Expert celebrities.

All the big names in the marketing, entrepreneur, internet business, guru space constantly pump sugar-water content to the masses in order to promote their brand of success.

Every single one of them contradicts the advice from the others. Read lots of books, read only a few books, read my book. Be on all social channels, be on one social channel. Create video, create blogs, create podcasts.

“Hey there I'm Alex/ Dave/ Will/ Amy/ Mary from X Business Secrets and if you give me 45 seconds I can show you how to grow your income/ the secret to growing your email list/ the truth about Facebook marketing/ how I created a $1m funnel in 24 hours.”

Photos of their Lamborghini's and Ferrari's in the background, massive mansion, beautiful beaches. Surrounded by money as they tell you they've been interviewed by CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, ITV, Forbes, Inc., Time and Sean Evans from Hot Ones.

They've got books, courses, software, mastermind programs, events, private groups, inner circle programs and apps.

Listen to them on their podcast, watch their YouTube content, download their guides, attend their events, watch their IGTV videos.

It. Is. Exhausting.

Every single one of them is vying for your time and attention. I'm not even saying that they're wrong or lying. Most of them do fantastic work and I admire many of them. We know that it's all for show, that the house is an AirBnB and the super car is a lease.

We question our reality when they're shown on TV interviews in YouTube clips and we're like “I've never heard of this guy”. They tell you that you can have it all and you deserve it all.

And there's one word that sums up the entirety of this phenomenon. When someone appears to be everywhere, and you can't escape them. They're in your news feed, ads, videos, Twitter feed. You can't escape that they must be an expert if they've achieved celebrity status like this!

But like I said, it's one word. Remarketing.

Remarketing is the marketing tactic to show a small, select audience the same face, content and brand over and over.

It's to normalise the content and voice and face of the expert, so that you feel more comfortable buying from them when they make an offer. Some people call it “shock and awe”, others call it “be everywhere all the time”.

The only problem is that it can seem like these experts have an incredible life that you could never achieve. They're on holiday all the time, they're flying their private jets and talking to movie stars.

It can feel incredibly disheartening to see images of these perfect successful life, when you're struggling to pay the rent.

But know this. It is an illusion. It's remarketing at it's most basic level. It APPEARS to you that everyone is talking about these experts and celebrities. It appears that surely everyone has this amazing lifestyle and you're the weird one for not.

In fact, in the real world and even on the wider audiences on the internet, almost no-one has heard of these massive celebrities. It seems like you're saturated in this insane world of business success and this ONE celebrity expert has the secret.

Anthony Robbins

But, 99.9% of people on the internet won't have heard of them. And 99.9% of successful people did just fine without them. Let's take Tony Robbins for example. Massive global megastar motivational speaker.

Best selling author, coach to the rich and famous, sell-out stadium speaker. The guy is the real deal.

There will be people reading this, who have never heard of him (that's 100% cool by the way). There will be people who have heard of him but never read his stuff. There will be critics, fans, customers, and a mix of respondents to who Tony Robbins is.

Even on Facebook, Tony Robbins has a 2% audience size. Around 20 million people are fans of his page and content. 20 million.

There are around 170 countries in the world with a population lower than 20 million. Romania, Chile, Netherlands, Greece and Switzerland are some examples.

But 20 million equates to just 2% of people on Facebook. 2% of Facebook care enough about Tony Robbins to like him. But if he put 10 adverts out, it would look like every single person in the WORLD knew him, because he can target his ads to his audience.

Even with a micro audiences of 1000 people, it can appear that these celebrities are everywhere.

So chill out and take a breath, all these expert celebrities are just marketing very cleverly. They aren't as ubiquitous as they seem and you're not missing out. But you will see more and more as you grow you business. Just don't get sucked into thinking that everyone has the secret except you.

Because all that, is only what you can control. Your pricing. Your business model. The people you follow and admire.

Your mindset is all up to you, but there are some big things coming that you'll have NO control over. And they're changing for better or worse, whether you're ready or not…

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