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The Funnel Business Gameplan 2.0


Eliminate doubt and comfortably tell your next client that you cost $25,000 (and watch them happily sign the proposal)

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The Funnel Business Gameplan 2.0

The single most important framework for funnel builders to start charging five figures per project and take time off from the business.

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Simon Quinn

"I went from a very rough idea with no particular niche nailed down to having a business and website and service all lined up and ready to go after 3 months of the training. My life now is much clearer."

Did you know that you’re already building $25K funnels?
You’re just not charging $25k yet

Without question the most frustrating thing I see over and over, is talented, hardworking funnel builders like you, building $25,000+ projects, but not charging for it.

You’re building mansions on a student-halls budget. And we’re going to change that.

With The Funnel Business Gameplan 2.0 you’ll see that you’re already capable of building a $25,000 funnel. I’m going to show you how to charge $25,000 for a project.

No more undercharging. Just happy customers that want to work with you and value your expertise

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The average funnel builder charges just $2593! That’s insane!

If you wanted to generate six-figures a year, you’d need to sell 39 funnel projects. With a $25,000 price tag, you could reach six-figures with just 4 customers.

No more “that’s a lot of money” or “you’re too expensive”
Just customers willing to spend good money on your skills.

Imagine moving from $2500 projects to $25,000. You could literally 10x your time and revenue by working with FEWER customers!

How does some time off and a paid holiday sound? The Funnel Business Gameplan is the only programme on the planet specifically designed for funnel builders like you to help you:

  • Define a profitable exciting niche
  • Attract and close leads and sales
  • Build and sell $25,000 funnels
  • Pay yourself a salary
  • Hire people to do the work for you
  • And much more...
The Funnel Business Gameplan 25000 marketing funnel
Anchen le Roux
Page Builder Summit

Anchen Le Roux

I started just after leaving my day job so Sell Your Service has been very much part of the growth of my company. I've grown about 55% each of the last 2 years. So I've come from having a dream about running my own thing to where I'm now starting to experience the freedom of living a life where I make the rules.

4 absolute requirements to justify a $25,000 price tag

The 4 Attributes That Justify A $25,000 Price Tag

As a rule, the more value you demonstrate upfront, the more you can charge. In order to charge a five figure price tag, you need an Audience, Amount, Assets and Authority. The Funnel Business Gameplan teaches all 4 of these topics.

And 2 requirements to selling and closing a $25,000 price tag

The 2 Attributes That Sell A $25,000 Funnel

If you can justify a price, now you need to attract new leads, convert them and close them. Attention and Action are your lead generation and closing stages. Even if you “hate” selling, The Funnel Business Gameplan covers both these areas.

What’s included in The Funnel Business Gameplan 2.0?

Complete start to finish process:

From defining your ideal niche to defining and justifying your prices, The Funnel Business Gameplan takes you step by step through the entire journey. Start with the dream of growing your business, end with a $25,000 customer

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Templates, swipe files, downloads and resources:

Marketing funnel proposal (that’s won over $93 million in sales?) Included. Our pitch deck (that won a $1.2m deal?) You’ve got that too. Pricing structures, outreach emails, hiring guidelines, business model canvas, objections and closes. If you need it, we’ve got it included.

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Questions, answers, support:

If you need help, assistance or clarity we’re here to help. Reach out to our previous students, my team or even me personally. We’re here to grow together and no matter what the question or problem, I’ll guarantee someone else has asked it!

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The Funnel Business Gameplan beginners charge more

Why beginners with zero experience are taking your customers (and doing a bad job) and how to out-smart them

More and more low value, low charging funnel builders are entering the market and it’s only going to get more crowded

If you want to attract better customers, stop competing with the bottom of the barrel and start playing a bigger game.

The Funnel Business Gameplan motivates you to increase your prices, define a profitable niche and close five figure deals.


Emilie Grau

Mike's course is great because he gives tactics and mindset goals. I used to struggle with finding a niche and creating attractive and scalable marketing packages. Not any more!

$93 million proposal template

Plus our award winning pitch template that won a us a 7-figure project

  • Write a killer case study that eliminates doubt
  • Close customers and remove objections
  • Get paid ON THE DAY of the proposal
  • The secret “live proposal” that wins us 95% of business
  • Write proposals in 30 minutes - EASILY
  • Write a killer case study that eliminates doubt
  • Close customers and remove objections
  • Get paid ON THE DAY of the proposal
  • The secret “live proposal” that wins us 95% of business
  • Write proposals in 30 minutes - EASILY

Avoid spending another penny on funnel tools, software and platforms

What makes The Funnel Business Gameplan different from other courses and platforms?

