017

Join me in the car as I talk through how we won a $14500 a month funnel customer! We didn’t invent a lot of technologies and processes that we use. We’re also in a very competitive market. So how have we managed to talk our way into some big clients with big budgets? 1. We’re…

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plan marketing funnels high converting sell business

Plan high converting marketing funnels faster and easier without tools or software

By Mike Killen / May 30, 2017

I’m going to show you how we plan high converting marketing funnels, for our customers, for our funnel agency MeBox and for Sell Your Service. We’re too quick to jump to tools, page builders and email copy. But this can lead to low performing marketing campaigns and automation. Planning a marketing funnel isn’t about creating…

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sell buy marketing funnel from you

Why should anyone buy a marketing funnel from you?

By Mike Killen / May 11, 2017

We’re all looking to sell marketing funnels to our customers. And the competition is only going to get tougher. I’ve spoken about USP’s before and how they’re overrated (and don’t really exist). But you still need to add something to the market. “If you don’t do something different or better in that market, you have…

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sell a marketing funnel find a customer

The first step you NEED to take to sell a marketing funnel to a customer

By Mike Killen / May 9, 2017

If you want to sell marketing funnels to customers, this post is going to clear up the FIRST and most fundamental step you need to take. “Mike, I want more customers for my funnel business. How can I sell more marketing funnels?” is the most common question I’m asked with funnels. “I want to sell…

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How to sell monthly retainer marketing funnels to customers

By Mike Killen / April 13, 2017

I’m going to show you how to sell a monthly retainer (i.e. monthly recurring income project) marketing funnel to your customers. If you want to sell a marketing funnel, this is the blog post you need to read. Even if you’re starting from scratch, give this post a gander, because I’m going to outline the…

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24 hours to make a funnel sale

How I made a sale for my funnel business within 24 hours (even when I had never made a sale before and had no leads)

By Mike Killen / March 8, 2017

It’s often said that if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. However if you teach a man to fish, he’ll open a fishery and charge 20% less than his smaller competitors and make a killing. What I mean is if you can do something once, you can do something a…

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sell marketing funnels to clients

15 laws of selling marketing funnels to clients

By Mike Killen / March 1, 2017

If you want to sell more funnels and funnel projects to clients, you need to commit these 15 laws to memory. Every time we’ve found new clients for our marketing funnel projects, we’ve followed these laws like they were our process. Some of these are hard work, some you’re probably doing already. The secret is…

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100 product ideas you can use to expand the number of products and services you sell

By Mike Killen / February 22, 2017

Do you want to sell marketing funnels to your customers? Sometimes we need to break down a whole marketing funnel into smaller products. Or, think about using any of these product ideas to sell to current website and WordPress customers. Email Subject line workshop Introduction and welcome emails Sales emails Nurturing emails Offer and flash…

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marketing funnel tools business

10 funnel building tools for your business

By Mike Killen / February 15, 2017

If you want to sell funnels, you absolutely do not have to build them from scratch. You don’t even have to build them yourself. However, I’ve used dozens of funnel building tools over the years, and this is my wrap up of the 10 best funnel building tools available. Note: all the copy is taken…

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