New underground framework helps you create infinitely scalable products for your marketing service agency that customers want to buy (even if you've never built a product before)

Introducing The Product Creation Workshop. Take your most powerful marketing service and convert it into a profitable, scalable product that you can sell over and over without you having to deliver the work to the customer.

  • See sales and income roll through your account, while you're working on your business, creating other products or even having a drink

  • Quickly create products that sell and deliver outstanding results to the customer without you having to lift a finger

  • Start charging higher prices for your current services because you have a suite of products that prove you're an expert

  • Waking up to new sales from prospects who are proving that they're interested in working with you

  • Never worry about traffic costs, hosting and monthly expenses because you have products that pay for all those services

  • Feel confident about charging higher prices and turning away low value work because you have products that generate more of your income...

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

You CAN with creating products.

Because successful businesses have experts like you at the helm, but they're only seen as experts when they have a suite of products. One product doesn't make money just like one service doesn't.

But a suite of products combined with your service offering will catapult you past your competition.

That's why you're going to love Product Creation Workshop.

Meaning you can generate more income per day without increasing how many hours you work.

Want to increase your prices?

When you have a suite of products your customers see you as the expert and you'll feel more confident about increasing prices because you have the power to talk away, knowing that your income isn't as affected because you have other products being sold 24/7 at scale

Looking to scale your service business?

Use the 7x7x5 Product Framework to create over 35 products with steps, worksheets, questions, guides and insights that take all your knowledge and sell it for a great price WITHOUT you having to meet the customer

As long as you have a voice recorder and an internet connection you can create unlimited scalable, profitable and desirable products that sell over and over and over.

No expensive software, no apps or staff needed. Just one afternoon and you could have you first product ready to sell, generating you income for years to come.

The Product Creation Workshop Creates Killer Products For Your Marketing Business Even If You've Never Built A Product Before.

The Product Creation Workshop works for all marketing service businesses in all niches and get's all your knowledge, expertise and experience into one place that you can sell over and over.

If You Can Speak Into A Phone, You Can Create Fast, Profitable Products.

It's so incredibly easy to use, that even if you don't know right now what your product would be about, it'll help you build something valuable and profitable.

Creating products now couldn't be easier than ever.

  • 1 Read through the Prodcuct Creation Guide
  • 2 Use our included worksheets to build the product
  • 3 Grab your phone, use our free transcription app and talk!

The Product Creation Workshop Creates Killer Products For Your Marketing Business Even If You've Never Built A Product Before.

WITH The Product Creation Workshop, YOU'LL GET:

  • The exact same simple 7x7x5 framework that Dave Navarro, Troy Dean, Daniel Priestley, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Miles Beckler and hundreds more have used to create products that generate them income for YEARS to come
  • The 3 part "testing formula" that checks if your product will be profitable, popular and powerful for your audience before you've even built it
  • Downloadable 22 page report with complete step-by-step guide for the whole process
  • How to get your audio transcribed for FREE over and over without spending a cent on expensive transcription services
  • Complete worksheet series to get your ideas on paper, choose the best ones and build a product before your eyes
  • Killer 35 point product script that lets you just talk to your phone and create a scalable product in minutes, not days
  • My low key, super easy sales process for selling the product over and over without constant sales campaigns
  • The exact sales tools I use that make taking payments easy, fast and without having to invest thousands in a new platform
  • How to generate 35 additional product ideas just from talking about 7 things you're good at (and how to turn each one into a product)
  • 8 product launch email templates that you can use to sell your products to customers and leads on auto-pilot

But that's not all...

Try Product Creation Workshop, and you'll also receive a special bonus!

FREE $197 training on promoting and selling a product. Get the exact script and sales letter template that I use to sell my products easily and effectively - tested over hundreds of products.

If you created 3 products this week that sold for $50 each

and you generated just 3 sales a week, that would bring you $150 a week, or $7800 a year in scalable, repeatable income.

Product Creation Workshop
"Serious Product Creators Only" Rate : $47

Buy The Product Creation Workshop today and create your first product within a single afternoon

And of course, if you think this SUCKS I'll refund every penny.

I'll level with you. Creating scalable products for my marketing service agency, before I built funnels, helped me generate hundreds of dollars a week and thousands a year.

I wasn't special or particularly gifted. I certainly didn't think I had anything new to offer. But just creating these products over time has built multiple streams of scalable income into my business.

Don't think that you don't have something to offer. Think about the goal of creating multiple source of income for your service agency. Let ME worry about finding something unique to offer and draw it out of you.

You deserve this.

Have courage, commit, take action.


P.S. Yes, this is lifetime access and there's a full refund guarantee. $47 one off price for serious product creators. Click here to start creating products.

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