Brand new, unseen training reveals

The 4 simple letters on a scrap of paper that doubled the size of our business to over 6 figures in 9 months

(even if you hate sales and and have zero customers)

The Simple 4 Part Client Framework
The Simple 4 Part Client Framework
Your trainer, Mike Killen
Your trainer, Mike Killen

Here's what you'll learn on the call

Secret 1: Why finding clients might be easier than you think and the one place you’re forgetting to look to find clients that want to work with you

Secret 2: If you’ve got 15 minutes a week this easy fast exercise will show you WHAT you need to focus on next to find new clients

Secret 3: How your email inbox has an entire years marketing plan waiting for you (even if you're brand new) to attract and close new clients

Secret 4: The 4 step process to doubling the size of your business and finding new clients (even if you’re starting from scratch)

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