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Presenting the world's first and only system for selling marketing funnels

The hardest part of this system is deciding which leads you want to work with.

You've bought the funnel plugins and software. You've subscribed to the marketing platforms and automation tools.

You've bought courses on building funnels, landing pages and conversion optimisation.

But you still struggle to attract clients and sell funnels.


I'll tell you.

You've built a high performing rocket ship. All the pieces are perfectly engineered and look amazing. You just haven't got any fuel. That beautiful rocket isn't going anywhere.

Selling anything is difficult. Even the pros don't like cold calling, prospecting and closing deals. Selling marketing funnels is as hard as selling anything else. So what if there was a system where customers are attracted to you and you have leads find you?

What if there was a way to sell more marketing funnels, increase revenue AND do it all without cold calling?

I want you to imagine waking up tomorrow morning and opening your smartphone. Imagine checking your emails to see new leads and enquiries asking to work with you. The HARDEST part of your day is choosing WHICH customers to work with.

That's right. You now have so many prospects that you can decide who you work with.

Every lead has a great budget, they all want to work with you and they're ready to buy.

How did we get here?

The classic mistake that I see thousands of funnel builders make, is thinking that they have to be a super slick, high pressure, fast talking sales person.

Everyone knows that right? That the best sales people are natural born talkers. They speak bullshit non-stop until the prospect yields. Buy! Buy now! BUY NOW FROM ME!

The second mistake I see I funnel builders charging crazy low prices in order to get customers. It's as if they think that charging a low price means they're more likely to attract customers. When in fact, the opposite is true.

What if you could attract customers without any slick sales tricks and you could charge prices that were high enough to give you everything you need?

That's exactly what I'm going to share with you right now.

The first thing that we have to understand, if we want to sell plenty of services to our customers, is that THEY come first.

The market is soon going to be flooded with low quality, low price funnel solutions. They're all going to be competing for your customers attention and they're going to get it? Why? Because they're going to offer funnels for $99. They're going to go lower and lower. $9. $FREE$. WE'LL PAY YOU!

How can you possibly compete against a market that drives down the price of your service? It's easier than you might think.

The technology to make funnels is going to be easier, faster and more convenient. Soon, creating sophisticated marketing automation will be as simple as uploading a photo to Instagram. Don't believe me?

50 years ago if I told you that a box the size of a wallet would hold a camera, TV, every song known to man, you could read every book ever written and you could communicate with every human on the plant for FREE - all while commuting on a train - you'd have called me crazy.

5 years ago if I told you that teenagers were making hundreds of thousands of dollars posting pictures of themselves from their phone, you'd have said I was lying.

Marketing automation is exploding. It has the growth of TWO industries. One - it is growing as an industry month by month, faster than any other service. It also FUELS the growth of every other industry on the planet. The better marketing funnels get, the more people use them. The more people use them, the better they get.

The good news is that you don't have to run to keep up. You can quantum leap the changing technology by understanding WHAT people are buying and why they want to invest in marketing automation.

In 2012 I was made redundant from my job as Digital Marketing Lead for a big corporate data company. I did what any sensible 25 year old would do and I went straight to Las Vegas. Drunk as a skunk I put $1000 on black and

won. I won! I doubled my money. The shock of winning pulled me back into sobriety and I decided to clean up my act. I went straight back to my hotel room and used their stationary to write up my new business plan.

I wasn't going back to work for anyone else. But I had absolutely no idea how to run a business. In fact, 3 years in and I was banging my head against a wall. It all seemed so clear, sat in The Mirage Casino 3 years back. But I was dying.

I was trying to sell websites and it wasn't going well. I didn't understand. I had experience. I had previously run campaigns that cost more per month than the cost of a house. But I could barely sell a website.

After a particularly brutal pitch where I was told £500 was a crazy price for a website, I decided I wasn't going to do this anymore. I wasn't going to let low-rent customers tell me how much I should charge for a website.

I looked at every successful website agency I could and tried to find a gap in the market. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. Do you know what successful website businesses do? Not a single one of them mentions websites.

My mentor Troy Dean of WPElevation asked me “Mike, you love funnels. Why aren't you selling those?”

I explained that I couldn't sell a website, yet alone a complex marketing funnel! Troy challenged me to sell the results of the funnel. Not the funnel itself.


I deleted my entire website that night and wrote 2 pages. A contact page and a page explaining how insurance businesses could increase the size of their email list.

2 days later I had customers. Well, I had ONE customer. But it was a start. The result was increasing email leads. The target was insurance agents. I was going to help insurance agents increase the size of their email leads.

I was going to BUILD websites. I was going to BUILD funnels and marketing automation. But I was going to DELIVER email leads. If insurance agents worked with me they'd get more leads. Simple.

The first customer was furious. Like...super angry. Why?

We sent too many leads and their sales team couldn't handle it. I literally had to stop the traffic campaign because it was working too well. This is the email they sent.

“Need to turn off the campaign. Leads coming in too fast.”

It's tough to negotiate on price with me now. Because I'll drive so many leads that your sales team will complain.

Within a year I was being paid to speak. I sold my business and started Sell Your Service. I travel the world, write books, build funnels and now leads are attracted to me. I don't have to search for customers, I'm the one who is sought.

