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  • Sp 03/06 No one ever got rich doing client work November 12, 2018
  • Sp 02/06 You Are Killing Yourself And Your Business November 6, 2018
    In this episode we're going to talk about the massive roadblock standing in your way of profit, scale and growth!Serve more customers than EVER while working LESSGrow your maximum earning potentialAttract and generate scalable income for the latest version for free worksheets and resources from the book    
  • Sp 01/06 How To Scale Your Single Person Business October 29, 2018
    In this episode we're going to talk about scaling your business if you're a single person, entrepreneur or micro business Spend less time at the office Increase your revenue per day/month Create scalable, predictable income Spend more time with family for the latest for free worksheets and resources from the book
  • Ep 72 Why Twitter and most businesses won't survive the next 3 years October 15, 2018
    2008 saw the worst financial crash in history and yet billions are still poured into businesses that have the same bubble. In this episode we're talking about the financial impact that a market correction has on a business and what you can do to stop it affecting you.
  • EP 72 - How to scale your business. Interview with Sean Mize October 8, 2018
    In this episode I'm interviewing Sean Mize from Sean is a long time coach and mentor of mine. His primary area of expertise is helping businesses create coaching programs. In this interview Sean is going to help us create a scalable product from the work that we do over and over with customers. Also, […]
  • EP71 - 6 steps to asking the customer for the budget and getting an answer every time October 2, 2018
    In this episode, which was originally published as a video on YouTube, we're going to explore the 6 step process to asking for the budget from your customers. Even if you're not a funnel builder, if you sell products and services to your customers, you need to understand their budget.
  • EP 70 - The top 5 books on money all businesses should read September 24, 2018
    In this episode we're going to talk through the top 5 books that I believe all businesses should read. Money is a big deal. More important than subscribers or exposure or my hair. It's also something that many funnel business completely fail to educate themselves on. We have a plan for our time, life, funnels, […]
  • EP 69 - 5 different types of lead magnet to offer September 17, 2018
    E-books are great...they're...fine. But the aren't the best lead magnets to offer on a website. In this episode I'm going to show you 5 different types of lead magnets, with examples, that you can offer.
  • EP 68 - Creating your first piece of content September 10, 2018
    In this podcast we're going to help create your first piece of content. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, whatever you want to create.
  • EP 67 - Find hidden sales and revenue with our 5x5 challenge September 3, 2018
    In this episode I'm going to show you how to find hidden sales and revenue that you're missing out on, just by using a 5x5 grid