To top this all off, customers will never buy marketing funnels. And those that do, will hammer you on price.

No one in history has ever bought a bed. No one has ever bought a surfboard, insurance or a marketing funnel. Those are just the vehicles to a better life and a better future.

Growing a marketing funnel business means understanding the reasons why people buy funnels. It therefor means you need to understand why people do anything.

Why people buy

This is where most funnel builders will struggle. And if you can understand this secret, you'll be in the top 1% of all funnel builders on the planet.

Even if someone has a clear and obvious need, something the MUST get fixed, and you know that a marketing funnel will solve that problem, they won't buy a marketing funnel.

If a customer has the worlds most awesome product and a real opportunity to sell as many of them as they want, they still won't buy a marketing funnel.

Even if you can see the massive money making opportunity in front of them and you do everything you can to convince them that a funnel will solve their problems, they still won't buy from you.


Want vs. need.

Want vs. need

What customers want and what they need are two totally different sides of an argument. Customers will only ever buy what they want. If they need it as well, great! But you can't sell something that people don't want.

Here's the kicker. Customer's don't want a marketing funnel. They don't want landing pages, email automation, analytics or Facebook ads. What customers want, is a better future.

When people buy a car, why would anyone choose something other than the cheapest option? If we had a range of customers, with varying budgets and they all want a car, why wouldn't they all just buy the same one.

They need a car and they need to get from A to B. So why does someone choose a $2000 second hand car and someone else buy a $120 000 electric car?

Is it because one is second hand and one is electric? Almost certainly not. Because a budget conscious customer doesn't care if it's electric. So that can't justify the price.

People buy status

What about the brand of car. Or the size? Number of seats, fuel efficiency and top speed? Again, none of these are reasons people buy. We think they are, and we use them to explain why we bought the car to our friends and family.

But these features are not the reason we buy a car. Features are a useful method of justifying our decisions after they happen. But they are not the driving force behind why someone buys a car.

Here are some reasons why people have bought cars. It's not exhaustive and it doesn't even have to be for different cars. Our internal decision maker might make us buy a car we want, for the exact opposite reason someone buys the exact same model.

  • I want the admiration and respect of my Father so I choose a brand of car that he admires
  • I want my children to be safe in the event of a crash
  • I want my kids' friends and their parents to think I'm successful and rich when I drop them off at school
  • I want more women to find me attractive and to boost my confidence
  • I work hard for my money and I want to relax on my way to work because I deserve to
  • I want to live out a childhood fantasy of racing down to the beach with the roof down because I once saw a guy do that and he looked happy
  • I feel sick when I see birds drowning in oil and want something that helps me feel that I'm a good person
  • I want people to be impressed with the latest technology that I buy so they think I'm successful and an early adopter
  • I want to feel safe with my money and know where every penny is going

Here's what's insane. Some of these seem selfish, even narcissistic. But they are all reasons that people have bought a car. And yes, they are selfish because human beings are selfish. Some of these are so vain that people wouldn't even admit it to someone if they guessed.

Vanity thy name is Tesla

Some of them are reasons that people wouldn't even admit to themselves. Some of these aren't even life long wants, they might be impulses from the last day.

These emotions, futures and imagined lives are all that we have to sell. People don't buy beds, they buy a comfortable night's sleep and energy for the day. They buy a shared experience with their partner, when moving to a new home, to signify a commitment.

People don't buy surfboards. They buy a status symbol that affects how others see them. They buy freedom. Sounds like some hippy shit, but that is what people buy.

I want happy

Your marketing funnel business is exactly the same, but do NOT fall into the trap of thinking everyone want's more money. If you tell people that you'll help them generate more money, you're not separating yourself from everyone else.

Think of it like this. Would your competition say the opposite or disagree with you, if you told people what you can get them? That's when you've got something that people want.

“I want more money”, well yes, we all want more money. But WHY do you want more money?

  • I want to take my family away on holidays so I don't feel guilty spending time away from them
  • I want to hire more people so I feel like a real business
  • I want to spend less time doing admin work and more time networking
  • I want more fame and recognition in my industry
  • I want to feel safe financially and to pay the bills easily every month

Some people genuinely don't want more money. In fact, deep down most people don't want money. They want time, freedom, respect, status, a clean conscience. Or they want wider goals, deeper goals that affect people.

They want free education for every child. They want clean water across the world. They want world peace.

Sounds insane, but people with a crazy idea and the drive to do it, often make incredible customers.

Can you help?

When we stop confusing what we deliver, with what people want, we begin to separate ourselves from the pack. Every other funnel builder can scramble for customers that want a funnel, or a website like any other commodity. But we're helping people realise their dreams and best lives.

It is absolutely not too much to say that your funnels can help people live their best life. We don't have to solve world hunger, we don't have to solve 3rd world debt or modern slavery.

We can say to entrepreneurs and business owners, “I know you want to spend more time working out. I know you want to spend more time abroad. I know you want to buy that nice car, because you feel you deserve it, I can help you do that”.

Here's what's so powerful about that approach. As soon as you start to position your business as a vehicle to a better future, you're forgetting about the tools and processes.

This is the first step to letting other people and systems deliver the results, while you continue to find solutions to your customer's problems.

And that's why we're here. To talk about solutions. Because the solution to every problem we've talked about is remarkably simple. I know, because I've done it. Let me lay it out for you here.

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