How did I do this? I used FUNNELS. Obviously.

Facts. Unique. Niche. PlaNing (so close). Earnings. Leverage. Sales.

Notice 3 extremely important things about that line.

  1. Tools, software and plugins aren't mentioned ONCE. Because they will not grow your business.
  2. Building funnels isn't in there because they can't help you sell funnels (rocket ship with no fuel)
  3. This is the order you need to do it in.

Facts are the indisputable truths about running a business. They're the reason that businesses fail and why some succeed. It doesn't matter if you're a funnel business or a fish-monger.

For example, if you are the business owner and you deliver the work to your customers, your business will never grow past where you are now. You will forever be working just to pay the bills.

Whatever you sell, whatever you deliver, will only ever give you just enough if you are the only one who delivers the work to customers.

These are irrefutable laws and universal truths of running all businesses. Marketing funnels are no different and unless you accept these facts, you'll always struggle to grow.

You might be a great funnel builder, but unless you're willing to have other people and systems deliver the work, you'll never grow past where you are now.

Unique is your vision, your values and your mindset. How you see the world, is the exact type of business you'll build.

Funnel businesses are hard work. Very hard work. They're no easier than or harder than any other business, so they require commitment and focus. The problem is that focus can be hard to maintain when you don't know what you're aiming for. That's why you need to understand the vision that you have for yourself and the business.

Niche is your market. Whats the market you're going to dominate? Who are you going to serve better than anyone?

A niche isn't “small business”. It's what you've defined as a #1 leader to a group of people, solving a specific problem or getting a specific results for a group of people. Do not skip this part. Decide you niche and commit.

PlaNning (sorry) is about planning a funnel business that works for you and delivers what you need it to.

If you don't plan to run your business how you want, it'll run you. Run you into the bloody ground. Lol.

Seriously though your business will kill you unless you take charge. It's completely up to you how your business works and how it's successful.

Earnings is the money you make, what you need to generate per year and how to look after/manage your money.

You've looked at your social strategy, your content strategy, email marketing, marketing automation, sales strategy. But how often do you look at your financial strategy? What is your pricing strategy? How much should you charge for your funnels?

Leverage is all about the products and services you sell. How do you help the market? You need a suite of products and content to add value to the market and deliver results to the market.

Finally, Sales is about generating that first customer and next customer. How do you convert and close a customer into buying your products and services?

You just need to get one more sale. Sales cures all! When you've seen what converts sales, you don't need to worry about delivering landing pages or email marketing at 3am, because we've planned the business around you and created leverage through your products and services.

This 7 part process, FUNNELS, has taken years to get right. And a LOT of wasted money on my behalf. But I learned a very valuable lesson that I want to pass on. This is the key to running a profitable, successful business.

The tools, software and plugins you use will have no impact on your ability to run a profitable, successful funnel business. If you want more leads and more customers, you need a system and process like the one above.

The FUNNELS process is a part of our Funnel Business Gameplan. It's a 7 part system that will show you exactly what you need to run a profitable, successful funnel business.

If you want a future with working late hours, dealing with low value customers and struggling to find new customers, then go ahead and ignore this letter. Honestly, it's absolutely fine.

If you want a future where you work the hours that suit you, make the income you desire and attract leads without the hard work, then you need The Funnel Business Gameplan.

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Here's the entire curriculum:

  • 1 Truths of running ANY business (Facts)
    • Mindset goal - my business will work for me, I won't work for the business
    • 3 laws of scale
    • Do I have to build it?
    • Can I handle 1000 orders tomorrow?
    • Is the process repeatable?
    • Relinquishing control
    • What your funnel business will look like
  • 2 Vision, values and mindset (Unique)
    • Mindset goal - You will build a successful profitable funnel business
    • Your values
    • Changing your values
    • What is your vision for your personal life?
    • What does your future business look like?
    • How much do you need to make?
    • How much time do you have to invest?
    • What do you love to do?
    • What are you good at?
    • What do people need and want?
  • 3 Your market and niche (Niche)
    • Mindset goal - deciding a target market
    • Create what you're #1 at
    • Definition of a niche
    • 5 market types - health, wealth, status, sex, hobbies
    • Niche types - product, process, customer, industry, results, their niche, their results,
    • Sticking to a niche (don't chase new opportunities)
    • Customer avatar
    • What are people HUNGRY for?
  • 4 Planning a funnel business (PlaNning)
    • Mindset goal - I don't work in a funnel business, I run a funnel business
    • McDonalds system
    • Franchise system - the system is the product
    • The Funnel Gameplan
    • Funnel delivery
    • Hiring and outsourcing
    • Project management
  • 5 Money management and pricing (Earnings)
    • Mindset goal - You are morally obliged to be profitable. No margin, no mission
    • Decide the price first - what do you need to make?
    • Earned income, passive income, assets, liabilities, revenue and profit
    • How many customers do you want to work with?
    • Personal and business financial planning
    • Guaranteeing profit - pay your business first
    • Pay yourself second
    • Pay your tax third
    • Pay your expenses last
    • $25k drop exercise
    • Pricing per project
  • 6 Creating a product and offer (Leverage)
    • Mindset goal - I am obliged to help this market
    • “Who” matters more than “what”
    • What results does that market want? What problems do they have?
    • Mission statement - I help [market] get rid of [problem] and get them [result]
    • Difference between want and need (you can only sell want.)
    • Mindset goal - I have a product that customers want to pay for
    • Product - not service
    • What are you going to offer, in exchange for $25 000?
    • Write out the process
    • Pricing
    • Vehicles
    • Sticking to a product
  • 7 Finding your first customer (Sales)
    • Mindset goal - I will become the #1 leader in my niche
    • Who knows who you work with?
    • Immediate connections
    • Networking in real life
    • Online social groups
    • Creating a social group
    • Content marketing
    • Mindset goal - I just need one customer to prove this works

