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  • Ep. 18 How the world’s best online course brands, build their brand September 18, 2017
    This week, we’re gonna be pulling back the curtain on exactly what you have to do to build an epic brand for your business. Most people think that choosing a few colours they like, randomly selecting a Google font from the millions out there, knocking up a logo in Paint and Shutterstocking some images gets […]
  • Ep 17. The top email automation apps September 11, 2017
    This week we’re going to take a look at the hundreds of available email autoresponder programs out there. Typically, when we want to start emailing people, building a list, using email automation and making sales on automation - we start with an autoresponder. Tools MailChimp - free automation, ecommerce focused, great pro analytics ActiveCampaign - […]
  • Ep. 16 The best online course platforms September 4, 2017
    This week, we’re talking about online course platforms - what are they? what choices do you have? and which one should you be using. Standalone platforms teachable - 3million students, 7,500 instructors thinkific - 35,000 instructors - no tech or design skills needed - free plans with commission basis ruzuku - great for help in […]
  • Ep. 15 Build trust with customers August 28, 2017
    This week, we’re talking about trust! one of the most vital aspects of business. How can you make your audience trust you more and what will it do for your business? Trust is all about relationships. Relationships are all about emotional connection. Emotional connection is all about understanding. How do you create understanding? your story […]
  • Ep. 14 Professionalism August 21, 2017
    This week we’re talking about professionalism - what does it actually mean and how can you boost yours? A lot of people think being professional is being formal - suits, ties, meetings, schedules etc. It’s none of these. Some of the bullshit we’ve seen… be on time avoid office politics dress professionally always follow company […]
  • Ep. 13 Being memorable August 14, 2017
    Join James and Mike talk about how to be memorable. How do we get repeat business and have others spread the word about who you are and what you have?
  • Ep. 12 Respect yourself and others respect you August 7, 2017
    How do we work on more projects that you enjoy? If you want people to see the value in what you offer, you have to build trust and authority. We going to do that by respecting ourselves and commanding respect.
  • Ep. 11 Building the tribe July 31, 2017
    Join James and Mike as we talk about cheap word of mouth/affiliate sales. Increasing authority and raising your status through word of mouth automation. You have to build a tribe in order to build subscribers, leads and customers. Links: The Content Machine - Dan Norris
  • Ep. 10 Confidence and pride July 24, 2017
    Join James and Mike talk about motivation to promote and get your business out there. Why is it some people are happy to talk about your business and others aren’t? Without confidence and pride, you won’t get exposure. If you don’t talk about it - no one else will know about it and why would […]
  • Ep. 09 Expanding the number of products you sell July 17, 2017
    Join James and Mike as they talk through how to expand the number of products you sell. If you want more revenue streams, increased revenue and more sales per customer, you need to expand the number of products you sell. Links: Traction - Gabriel WeinbergThe Psychology Of Price - Leigh Caldwell