How to sell marketing automation funnels agenda

3 webinar series

How to generate revenue and profit by selling marketing funnels and delivering them.

Webinar #1. Building and delivery


  • The difference between a website and a marketing funnel
  • Why funnels are PERFECT for recurring revenue
  • Cycle of events for us as builders
  • Cycle of events for customers and traffic
  • We can deliver more leads
  • We can deliver more sales
  • We can deliver more traffic
  • We can deliver provide faster automation

Webinar #2. Products and pricing

  • Email launch series
  • Capture leads from blog posts
  • Grow an email list with smarter segmentation
  • Lead magnet creation and delivery
  • Sales email automation
  • TOFU content creation
  • Scalable products to sell

Webinar #3. Selling to clients

  • Opening up the conversation (even if it's been a while)
  • Trust building communications series
  • Booking a call/meeting
  • Running a discovery
  • Converting into a sale
  • Delivering the first solution/product
  • What's the result we expect?
  • Measure and insight in 1 month