New Motivation And Productivity Workshop From Mike Killen

New training shows how to get more done every day and enjoy doing it (even if you don't feel like it)

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I guarantee that I can show you how to get more done every day and enjoy doing it.


Do you feel like you could be doing more? Doing more for your family, your community or yourself?


What if Monday's started a high-energy, productive and enjoyable week? Imagine if every day ended with knowing that you did everything you could?


Treading water


Do you ever feel that you're treading water and no mater how hard you swim, you don't even know if you're making progress?


Do you feel like you're without a direction or goal? When people tell you to follow your dreams, you think to yourself “I don't know what my goals are. I don't have a big goal or objective in my life. I'm not driven like those people.”


You're not the only one


I've got news for you. You're not the only person feeling this.


We can't put a finger on it, but we know it doesn't work. But there's no guidance on how to dig yourself out of the rut.


You feel unproductive, but at the same time you don't know how to even find a goal that you want to work towards.


Consume or create


Unhappy people consume and believe that they're a victim of circumstances. Happy people create and share more than unhappy people. They also know they're 100% responsible for their lives.


That's what we're going to fix today, right now. We're going to claim responsibility for our own lives and carve a future that we want.


It won't always be easy


First, if we're going to do more every day and enjoy doing it, we have to know that it won't always be easy.


Once you know your goal, your destination (don't worry we'll get to that), we have to take those first steps. The first gym visit, the first run, the first blog post - that's the easy bit.


Even if it's uncomfortable, we dig deep and we take those first steps. The hard part comes when we need to keep that momentum up.


It's easy to do something when you _want_ to do it, that's called motivation. But motivation fades and then come the times that we DON'T want to do things. Doing something when you don't want to do it - that's discipline.


Moral obligations


How do we get over that hump of un-motivation? Moral obligations.


It's about moral obligation. A deeper desire than YOUR own desires, it's about knowing its for the betterment of everyone around you.


It's about knowing how this will affect your family, your friends, your parents, your church, your community, your customers, your staff, your colleagues.


The distractions


When was the last time you worked solid for more than 45 minutes? When was the last time you focused on a task so intently, that nothing could pull you away?


There are mountains of distractions around us. Facebook, texts, tweets, customers, calls, emails, noise outside. Netflix, Amazon, Wikipedia. Hell, most of us can't even watch TV without checking our phones.


It's only going to get worse too. As advertisers and media businesses find more ways to attract our attention, we'll have to work harder to keep our own attention on our own tasks.


Does this sound familiar?


Every single thing that distracts you from DOING what you need to do, is an excuse. When your moral obligation is strong enough, nothing can detract you from achieving your goals.


As the intensity of advertising, distractions and notifications gets stronger, the gulf between those that can and can't focus will get wider.


The results, goals and achievements of those individuals that can focus and ignore all distractions (no matter how loud), will begin to outweigh the collective achievements of entire groups of people.


Which do you want to be?


Stay where you are


On top of all that, when it's clear you want a different life and a better life, your old life will do everything it can to keep you where you are.


The universe LOVES change and challenge, but _people_ don't. The first group to tell you to “stay where you are. Be happy with what you've got. Wind your neck in” are the same group you're trying to leave.


For some people, this break is too hard. They'll spend the rest of their lives in servitude to the emotions and directions of others. Never knowing if they could have gone all the way.


Get More Done Every Day And Enjoy Doing It


I want to share the 3 part audio workshop, with worksheets, that will teach you to get more done every day and enjoy doing it.


25 and broke


When I was 25 I was made redundant from my cushy, well paying marketing job. I lost a house, car, credit rating and friends. I was in debt, had no assets and of course I blamed EVERYTHING on everyone else.


Anything and anyone else was to blame. When I started my business, I was still in denial about WHO was responsible. I couldn't seem to get any traction.


Then I had a rude awakening. It became painfully obvious that EVERYTHING in my life was a direct result of what I had done.


I had everything I deserved


I was taking, eating, consuming and using way more than I was producing. As soon as I started understanding the moral obligation that I had, to create, share and build for other people, I was rewarded.


Within 2 short years I was traveling the world being paid to speak. I sold my business at 29 and secured book deals and created best selling courses. All, from understanding what my moral obligations are.


I'm teaching you the entire process I used to build my destinations, goals, daily task lists and HOW I get so much done. I've got the exact worksheets that I use and I'll help you take all the time you need to build a productivity plan that suits you.


Here's what you're getting

  • You're going to have more time with your family, more time for hobbies, fitness and anything else that's important to you. Even though you'll be doing LESS every day! Workshop 2 - exercise 2

  • You'll be taking care of your tasks, objectives and priorities with time to spare. Stop rushing from task to task and forgetting to take care of YOUR important goals. Workshop 2 - exercise 9.

  • Gladly pay your bills and invoices with the money you're earning, knowing that you'll earn more shortly. Have plenty of time to take care of paperwork and stop drowning in emails. Workshop 3 - exercise 2.

  • Clear goals that you truly connect with, rather than just going through the motions every day. Workshop 1 - exercise 3.

  • Get past the “motivation hump” that stops incredible things happening. Workshop 3 - exercise 6.

  • Listen in the car, at home, with headphones, with other people or by yourself. This is YOUR workshop and you can do it however you want. 3 audio MP3s to download with printable worksheets.

  • Discover the secret to writing goals that NO-ONE teaches and that helps you recognise real opportunities when they arrive. Workshop 3 - exercise 1, 7 and 8.