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  • Here's what you're getting in The Funnel Business Gameplan:
    • 7 lessons on running a profitable, successful funnel business
    • 9 mindset goals to reframe your perspective
    • 40+ worksheets, templates and resources to implement every step of the process
    • Audio downloads for every video to listen offline
    • Lifetime access to the entire course

The Funnel Business Gameplan is available for $1497. That's a one time fee, lifetime access with everything you need to completely change your funnel business.

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Is there a refund policy?

Absolutely. Here's the deal. I've never ever ever had someone say they want a refund because the content and courses I create are bad. The reality is that this isn't just the first and only course, designed for funnel builders, to help you run a profitable successful funnel business. This is the BEST course we've ever produced.

However, if for ANY reason, you're not satisfied with the course I'll give you every single penny of your investment back. No bullshit, no small-print. It's never in my interest to take your hard earned money and keep it, just for a few bucks. I want you to take on as little risk as possible. I'm taking all the risk. You can get 100% of your investment back if this course doesn't deliver everything I've said.

If you take the course and think “that was absolute garbage”, I will of course refund every single penny of your investment.

Here's what Kase said about our course.

Michael Killen's latest course "Building a Profitable Successful Marketing Funnel Business" is by far the best learning and development experience I have had this year.

Sincere Thanks Coach!


Here's what Jan said about the course:

I bought it from you Mike because I learned a lot from you already and I know I can learn much more from you and you challenge me with new insights

Because you’re not one of those smooth talking sales types, you don’t blindly copy the mumbo jumbo

Because I seem to get you when I listen to you. I can follow your thought process and train of thoughts when you talk

And finally, because I think you’re a rocksolid honest no bs kinda guy.

Here's what Jami says:

I now know my specific niche, how I can help them, what products I will build and offer them, what content I will produce to build my authority and how I am going to get my first clients. I also have a huge motivational surge that will help me do the work day in and day out and make the compromises necessary to make my vision a reality.

Here's what Torkild says:

Just finished first level of your latest course Michael. Just Gold! You just keep delivering these gold nuggets mate! It's awesome!!!

I want to give you a dedicated space and time to work on your business. How often have you told yourself that you need to work on your business? Well I want to give you that.

Imagine giving yourself 1 hour a week, for 7 weeks JUST to focus on the business. You'd have an amazing excuse to carve that time out, you've just invested $1497 and you don't want to waste it!

You dedicate 1 hour a week for 7 weeks and you begin to change your mindset. You're more positive about the change you can affect in the world. You're more confident about the potential of yourself and your business.

Slowly the pieces come together. After the first week, you can see exactly where your business is going wrong. It's uncomfortable, maybe even painful. But the truth is out there and we can work on it together. I want you to imagine posting your fears and roadblocks in our private group and seeing other funnel builders support you and agree with you.

It's not just you! Everyone goes through these pains! Hallelujah!

The next week we examine WHY you run a funnel business. Why aren't you a carpenter, or a bank clerk? Why does funnel building appeal to you? It becomes obvious why you're doing this and your motivation begins to increase. Every day it becomes clearer why you're doing this. It's easier to work longer and harder.

It's easier to focus on the right tasks, because you have a clear vision about your future. And by week 3 we're beginning to look at your niche. The first 2 weeks are about YOU, because you're the most important person in your business. Week 3 we're going to narrow down the niche that you're going to dominate.

This is just an example of course. You could smash through the course in a few days. Some people like to “speed read” the course and then go back and listen more intently. Others take their time and consume when and how they can.

It's your system, you use it however you need to. You have lifetime access PLUS all the updates.

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There's no time lock on the content, there's an ironclad refund guarantee. Honestly, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from changing the direction of your funnel business TODAY.

I'll end on this. Change doesn't happen to you, it happens because of you. You've read this far because you WANT to run a better business. You want more time back, you want higher fees, more income.

You want holidays with the family, better opportunities for your kids and family. You want that new car or to prove your old classmates wrong. Don't buy for me or for anyone else. Be honest with yourself and invest in what you want your future to be. This page and this letter IS the change you've been looking for.

There's no price increase, no scarcity about “only a few spaces left”. I don't need that shit because this course is changing lives. It's making funnel builders like you happier, more secure, more wealthy. That's all I want for you and for this course.

So click here, invest in yourself and start making changes today.

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