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Why funnel builders and marketers fall down with high converting copy

Have you ever thought that you’re going to FINALLY write that killer blog post, or webinar or sales page. Looked at the blank screen and thought...now what?

If you’ve ever wanted to build high converting content for your business, or for your customers, but you have NO idea where to start - this is going to be the most important letter you read all year.

It’s not your fault that you struggle to write compelling, high converting copy

If you’ve ever stared at a blank document, empty blog post or new slide deck and had a total mental block, it’s not your fault.

When we’re kids we’re taught to write in dull, clinical, sterile style. We write academic style reports all the way through college and university, assuming that’s the correct way to write content and copy.


It isn’t fun to write and it SURE AS HELL isn’t fun to read.

Sick of waiting for customers to send content over?

It’s not your fault that your clients fail to give you content on time...

They wrestle with the exact same problems you do.

  • they have no idea what to write
  • they want to get it perfect first time
  • writing isn’t “fun” for them so they avoid it

Did you know that the best webinars and sales letters in the world follow a blueprint?

Well they DO and we’ve got some of the best sales content and copy blueprints for you, ready to go.

These blueprints go AGAINST the typical traditional copywriting methods we’re taught from a young age.

They tell fun stories. They show off personality. They’re interesting and people want to read them!

Best of all they’re FAST to create.

Why beginners seem to SMASH content out AND get clients to pay for it

(hint: they use a repeatable blueprint!)

The singular purpose of every sentence, is to get the reader to read the next one.

With a blueprint you can quickly fill the blanks and write MORE interesting sentences.

Beginners smash content out because when they find a blueprint they stick to it and get better and better.

Why sales webinars suck and fail over and over

no matter how many views you get and how to FIX broken webinars

If you’ve tried webinars or sales letter in the past and they’ve failed - it’s not you!

With the right BLUEPRINT, your webinars will routinely get thousands of new leads, views, sales.

Thousands of leads, generated on auto-pilot

Better yet, you can present them live, record it and focus on driving traffic to an auto-pilot sales system.

Even if you hate selling and pitching - just following the RIGHT blueprint will make you sound and act more confidently.

The truth behind making online sales

Even with the right webinar slides, sales pages or content - there’s a MASSIVE secret with making sales online.

Follow up, follow up, follow up! With the right emails (written for you) you’ll see a massive increase in sales when you follow up with the “post content blueprint”.

If you have one killer blueprint, you can 3x, 5x and even 10x the results with the right FOLLOW up blueprints.

Webinar sales

With webinars I generate hundreds of sign ups and thousands of leads

Destroy writers block with our “follow and fill” questions that produce outstanding content

I don’t believe writers block exists. Blueprints are the solution to writers block.

Early mornings, late nights, new products, old products - none of that matters with the RIGHT blueprints.

What if I asked you the best questions, you answered and I’ll put it into a killer high converting content piece?

You’re getting access to my entire Content Architect system

My name is Mike Killen.

I’m a confidence coach that works with marketing agencies and funnel builders to give them the confidence to create multiple scalable streams of income.

I’m the best selling author of Five Figure Funnels and From Single To Scale. I’ve created hundreds of webinars, blog posts and videos that do ALL my heavy lifting for traffic, lead generation and sales.

  • Sales Pages And Sales Copy - Sorted

  • How to build webinars, follow up emails, sales letters, squeeze pages and more in MINUTES

  • WARNING: Do not attempt to write sales copy until you’ve got your “benefit bucket” written because it WILL fall flat

  • Better than starting from scratch or copying someone else’s sales letters

    Use your words and content in our system to produce results time after time after time

  • 35% conversion rate for our squeeze pages (some as high as 50%)! Copy and follow our blueprint TODAY

  • The weird “Good Day, Bad Day” game that creates amazing sales copy and drives customers to buy (even if you’re awful at copywriting)

  • Never Worry About Customer Content

  • 5 content ideas that make you money AND you can sell to customers

  • No more waiting for clients to send over content and copy! Get them to answer these questions and PAY YOU to write it in minutes

  • Blogs, Videos and Books

  • Do you suffer from writers block? Never sure what to write for your blog content?

    From ideas to topics, titles and entire posts - follow our process to write killer blog content faster and easier than ever

  • Never ever release a blog post unless you can answer these 8 questions (otherwise you struggle to get clicks and reads)

  • The secret behind YouTube video scripts that Google does NOT want you to know

  • What Daniel Priestley, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson and Donald Miller taught me about publishing a 3 best selling books

  • The single most important questions you’ll ever need to answer if you finally want to write that book

  • It'll Even Improve Your Networking

  • Going to networking events without a well crafted social pitch is fine, right? Wrong!

    You are KILLING your business if you can’t repeat a solid and clear 2 sentence pitch to every person that you meet

  • The easiest way to write a killer, clear elevator pitch to get people lining up to talk to you at networking events

  • What you must do to avoid dull boring content - hint: it’s all to do with futures, baby!

“But Mike - I’m NOT a strong copy writer!”

If you can type on a keyboard, you can create high converting, attractive and desirable copy in minutes (with our system)

I know exactly how you feel and so many other Content Architect customers felt the same way.

  • I don’t like writing
  • I never know what to write
  • I wouldn’t know what order to put it in!

That’s why I have my tested and proven blueprints. Imagine seeing the blueprints for a house, you see rooms like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen.

The question isn’t, can you design a house? The question is, what kind of bath do you want? Or where shall we put the oven?

Following blueprints in what MAKES you a strong copywriter!

37% optin rate on just one of our squeeze pages

This ISN’T a course - this is better than a course.

It’s a complete automated system that takes what you already know and turns it into:

  • lighting quick sales webinar slides
  • sales letters for and product or service
  • engaging social pitches
  • interesting and clear author bios
  • elevator pitches
  • fast and easy YouTube video scripts
  • sales multiplying follow up emails
  • high optin squeeze pages
  • confirmation and reminder emails
  • powerful and compelling benefits
  • eye catching and click worthy headlines!

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Have courage, commit, take action


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