  • Discover the secret to writing goals that NO-ONE teaches and that helps you recognise real opportunities when they arrive. Workshop 3 - exercise 1, 7 and 8.

  • Understand what's important to you and have a clear idea in mind when you wake up every day. Get more done this year than in the past 5 (or more). Workshop 1 - exercise 5.

  • Easier than ever to prioritise your tasks and never have to deal with “me first” syndrome from other people. Workshop 1 - exercise 7.

  • Become richer, happier and healthier by sharing more and taking 100% responsibility for your life. Workshop 3 - exercise 1.

  • Become the person you know you can be, even if it's hard work and make your goals a HABIT rather than a difficult task. Workshop 1 - exercise 8.

What's included


This audio workshop program is a 3 part MP3 series with accompanying exercises and worksheets.


You can listen in the privacy of your own home or in the car or with your headphones. We know families who have run group sessions and businesses that have taken the program together. It's totally up to you how you run this program.


Each audio workshop runs for around an hour. However, each exercise will take longer. I recommend taking a couple of hours per workshop if you're sitting down and working through each exercise. Some of the exercises take a little thought!

Workshop 1 - Goal Setting


In this workshop we're going to learn how to completely change the direction of your life. By setting goals the right way, we can create a roadmap to wherever we want to go.


What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What do you want to see, have, eat, be? Who do you want to meet, work with and help?


Exercise 1. Setting the right mindset
Exercise 2. Looking back first
Exercise 3. The next 10 years
Exercise 4. Timescales planning
Exercise 5. Underestimate a lifetime, overestimate a year
Exercise 6. Prioritising
Exercise 7. The WHY before the HOW
Exercise 8. The person you'll become


Workshop 2 - Productivity


In this workshop we're going to create a productivity plan and understand why we're not productive


Procrastination can be cured.
Motivation vs discipline.
Productive is doing what needs to be done, not busy work.
Productivity comes from momentum.


Exercise 1. Visualising your goals
Exercise 2. Component tasks
Exercise 3. Breaking down the mountain
Exercise 4. Daily tasks
Exercise 5. Doing something TODAY
Exercise 6. Continuing productivity
Exercise 7. Repeating productivity
Exercise 8. Creating habits
Exercise 9. Time management
Exercise 10. The first and last moment


Workshop 3 - Beating motivation


In this workshop we're going to beat motivation and build a plan for getting up early, going to bed late and sticking to our plans.


Excitement is at an all time high after you complete a course or event, it stays high for a few days but falls down after a week when it gets hard.

Trough of despair.
Hard to stick to a plan.
New exciting ideas and opportunities come.


Exercise 1. How to write goals (properly)
Exercise 2. Your moral obligations
Exercise 3. The wider impact
Exercise 4. Who suffers?
Exercise 5. The reasons for your reasons
Exercise 6. Re-writing goals
Exercise 7. First thing's first
Exercise 8. Last thing's last
Exercise 9. Attracting results


This 3 part audio workshop, with over 3 hours of MP3 content and worksheets, will help you do more every day and enjoy doing it. You'll learn how to set goals (forever and always be able to), you'll learn how to build a productive schedule to achieve those goals AND you'll discover how to motivate yourself to accomplishing more.

Written version


But that's not all you're getting. It's important to me that people COMPLETE this training. Which is why I'm also giving you the accompanying written version of these workshops.


People have different learning styles and I know what works for me, might not work for you. I know some people like to read along with the audio. Some people like to listen and then read over the material later.


Just for buying our workshop series today, you'll get access to the entire workshop transcript, free of charge.


Absolutely no risk


Here's the deal. I have absolute faith that this will be the most valuable goals, productivity and motivation workshop series you could ever buy.


I've put everything I know about goals, motivation and productivity into it. If you think it sucks, I'll give you every single penny of your $47 investment back PLUS you'll get to keep all the materials.


We talked earlier about moral obligations and understanding a cause deeper than your own. I truly believe that my moral obligation is to help as many people and businesses as I can.

Get access today


So sign up today and get instant access to the 3 most powerful audio workshops you've ever owned. Complete with worksheets AND transcript of all 3 worksheets.


It's a one off cost of $47 and you have 60 days to ask for a refund (not that you'll want to). I'm taking the risk here because I want you to start getting results.

My moral obligation to the world is to help people earn all they can earn, so they can contribute more to the world. 


You get lifetime access, there's no subscription and you can use these workshops over and over.


Here's a little bonus tip for you. Listen to the audio at 1.5x - 2x speed the first time and get to know the material. Then block out 3 sessions to really work through the workshops and exercises and see your results come to life.


It's your choice


I believe this coaching program to be the most valuable, non-marketing program I've ever produced. But the choice is yours.


We are what we do every day. The results we get, the things we have, the experiences we see and feel and the money we earn is a direct result of what we're putting into the world.


Those that don't change what they're doing every day, will never change what they get every day.


If you want a better tomorrow, you've got to start changing today. The good news is that this can be done NOW if you invest in these audio workshops.


You can do this


I'm excited to start working with you on this and I can't wait to see what results you produce!


Let's become one of those awful, productive, motivated and focused people, who other people are envious of your goals, work ethic and motivation (:


You can do this. Let's do it.



P.s. if you're like me and skipped to the end, here's the skinny.


3 audio workshop MP3s with over 3 hours of recorded content (the workshop sessions are longer depending on your timescale) with worksheets. You'll get a written version of the workshops and lifetime access for the one time payment of $47.


60 day refund policy, no questions asked. Start doing more every day and enjoy doing it. Goals, motivation and productivity workshops for you and your business.