E-commerce email marketing copy

Creating copy for your e-commerce business is hard work. Running to catch up with yourself every week, just to write a few notes and send them out.

We’re going to make your life so much easier, what if someone wrote the email copy for you?

Each week, new email copy waiting for your business to send to your customers. Use it with any email system or CRM.

You shouldn’t be writing copy each week and sending it out to your list for the sake of it. With a little planning and being sent the email copy in advance, you can schedule your email marketing, letting you focus on other things.

Weekly email package

$200 Per month
  • $200 per month, rolling, no-commitment contract.
  • 4 emails per month
  • Various themes and messages
  • Mission based email, Most popular product, Up-sell/Cross-sell, Campaign based, Competition
  • And many more…
  • Cancel anytime