The Funnel Business Gameplan

  • ✔ The only programme on the planet designed to help you sell marketing funnels to customers
  • ✔ Plans and systems to get customers to bankroll for your marketing funnel expenses
  • ✔ Learn how to build the best funnels and solutions for your customers and your business
  • ✔ Backed with years of experience, history and a #1 best selling book
  • ✔ One off payment or payment plan and access for life
  • ✔ Continued lifetime support and updates for all students
  • ✔ Security knowing that this is ALL we do, every day - no compromises

Other courses and platforms

  • ❌ Generic funnel building advice for ecommerce, drop shipping or infoproduct businesses*
  • ❌ Funnel building software or tools that charge $297 per month (with loads of bugs)
  • ❌ “Launch - churn - dump” cycle that leaves broken courses with zero support
  • ❌ Just an entry product to upsell a $10,000 course later
  • ❌ Shoddy SaaS funnel building platform with no support, left to die when the owners decides to leave

Sell Your Services mission is to help 1000 funnel builders sell a project for $25,000 and we won’t stop when we smash that either.

*the only exception to this is the outstanding No Fear Funnels from Mr Dave Foy.


Robert Simmons

The content is killer. I love that everything is able to be rebranded and used with my own clients. seems with that much content the quality would be only so-so, but that's just not the case.

The easiest method to work less, take a holiday AND still make more money

Sounds like bullshit right? And you’d be correct. Most of the methods taught by hype-reneurs is nothing more than second hand knowledge and pure theory.

Instead, we’re going to build a business plan from the ground up that supports your life and goals, while helping you spend less time working of customer projects and working with fewer customers.

  • How to optimise you time to focus on high-level activities
  • The “fake franchise” plan that allows you to hire at scale, without investing thousands up front
  • How to plan your income and pricing to give YOU a salary and guarantee profit
The Funnel Business Gameplan better life

Afraid of customers saying “that’s a lot of money” or “that’s too expensive?”

If you’ve had customers complain about your current price, or if you’re thinking “where do I even find a customer with $25,000?” then stop worrying.

We're going to find clients that have $25,000+ to spend and that want to spend money with you.

The problem right now is that you’re not demonstrating enough that you are their best option.

Remember: you’re not selling them a $25,000 funnel, you’re selling them a $25,000 future.

The truth behind spending $3564 on marketing funnel tools (a year)

Right now, every year most funnel builders spend
$3564 PER CUSTOMER on funnel software
before they’ve even SOLD anything!

That's like starting every project $3500 in debt before you even make a sale.

You need to make at least $3564 per customer, every year, otherwise they become unprofitable. Plus, that doesn’t even take into account your time, your teams time or your overheads.

Starting $3500 in debt when you buy the tools first


What if I could show you how to make every sale more profitable?

You can get customers to pay for your funnel software AND create repeat recurring income into the business while lowering your software and tool subscription costs.

Income and profit when customers pay for the tools

Plus (and this is a big one) buying those templates packs for funnels are a massive MASSIVE waste of time and money. They’re all basically the same and you still have to build them.

The secret about building marketing funnels for clients that ClickFunnels doesn’t want you to know

Have you ever bought a brand new, shiny marketing funnel platform (maybe even bought a lifetime license) excitedly open it up and think “my customers are going to love this!” Then...

Crickets 🦗🦗🦗


Because the tools you buy have absolutely ZERO impact on your ability to sell marketing funnels.

Simple as that. In fact, I’ll go one step further, you don’t need ANY marketing funnel tools to sell marketing funnels.

You don’t need ANY marketing funnel tools to sell marketing funnels


Steve Bentley

I now have much more confidence in my ability to add value to clients through a variety of funnels (content, launch, squeeze, sales, webinar), so my confidence in myself, and my ability to convey my true value, keeps growing.

Mike Killen

#1 sales expert for funnel builders

My name is Mike Killen and I’m the world’s #1 sales expert for funnel builders.

I’m the #1 best-selling author of Five Figure Funnels, From Single To Scale and Universe Fuel.

My mission is to help 1000 funnel builders sell a marketing funnel project for $25,000.

I’ll gladly admit I’m not the best funnel builder on the planet. I’m not even the best funnel builder in my own team!

In fact I wasn’t the best funnel builder when I ran a marketing funnel agency.

Instead, I focused on a hyper-specific niche, followed my 6A framework day-in day-out and landed multiple 5 and 6 figure clients.

Follow me inside The Funnel Business Gameplan is how I did just that.

If you care about your niche, then you can create a funnel business that works for you.

