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JULY 20th - 21st, 2020. Devon, England.


What if you could hang our with me for 2 days, talk about your business, create a Gameplan to scale your agency AND all you had to do was turn up?

Two full day workshop with accommodation, lunch and dinner.

Brand new, live in person, 2 day workshop from Mike Killen

Turn your marketing agency into a scalable, lean, profitable business
More leads, more sales, less stress

My name is Mike Killen

I know exactly how hard funnel builders work to grow their agency. To find new clients, to attract new business and make new sales. I know because I’ve done it.

  • Best selling author on funnels, sales and scale (Sales Genius #2, From Single To Scale, Universe Fuel, Five Figure Funnels)
  • Top sales coach for marketing agencies in the WORLD (even ClickFunnels interviewed me)
  • Naked 5k runner [photo redacted]

Except growing is really the wrong word.

Because growing is painful. It’s hard work and isolated. It requires massive resources and energy and at the end of it, you’re almost certainly not where you want to be.

That’s why I prefer to scale funnel builders and agencies. It’s more effective, it’s more fun and more importantly, it’s more profitable.

Think about your current business model as a fish in a pond. Growing your business as a fish would mean getting bigger and bigger until you’re the size of the pond.

Then, CONTINUE growing until your tail is flying about out of the water! How much food and energy would that require?! How uncomfortable and painful would that be?!

Now, imagine moving to a new, bigger pond. Or, even a massive lake where you can grow as big as you need to be!

You see, the problem with agencies is that they build the pond first. They create restrictions that choke growth and make getting bigger a real struggle.

In fact, what most businesses think is growth, is really just force feeding the fish that can’t grow bigger.

That’s where the first ever Scale 2020 Workshop comes in.

In July 2020, Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st we’ll be spending 2 days moving your fish to a new lake. Clear water, unlimited food and lots of other fish to play with!

  • How to create a scalable and profitable model for your agency
  • Discover hidden benefits to your services that are so compelling you can’t HELP but sell them
  • FINALLY work with someone in real time to give you the best feedback possible
  • 5 product types that EVERY scalable funnel builder MUST offer if they want to grow without choking
  • Why established agencies are about to crumble to fast moving, built for scale businesses like yours (and how larger agencies can never ever compete)
  • The reason your beliefs and values are the CORE to your ability to scale
  • How to justify a five figure price tag (with something you know already but won’t admit)

We’re only opening this offer to 10 funnel builders and this WILL sell out fast


Regular price at launch: £697

Your price with a deposit of £150: £597

Or, take advantage of our Serious Investor price and pay JUST £497 upfront.

Even better, your hotel, lunch and dinner is INCLUDED in your price! Literally just pay, turn up and let’s get to work!

Monday 20th July and Tuesday 21st July

Live event in Devon (address TBC)
One nights accomodation in a beautiful country house
Evening meal with Mike and other attendees
Lunch both days
Refreshments both days


£697 per ticket
  • 2 day event ticket
  • Scale your agency 2020 access
  • One nights accommodation at venue
  • Evening meal with Mike
  • Lunch both days
  • Refreshments both days

SMART INVESTOR (payment plan)

£597 per ticket (with £150 deposit)
  • 2 day event ticket
  • Scale your agency 2020 access
  • One nights accommodation at venue
  • Evening meal with Mike
  • Lunch both days
  • Refreshments both days
  • £150 deposit
  • 3 payments £149


£497 per ticket
  • £200 discount
  • 2 day event ticket
  • Scale your agency 2020 access
  • One nights accommodation at venue
  • Evening meal with Mike
  • Lunch both days
  • Refreshments both days

Book your ticket here and secure your place.

Confirmation emails will be sent as soon as payments are received.

All payments are final and due to the nature of the event and discount, refunds are not possible.

If you’ve ever attended one of my calls or coaching programmes, and you just feel that you need to get 2 days to get it done. This IS those two days!

Stunning location, zero distractions, no time wasted.

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There are LIMITED spaces available and this WILL sell out fast. Secure your place here and let’s work together in July!


Questions you might have

The event will be held in Devon, England. It’s looking like it will be just outside of Exeter and within reach of two train stations. We are currently confirming dates and times with multiple country venues for the best deal. The full address will be revealed shortly.

Devon has some stunning scenery and lots of activities and walks as well as beaches and tourist villages. If you buy a ticket you accommodation is included and you’re welcome to share your room (room size allowing). However all attendees to the workshop must buy an individual ticket.

At this time we are unable to offer just attendance to the event. The room, food and event are all bundled together.

No problem! We’ll be asking for restrictions and requirements before the event.

Other than your own costs of traveling down (Exeter airport has great links and there are several train stations) and drinks if you’d like them, we’re covering the hotel night, food and event space.

Yes, there is plenty of space to park during the event.

The initial Serious Investor level will hold until mid-February. The Smart Investor until mid-Feb or unless all tickets are sold first (10 available)

As of time of writing there are 10 spaces available and we have sold 3 already before writing this page. This is to keep numbers low, the atmosphere intimate and exclusive. We’re going to work deep on our businesses together.