27 emails in 30 days made my customer $100 000

I want to give you the exact funnel plan that I used.

Marketing funnels have a lot of moving pieces. When do you send each email? Is there a difference between current customers and new leads? What do the emails contain?

Every traffic source, every landing page and every email needs to be planned out.

Here’s the funny thing though. Once I built one of these funnels, the only thing that changed was the content. The copy and text we’re the only things that changed (and even then, it didn’t change too much).

Customers expect more from websites now. You can’t just slap up a couple of pages and a blog (that never has any posts in it). What you need to do is plan out a path and journey for leads and customers.

Email marketing works

Email marketing is still crazy effective and by delivering relevant and helpful content and products to customers, you increase sales conversions.

On top of all that, each decision that a lead can make inside a marketing funnel changes what they get next.

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Mike Killen - SellYourService

My name is Mike Killen and you probably found this page by listening to the excellent Lee Jackson’s podcast. Most recently, I helped a customer rack in over $100 000 in sales from using marketing automation, a cheap WordPress site and a few emails.

I want to give you that plan, absolutely for free.

-Every single step, page and email and when they’re sent
-Downloadable PDF with the names and instructions for each stage
-Never have to struggle to plan a marketing funnel again
-Become a marketing funnel rockstar and plug this into your current WordPress site
-Use this exact plan for your customer’s marketing funnels
-The exact email marketing workflow for customers and leads (they’re different)

“I use this plan over and over whenever I need to start designing a new funnel. It tells me what traffic I need to use, where to direct visitors and what happens when someone signs up (or if they’re already a customer).”