3 webinar series and The Gameplan

3 webinars
8 module course
Lifetime access
Handouts and templates
11 bonus courses

3 webinar course - How to sell a marketing funnel

Lifetime recording access
Accountability catch ups
Funnel sales letter copy
Funnel product launch email copy
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First we kick of with 3 webinars.You'll get access to the recordings and access the The Gameplan from the first webinar.

If you want to learn how to SELL marketing funnels, before you build them, you need to view these webinars.

Webinar #1

So what are we building and delivering?



Sales cycle for your customers PDF journey document

Sales cycle for your customer's customers PDF journey document

Leads sales and traffic product portfolio “copy and paste” website copy



Webinar #1. Building and delivery

The difference between a website and a marketing funnel

Why funnels are PERFECT for recurring revenue

Cycle of events for us as builders

Cycle of events for customers and traffic

We can deliver more leads

We can deliver more sales

We can deliver more traffic

We can deliver provide faster automation


Webinar #2

Product options and pricing



Product options cheat sheet

TOFU content creation matrix exercise

Messaging content work flow



Webinar #2. Products and pricing

Email launch series

Capture leads from blog posts

Grow an email list with smarter segmentation

Lead magnet creation and delivery

Sales email automation

TOFU content creation

Scalable products to sell

Webinar #3

How do we move current clients to a funnel project?



Discovery session script

Project management checklist

“Book the call” email

Funnel sales letter



Webinar #3. Selling to clients

Opening up the conversation (even if it's been a while)

Trust building communications series

Booking a call/meeting

Running a discovery

Converting into a sale

Delivering the first solution/product

What's the result we expect?

Measure and insight in 1 month

8 module course - How to build a marketing funnel with ANY WordPress site and MailChimp

This course gives you EVERYTHING you need to build and sell marketing automation funnels to your customers with ANY WordPress website and MailChimp.

Introduction and wrap up modules

Handouts for modules

  • Marketing automation and funnel template
  • Landing page and content template
  • Email marketing copy
  • Marketing funnel checklist
  • WordPress and MailChimp marketing funnel worksheet

6 killer lessons

Lesson and module slides

Lifetime course access

MP4 and MP3 downloads


Building the perfect 3 landing page system that increases conversions, makes measuring ROI easier and generates income on automation.

Learn the copy and content secrets behind squeeze pages, thank you pages and delivery pages. Why bullet points work and exactly what to include on each page.


How to integrate MailChimp into your WordPress website so that leads are connected to lists and groups. What code you need, the connections available and the key to APIs that prevents all my headaches.


How can you grow your leads database and email list on autopilot? By learning how to increase your lead capture conversion rate. Get our exact process on conversion copy and how to change traffic to leads. See the tools we use (free, priced and primo) and the hacks we use to increase conversions.


What kind of email can be sent to make your new leads LOVE you AND start generating sales and income on automation? Well we're going to show you exactly what to send, when and even give you the email copy that does all that for you.


Now you've built your marketing funnel, watch it burst into flames with bugs and glitches...Wait, that's not right. Follow us as we explain each step to publish, test and launch a funnel for maximum exposure with minimum explosions.*

*If you can make a marketing funnel explode. I'd be mad impressed.


Once you've built and sold a marketing funnel, how do you prove it's working? Pro-tip: it has NOTHING to do with reports. I'm going to show the key, vital metrics you need to measure AND what customers really want rather than reports. Read that again, you will not be sending more meaningless reports if you do this.