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You need blog posts for traffic, you need lead magnets for list growth, you need emails for email marketing automation and you need splinter products for sales. We've done them all for you.

Your Marketing Funnel In A Box

Attract more traffic, convert more leads, generate more sales

Everything you need to attract more traffic

Sitting down and writing content from scratch is hard work. But we’ve got 5 epic, long form, high quality blog posts (with fill in the blanks and a template for you to customise).

One post on traffic, one on SEO, one on social, one on email marketing and one on content creation.

Imagine being able to re-write 5 posts in a day and know you can just send traffic to those posts CONFIDENT that traffic will convert to leads. Why? Because we wrote the conversion copy and we’ve given you 3 lead magnets.

Convert and capture more leads

Your business is leaving money on the table when all the traffic to your site doesn’t convert to a lead. You need an irresistible, specific offer over-loaded with value that you can give away in exchange for an email address.
That’s why we’ve got 3 lead magnets available for you to offer at the end of each blog post. We’ve even written the thank you page and landing page copy.

What if you knew that after uploading and promoting your blog posts, the lead magnets were already taken care of? That there was enough variety in the lead magnets so they could be specific to a number of posts? That's what is included in our Marketing Funnel In A Box.

Generate more sales on automation

Turning email address leads into a sale is the hardest part of growing a business. Particularly if you have to manually write each email, introducing yourself and moving towards a sales letter. Even then, what could you sell to get your first conversions?

That’s where our splinter product “The Website Sales Course” is perfect to sell to your customers on automation. We’ve written the sales letter, the delivery page and all the parts of the course for you to create a product that you can sell.
If you generated sales, totally on automation, after signing up any kind of lead, what would that mean to your business? We’ve got all the emails, the product and the pages set up to start your business finding revenue and customers on automation.

Grow a marketing funnel business

You can’t just throw a load of landing pages, emails and blog posts onto a website and expect it to all function perfectly. So many funnel businesses make the mistake of assuming it’ll all work fine and get results.
We’ve got an entire walkthrough for you to check over and implement on your website. The best part? This entire marketing funnel works on ANY website.

How about you stop wasting time trying to figure all this out, and instead you let me walk you through how to start getting more traffic, converting more leads and generating more sales.

Want your content today? Get yours here for $997

Everything you're getting and where most people go wrong.

5 blog posts all white labelled

SEO, social media, content creation, websites and email marketing. All over 1000 words of quality written content. Worried about duplicate content? No need, it’s all white-labelled and we talk you through how to put your spin on it. Check out our FAQ’s below for more.

3 lead magnets

3 lead magnet giveaways to offer to traffic in exchange for an email address. Relevant to your new blog posts and with content upgrade copy written to increase conversions.

Landing and sales pages

Rather drive traffic to a landing page or sales page? Are you one of the cool cats into remarketing? We’ve got all the landing and sales page copy ready for you to drop into a landing page that you build.

Thank you page copy

THE single more underutilized page in websites is the thank you page. It’s where you track conversions, test legitimate email addresses and have a chance to instantly upsell to your splinter product. We’ve written the thank you copy for each splinter product.

Email marketing and sales copy

Now we’re getting serious. We’ve written every email (8 in total) that moves from welcome to sales in order to start making sales on automation. All white-labelled and ready to insert into your email program of choice.

Complete splinter product course

Finally, we’ve created an entire course for you to turn into a splinter product that you can start selling to your leads and customers. Every slide, each template, cheat sheet and the delivery page all written for you to turn into YOUR product.

Want your content today? Get yours here for $997


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More traffic. More leads. More sales.

All from building your own marketing funnel for your funnel business.

  • 5 high quality blog posts that help you get more traffic.
  • 3 epic lead magnets that help you capture more leads.
  • 1 killer splinter product for you to sell to your leads and customers.
  • The thank you page copy to confirm and upsell on automation.
  • Landing page copy for remarketing and paid landing page traffic.
  • Marketing, delivery and sales emails copy so you can sell on automation.
  • Walkthrough tutorial showing you how to put it all together.
  • Stop wasting time figuring out what works and start BUILDING a sales automation system.
  • LIFETIME access for just one payment. Everything we've talked about above.
  • 60 day, no nonsense, money back guarantee. Think it isn't worth it? Get a refund.
  • All white labelled to prevent duplicate content and impacting SEO.
  • Written and sold by Mike Killen, a real person at the end of an email address (:

Your Funnel Business Is Ready To Start Using A Marketing Funnel.

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Want your content today? Get yours here for $997