How To Sell a Marketing Funnel and Why Websites Are Dead

Click Funnels Radio

If you are interested in creating funnels and selling them, Mike will show you step by step what you need to do. How much can you charge for your funnels? How can you monetize your services?

How To Start A Marketing Funnel Agency

PixlFeed Radio

When you start a funnel business, you have to be specific about what you're going to focus on. Many marketing funnel businesses that start, fail quickly because they try to offer everything to everyone. We're going to look at how to start a marketing funnel business properly.

Marketing Funnels and WordPress with Mike Killen


Mike does his best to explain how funnels work, why we should use them and why WordPress is the best way that there is to glue the whole thing together.

Marketing Funnels & Hacks - Mike Killen

WP Innovator Podcast

Learn what a Marketing Funnel is, and relax as we draw marketing hacks out of Mike’s mind. From social media tricks, to marketing funnels, this is a BEAUTIFUL episode for easy to action marketing tips!

Mike Killen - Quality Web Content

WP Elevation Podcast

Mike offered us valuable advice on the importance of quality web content, what qualifies as good promotion, and why marketing isn't more important than generating solid leads.

agency podcast
How To Build Marketing Funnels For Your Customers And Charge Good Money For It

Agency Success GPS Podcast - Featuring Lee Goff

Sell Futures, Not Features.How To Build Marketing Funnels For Your Customers And Charge Good Money For It. We motivate Marketing Agencies to sell more marketing funnel services to their clients, increase their prices and create multiple scalable income streams.

Growth Execution Podcast

Business Growth Execution

Mike talks about launching his business, inspiration, and challenges along the way - plus what you need to consider at launch and why listening to the criticism is so important to winning big too.

Defining Your Niche and Ideal Client

The BabelTEQ Podcast

In this podcast, Mike explains how choosing a niche can radically transform your language coaching business in terms of generating greater income and giving you back more free time.

Selling with confidence

Agency Highway

One of the biggest objections to raising prices or even selling more expensive things is that clients will object. In this podcast, you’ll learn how you can sell higher-priced services, why it’s so important, and an awesome tip on dealing with trolls. 

How To Use Marketing Funnels, Discovery Calls and Automations to Get More Sales

Live In The Feast

In this podcast, Mike explains how choosing a niche can radically transform your language coaching business in terms of generating greater income and giving you back more free time.

Confidence, Closing and Content

Design Domination

Mike talks about confidence and how it’s vital in closing the deal and why you should be selling futures, not features. Get actionable tips to use when talking to clients, including how to respond when a client says, “That’s too expensive."

Selling Marketing Funnels

Elementor Talks

Mike lists the crucial steps of creating a high-converting funnel and explains why Thank You pages are vastly underrated.

Funnels, Sales & Marketing


Mike talks about building all your funnels out in WordPress, marketing, sales and so much more in this episode.

Michael Killen | Sell your Service | Trey Carmichael

Under the Crown with Trey Carmichael

In this episode of Under the crown our host Trey Carmichael spoke with Michael Killen about the things he wishes were more common knowledge, sales strategies, and diversification tactics for agency owners. We also touched on the age old question of "when should I raise my prices?"

This is a powerful conversation that you don't want to miss.

the authority1
How to Confidently Charge Higher Prices

The Authority Project

Mike Killen works with marketing service businesses to help them attract and close 5 figure projects. His long-term goal is to raise the confidence of every business owner on the planet and help them discover hidden benefits to their products and services, which are so desirable and compelling they can’t help but sell more of them.

Selling $25k Funnel Projects

HighLevel Spotlight Sessions

In this episode, we speak about:

  •  Niching around a model
  •  My advice on what niches to avoid
  •  Thinking of a sales funnel as a consumer journey
  •  Selling futures, not features
  •  Benefits of using funnels
  •  Justifying a $25k funnel project
How To Optimize Your “Thank You” Page

Entrepreneurs HQ

In this session, Mike focuses on building your email list and how to better sell your product, doing so in a way that builds relationships. You will learn to create and use a “Thank you” page and all of its consequences. At the end of the session, you will have a process to generate revenue while increasing the quality of your email list.

Don't Worry About the Price

Selling Service Design with Confidence

Learn why price doesn't matter when you're talking to a potential service design client.

Nothing Happens Until You Make a Sell

Selling Service Design with Confidence

It doesn't matter how good you are when you can't convince a client to work with you. So you need to make a sale first to get the ball rolling.

There Is Always a Reason Not To Buy

Selling Service Design with Confidence

A service design client will always have a reason not to buy from you. What you need to do is uncover those reasons as soon as possible. Objections are actually a good thing as you'll learn in this video.

Sell to the Right Person

Selling Service Design with Confidence

When you want to make a sale always make sure you're talking to Batman and not Robin. You need to communicate directly with the person who calls the shots. In this video you'll learn how to find out if you're actually talking to Batman and if you're not how to get him on the line.

Just Have Fun

Selling Service Design with Confidence

When you genuinely believe that you'll be able to help your client sales becomes so much easier. And remember that it's the person who cares the most about the customer who makes the sale. So have a little fun.

smart web
Email Marketing transition into Sales Funnel world

Smart Web Creators

A lot of us are familiar with "Email Marketing" concept. How to use that to go the next level into the complex "Sale Funnel" world. Mike explains the concept of sales funnel sequence and its basic steps for conversions (and profit).

How to find loads of sales funnel customers the easy way From Zero to Launch

In this clip, Mike explains why YouTube is the best social media platform for funnel architects. You’ll also learn how to leverage YouTube’s built-in audience to convert more customers by creating quick, free, video content.