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  • EP 69 - 5 different types of lead magnet to offer September 17, 2018
    E-books are great…they’re…fine. But the aren’t the best lead magnets to offer on a website. In this episode I’m going to show you 5 different types of lead magnets, with examples, that you can offer.
  • EP 68 - Creating your first piece of content September 10, 2018
    In this podcast we’re going to help create your first piece of content. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, whatever you want to create.
  • EP 67 - Find hidden sales and revenue with our 5×5 challenge September 3, 2018
    In this episode I’m going to show you how to find hidden sales and revenue that you’re missing out on, just by using a 5×5 grid
  • EP 66 - The perfect hypothetical funnel business August 27, 2018
    In this episode we’re going to go through the perfect, hypotheical funnel business that drives customers, creates sales and attracts a great income.
  • EP 65 - Your business will succeed if it does this August 20, 2018
    What does it take to succeed? It’s not as complicated as it might sound and only relies on doing something over and over. In this episode we’re going to uncover what makes your business succeed.
  • EP 64 - Your motivation is the niche August 13, 2018
    If you’re struggling to motivate yourself through the day, and longer term, you need to think about the niche you’re serving. In this episode we’re going to explore the fundamental reason that some people are crazy motivated and some people aren’t.
  • Ep 63 - Debt isn’t the problem August 6, 2018
    In this episode we are going to talk about debt and bills and why those things aren’t the problem. I believe that income is the problem, not the amount of debt you have. Rather than trying to shrink out of debt by reducing your expenses, you should try to grow out of debt by increasing […]
  • EP 62 - Daniel Priestley: Becoming a key person of influence July 30, 2018
    Last month Daniel Priestley was kind enough to jump on a call with me and talk through his process of becoming a key person of influence.   If you’re a funnel builder that want’s to position yourself as an expert authority in your market, you need to watch this interview. Written version:…   Transcript:
  • EP 61 - You can’t reach an agreement if you disagree July 23, 2018
    If a customer disagrees with you, you’re also disagreeing with the customer. the phrase the customer is always right, means that even if you are technically correct, the customer always see themselves as right. in this episode we’re going to talk about reaching agreements, even if the customer disagrees.
  • EP 60 - If I gave you a niche it wouldn’t be profitable July 16, 2018
    I’m always being asked about what niche I should go into. THe truth is that if I gave you a niche, it wouldn’t be profitable. You must go after a market and problem that you’re passionate about. The profit in a niche isn’t in the market or audience, it’s in the long term value and […]