What would a $25 000 marketing funnel project do for your business?

What if I told you, it's possible to grow a 6 figure business without EVER buying another app or tool?

What if I gave you the confidence and ability to attract, sell and close a $25000 funnel customer?

You are allowed to charge $25000 for a marketing funnel.

When you look at your marking funnel business, is it where you want it to be?

When was the last time that you took time off work? Or spent the afternoon with your family? Do you have hobbies that you're ignoring because you don't have the time or money?

You know that if you take time off, it costs you TWICE as much. Because not only do you not get paid when you're not working, but you also need to spend money on the vacation or time away.

Does it ever feel that the world of automation, social marketing and mobile working is really just a series of links, chaining you to your laptop?

You're working every hour you can, but you never seem to have anything left in the bank account. Every week it seems like there are more tools and platforms that you have to “invest in”, in order to just do your work.

And worst of all, no matter how many plugin licenses and lifetime deals you buy, customers still aren't interested in working with you. Despite your ability to add thousands of dollars of value to their business, they still hammer you for discounts or worse still - never return your emails.

A new marketing funnel business

I want you to imagine a totally different kind of funnel business. A marketing funnel business that you own, and run. But you don't need to deliver the work.

I know, it sounds crazy. Almost impossible. And those hype-celebrity business experts all over Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have over sold the “passive income, make millions overnight” dream.

But our dream is different. Our dream isn't millions overnight or passive income. I want you to imagine a funnel business where you're getting amazing results for clients, customers admire you and they respect the work you're doing.

Your kids and family and friends can visibly see how successful you are. Even though you're not spending thousands on sports cars.

6 figure funnel business

You've created a 6 figure funnel business, and you can take time off work. You can attract so many clients, that you're having to turn away projects. Even better, you now have the confidence and ability to sell and close 5 figure deals.

What would a $25 000 marketing funnel project do for your business? What if you could attract 10 a year? That's fewer than one a month. And remember, you're not delivering the work. Your job is to make sure that customers get amazing, powerful results, while other people and systems deliver the work.

Logistics funnels

Think about a transportation business. A logistics company with one promise to their customers “we deliver massive, bulky items, anywhere in the world, in less than 48 hours.”

Imagine you're a home owner who has had a terrible experience trying to transport a new underground oil tank to your home. It took ages, the delivery service was a mess, no one knew what was going on. It was headache after headache. When it finally DID arrive (3 days late), the delivery driver was surly and just left it at your door.

You were going to use that oil tank to keep your house warm and heated, because you live in the middle of nowhere. The old one was badly damaged after a severe storm and you know that there's lots of snow on the way. This isn't about transportation, it's about keeping your family safe and warm.

Life saver

So you decide that transporting large, bulky items across the world in 48 hours is not only vital, it's potentially life saving.

It's a big promise isn't it? It's also a huge problem that someone has to solve. If someone needs large, bulky items delivered in under 48 hours, we've found a customer!

This happened to a family member of mine. They needed an oil tank for their farm house and it was a nightmare. Problem after problem, until another business took over. The oil tanker had to be made in Germany and shipped over to England.

It was a unique design because the house is over 500 years old! It had to be partially buried and linked to the new electrical grid. The first logistics company was unorganised, and inexperienced with this particular type of shipment. It caused delay after delay and as I mentioned, it happened just as winter started.

He was already pretty bald

Tearing his hair out, my family member cancelled the first shipping company and called the second. It was like a new oxygen tank when you're running out of air.

“Hello Mr. H. I understand you're looking to transport a delicate, large oil tank. Is that right? We can get it there by Friday” (it was Wednesday).

Imagine the relief he felt as not only they understood his problem, they were empathetic to his needs and they were experienced enough to handle the problem. PLUS - they did exactly as they promised.

Now let me ask you. Was it the owner of the business who took the phone call? Was it the owner who loaded the oil tank? Or collected it? Or delivered it?

Was it the owner who drove the truck, unloaded it and waited until the installation team came?

Bezos doesn't deliver

No. The owner made the promise of “delivering massive, bulky items, anywhere in the world, in less than 48 hours.”

Was the customer concerned about costs or price? No! They wanted that item delivered NOW as it was a matter of importance. Time was running out!

As the owner of the business, would it make more sense for you to drive the truck, load it onto the boat or plane and deliver it to the customer? Of course not! You could literally only do one customer every few days. Including travel there and back, it might be as little as one a week.

But what if you found a way for someone else to drive the truck? Or three people to drive three trucks? And one person to take care of the shipping? What if every time someone needs their large, bulky item shipped, you have the exact system to deliver their shipment in a fast, safe and friendly manner.

Even better, you can take time away from the business. As word spreads, you're becoming known for this very specific form of logistics. You set up management and delivery systems to continue operations while you're away.

I know exactly what you're thinking. “But Mike, I don't want to hire team members and staff. I want to stay small!”

I absolutely, totally understand how you feel. I know hundreds of funnel businesses that felt the same way and they managed to scale BUT still stay small. Here's what we've found.

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