Promoting content to a small list audience

6 reasons to start promoting content – even to an audience of 4 people

By Mike Killen / September 15, 2016

A customer of mine, with over 200 well produced and quality videos, didn’t want to start promoting or posting those videos on YouTube because they only had 4 subscribers. “We want to have more subscribers before we start to put more videos on YouTube” How do you expect to grow your subscriber and follower base…

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alternatives to landing pages closed private Facebook social group

Build a closed membership of subscribers with Facebook for FREE

By Mike Killen / February 4, 2016

Since posting my predictions for 2016 AND my 3 alternatives to landing pages, tons of people have been asking me how to create PRIVATE SOCIAL GROUP FUNNELS. I guarantee that I can show you how to build a list of members, or group subscribers, that you can share and market content and products to.  AND I’m…

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