Work less
More revenue
More free time

Selling projects for $25,000 is a fantastic method to building a business that works for you.

And the fastest method of building a business that works for you, is caring about your niche.


Your niche is a problem solved, or result gotten, for a specific group of people with certain characteristics, that no one else wants to serve

Problem solved: the thing that your customers want fixed in their life

Result achieved: the thing that your customers want more of in their life

Specific group: the broad market that your customers belong to

Certain characteristics: success signals and identifiers that separate your niche from the market

If you can identify these core 4 areas for your niche, you’ll have zero problems selling $25,000 funnels because you’ll be selling $25,000 worth of BENEFITS.

Better Than Buying More Software
Start Selling Funnels Now!

The Funnel Business Gameplan online course teaches you how to sell marketing funnels to clients for 5 figures

FINNALLY define a profitable niche that you care about and provides room to scale and grow

Even if you’ve never sold a funnel for more than $1000 (or less), learn what is included in a $25,000 funnel

Guarantee every project to be profitable, pay you a salary and hire people to work for you

Absolute clarity on what you’re delivering to every client, and deliver excellent results every time

Define exactly what you’re selling and avoid the “I’m a marketer” trap

Attract more leads and sales with less work for higher budget customers

Avoid needing a portfolio and create killer content that REALLY shows customers who the expert is

The killer proposal + pitch combo that gets clients to buy sooner and pay you faster

You need a portfolio, right? Wrong!

If you want to sell marketing funnels, you don't need a portfolio and
The Funnel Business Gameplan shows what you do need instead.

  • The complete “authority post” template that generates leads and sales
  • Eliminate the need for portfolios, especially when you’re starting out
  • The exact template and content we used to land our first $25,000 customer (with zero experience)
  • How to kick start your five figure lead generation for free
  • Never be asked for a portfolio again
killer content piece marketing funnel sell funnels

The killer content piece worth $10,000’s that’s FREE to create (plus it helps you sell to customers and is a killer lead generation tool).

Interstellar Way of Life

Andrew Bull

Just finished the funnel game plan course. Brilliant. Inspired and ready to go. Time for a beer...

My Rock Solid “You’ll Love It” Guarantee

I've poured EVERYTHING into this programme and I know you'll love it. But to take ALL the risk off your shoulders, I'll give you 30 days to try the course and if you think it sucks, I'll give you a full refund.

If The Funnel Business Gameplan doesn’t live up to your expectations, or if you think the content sucks, I’ll give you a full 30 days to test it and ask for a full refund.

If you take the full course, test it and still think it’s not up to par, then let me or my team know and we’ll offer you a full refund.

Take the course, trust in the process and do the work. It'll drive MASSIVE results for your business and frankly, if you think it sucks then it's my fault.

30 day refund guarantee

I'm so confident that you'll love this programme, and that it'll be so impactful, that I want to give you every penny of your money back if the quality isn't there.


Choose Your Payment Option And Change Your Business Forever

Absolutely not. While I love WordPress, The Funnel Business Gameplan is not designed around tools and technology. My number 1 concern is making sure that whatever tool you use, you can run a funnel business. While I will recommend tools and technologies to help with some tasks, they're never mandatory.

Not at all. Some of our members use ClickFunnels, some use Lead Pages, Unbounce, Infusionsoft, Marketo or Beaver Builder and more. Whatever tool you want to use, our process is designed to help you get more from it.

We use ActiveCampaign. But The Funnel Business Gameplan training is designed to work with all tools and technologies. We'll work hard to provide the right copy and content or process rather than tell you to use a specific autoresponder. Whatever works for you, works for us (:

If you haven't ever built a funnel, don't worry. We Do have a course designed to show you exactly how to build a marketing funnel using affordable and free tools. The Funnel Business Gameplan is designed for businesses that want to deliver marketing funnels to their customers and we can help you with building funnels for customers, just ask about our Marketing Automation Certification.

We can take credit card via Stripe or via PayPal, whichever is easier for you.

We do have an "open" Facebook group here, available for anyone - not just customers. We also have a private area for coaching members should you wish to join. Honestly, everyone is a member of 9999 groups already and if it’s support you’re after, you’ll be able to get it in the Facebook group here or shoot me an email michael@sellyourservice.co.uk.

You 100% absolutely should change to sell marketing funnels. Even if you have never built a funnel before. We're going to help you position your business as an exciting, valuable and profitable marketing funnel business.

Yep - absolutely. No hidden content or bullshit upsells after your purchase. You get it all, from the start.


Shoot me an email michael@sellyourservice.co.uk and I’ll get back to you. Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. If you think the content sucks (you won’t), I’ll refund every penny.

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