My iron clad, rock solid guarantee

I know that you're going to love this course. It's going to totally change your marketing funnel business. Why do I know that? Because of what other funnel builders say.

"I would say that if you are serious about starting/growing a funnel business but are confused about what you need to know, overwhelmed about your options, and want an easy to follow plan to solve these issue, this course is a no-brainer risk free investment in my opinion."


However, I understand that it's a big investment. It's not even the money, it's the time. Time to go through the course and learn the material, time spent working through the worksheets and templates.

I want to make this the most obvious decision in the world for you. If you're a funnel builder and you want more from your business, this is the course for you.

And if for any reason you think the course sucks or isn't worth the investment, I'll refund every penny of your investment.

I've got no interest in keeping your money just for the sake of it. If the Funnel Business System doesn't give you the confidence to sell a $25000 funnel, or the skills to attract and close more deals, I'll refund every penny of your investment. No tie ins or complex forms.

What other funnel builders say

"Don't buy it unless you actually want to grow and scale your funnel sales and optimize your build process"

Robert, Hatman marketing

"The course allows to build the foundations on which a successful business will be built, and gives huge amounts of clarity and motivation if you take the time to go through the worksheets. You do have to commit to put what you learn into execution, so no magic bullets or shortcuts in here!"


“Mike is an expert at getting you to look at your processes and to help you to think clearly about what you’re doing. Above all else, Mike has encouraged me to take action and to believe in myself more.

"I’ve made back my investment many times, but it’s not really just about the money is it? The most important thing is that for the first time in 13 years, right now - I feel free. I’m absolutely delighted to have worked with Mike and I’m proud to consider him a friend.”

Matt Davies

So what's included?

This is the absolute 7 step process for running a profitable and successful marketing funnel agency.

You'll get full, lifetime access to our 7 module course. Each module takes you step by step through the process of building a scalable product, creating a profitable business and attracting leads and customers.

Each module is split into small, bite-size topics, so you're never overwhelmed. Every topic comes with a clear video demonstration, as well as an audio download to listen to away from your computer.

Each topic is centered around a worksheet, template or example for you to follow along with. Mike talks you through every step and of course you can pause and re-watch as many times as you need.

At the end of each lesson is a quick recap quiz. It's not designed to be difficult, but to reinforce the key ideas you've learned in each lesson.

Your progress is clearly marked for every topic and lesson so you can see how far you're progressing. We don't drip-feed the content, you're free to take each lesson as fast as you need.

Many students take the course once, without doing the exercises and while listening to the audio downloads. Then, they'll go back and re-do each lesson with greater detail and using the templates and documents.

Others will dive deep into each lesson and work at it until they're happy. You're learning style is totally up to you.

The lessons

  • Lesson 1 focuses on the indisputable facts for every business. Why some fail and why some succeed.
  • Lesson 2 talks about you and what you're bringing to the business and your goals.
  • Lesson 3 we'll define your niche and a market that you can be #1 in and serve better than anyone.
  • Lesson 4 is about creating a scalable business plan that works for you and gives you time back.
  • Lesson 5 you'll look at your pricing model, money attraction strategy and justify a $25000 price tag
  • Lesson 6 explores scalable products, outsourcing and hiring while remaining as high quality as you can
  • Lesson 7 is where you'll learn the sales process to generate a new customer in 30 days without ads or cold calling

Mindset goals

And it's not just strategy and tactics. We also cover valuable mindset goals that give you the confidence and clarity to sell marketing funnels. I want to give you the permission, confidence and ability to attract and close five figure funnels.

What if someone else told you that you could sell $25000 funnels? And what if someone showed you exactly what was in those funnels to justify a five figure price tag?

Every lesson is supported by key mindset goals to help you focus and clarify what you're doing and why you're doing it.

What would that be worth to you? Complete clarity and direction on the future of your business? What would that cost to your business if you never found that?

I had 2 choices

I had two choices when I was making this course. I kept the process and exercises the same from my £11 000 training program (plus a £1000 per month retainer) and I could cut the price killer low. I could either make it cheap and get loads of students in.

Or, I could charge a higher price and attract funnel businesses serious about their business. I'm not interested in the wantrepreneur market and people looking to sell funnels because they think it's easy money. I want to work with funnel builders that want to make their lives and the lives of others, better.

What is a $25K project worth to you?

What would it be worth to you, if we could attract a new customer in 30 days. What would it be worth to attract a $10k, $15k or $25k marketing funnel customer? What would you be willing to pay for that?

When we deliver this in person, to a team, it's a £5000 process. That's what one business pays for this to be taught live.

That doesn't include the worksheets and documents either, that's another £3000.

Lifetime access to the materials and a structured system is another £3000.

In total, that brings our costs to £11 000.

Obviously I'm not charging you that today. Because we've systematised the process. You can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.

For all this and more, your price today is $1497.

$1497 for instant, lifetime access to the whole course, plus future updates.

No monthly fees after joining.

Rock solid satisfaction guarantee.

If you're serious about your funnel business and you're tired of low value customers, you can get started today by clicking the button below.

Still not sure? I totally understand, it's a sizeable investment of time and you want to make sure that it's worth the investment. Here's what we've found.

Funnel businesses that use our system, know exactly WHO they're going after. It's not just about the money, it's about being happy with what you're doing.

“This course is helping me clarify who I want to help and how I want to help them.”


“Don't buy this course if you're not willing to put in the work to change things. If you're ready for a change and ready to commit to getting things done then this course will be the one to open your eyes, keep you motivated and get you there.”


No other system in the world does this

We've got a rock solid guarantee, so we take all the risk until you're happy. Of course I'd say this, but this truly is the single best investment that a funnel builder can make in their business.

There is absolutely no other system in the world that teaches funnel builders like you, how to grow a successful funnel business and land more profitable clients.

There are dozens of great courses on building marketing funnels, but no one else is teaching my material. This is your secret weapon and unfair advantage, in the world of marketing funnels.

Secret weapon and unfair advantage

Imagine securing your biggest projects ever, this year. Maybe even this MONTH. Positive about the direction and purpose of your business. Clear on the niche and market you're going to attract.

We've EVEN got a payment plan, available here, if you want to break up the payment into easy to afford installments.

To take advantage of our easy to afford, low cost payment plan, click the button below.

You owe your business this

There's no doubt that more and more funnel builders are entering the market. By 2020, the marketing funnel industry will cover all continents and funnel businesses that DON'T secure a niche and create a scalable business before then, will be left out.

If you think it's hard to attract and close customers, it's going to get harder as more players enter the market.

The sooner you create a repeatable system of talking to your audience, the safer you'll be as more funnel businesses come into the market.

This course isn't going anywhere. There's no limited offer or discount deal. But that's not what's important.

You need to accept that ignoring the growing competition in your field, will force businesses without a niche and sales system to reduce their prices even more.

You owe this to the thousands of dollars you've spent on themes, plugins, software, platforms and funnel education. Put those dollars to work and invest in a system that generates an ROI on everything you've ever bought.

This is the ONLY course that teaches you to make money. To attract sales and customers, not just buy new tools and spend money. You can either get better at reducing expenses, or you can get better at increasing income. This course will teach you to how increase your income.

The Funnel Business Gameplan

If you want to turn your expenses into income and finally generate an ROI on all your costs, tools and software - click below to sign up.

You can do this, let's do it.

Mike Killen
Exeter, The Quay

Sell Your Service

p.s. skipped to the end? No worries (: This is the only course in the world that teaches you how to sell more marketing funnels.

No tools, no more costs, no more expenses. Just the strategy and plan to run a profitable, successful funnel business.