How I Made $100 000 in 30 Days With Marketing Automation With These 27 Emails

The 27 emails and exact copy - all white labeled for you to use - that made my customer say...

"I need you to stop the campaign...we can't deal with the amount of leads you're delivering"

mike killen sell your service expert coaching
That's me. That's my face.

Hi guys, Mike from Sell Your Service here.

I’m going to show you exactly how I generated $100k for a customer in 30 days using marketing automation AND you can get the exact emails that I used, all white labelled so you can use them on your customer’s marketing automation campaigns.

But We Had A Problem

The problem was that we had a customer who had a big list (20 000 people) but he wanted to launch a new product to them.  He had no automation and was struggling to send out emails to his list of 20 000 because he had automation.

On top of that, he wanted to generate a list and get new leads to buy from him without having to chase and email them each time he had a new signup.

Misconceptions around marketing automation

Before I get into anything, there are a few huge misconceptions around marketing automation, list building and selling and email marketing that I want to clear up.

First, yes, my customer already had a list of leads and customers but it ISN’T necessary to setting up marketing automation.

In fact, one of the biggest problems my customer had was that he wanted to generate more leads but follow up and market to them automatically because he didn’t have the bandwidth.

Finally, marketing automation isn’t complex, but it does require hard work.  Most of the time, that hard work takes the form of marketing content and getting people to move through a marketing funnel.

Let’s take a look at what’s changing


First, people and businesses no longer want WordPress websites.  What they want is marketing automation.  They want marketing automation because they want to move customers through a marketing funnel in order to sell to them.  Websites are static.  Great at providing a platform for content but they don’t move people through a sales process, and that’s what your customers want.


The last 18 months have seen TREMENDOUS leaps made in marketing automation technology.  Most of my funnels are built in MailChimp.  (In fact, if you sign up to The Gameplan I show you exactly how to set up a funnel with MailChimp).


Finally, businesses are looking for more return on their investment than ever.  Websites have become a commodity and I want to teach you how to SELL marketing automation to your WordPress customers.  It’s the most profitable business tool that WordPress and marketing businesses have.

That's why we have the $100 000 email copy written for you

To top it all off you need to know how to BUILD marketing automation. You need to know the triggers, filters, audience acquisition process and lead capture systems. You’ll need a series of written emails and content to send out AND you want proof that it works.

That’s why I’ve got the $100k in 30 days email series.  I wrote this and used it on a campaign that was so successful that the customer had to email me to STOP sending emails because he was receiving too many leads (more on that later)

email marketing funnel box
So much better than a human head.
  • You’ll get 3 email campaigns, with 9 emails each. The first, the launch series is what we use to send to a list to launch a product. Don’t worry if you or your customer isn’t actually launching a product, I use the term launch to describe the launching of this new funnel that you’re going to put in place.

  • Next we have our value stack series. We use this to send automatically to new leads who are captured in order to qualify them and convert them into a sale.

  • Then, we have our sales campaign which is a 9 email series designed to close sales and position the sender as a trusted source of authority.

  • Each email series is white labelled, which means I’ve written them and you just need to fill in the blanks for your customer’s needs. You could even use it on your own business.

  • Finally, you don’t just get the emails. You’ll get detailed notes on when to send the emails, the subject lines, when they work and notes on the results each email got.

  • So go ahead and click buy now below, it’s going to be the smartest $19 you’ve spent.

mike killen sell your service expert coaching

So my name is Mike Killen and I run Sell Your Service. I teach WordPress professionals and businesses how to sell marketing automation and how to build marketing funnels.

Most recently, this is a capture of an email I received from a customer begging me to stop a campaign because I was generating them too many leads.  They literally had no more phone staff to deal with the interest that I was driving to them.

too many leads testimonial

Let's take a look at what you could be doing this week

It’s important to note that these emails worked for my business and my customers. I’ve learnt from some of the smartest people in the marketing space. Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and Troy Dean to name a few. But- it took me a long time to get my funnels to repeatedly and regularly generate leads, sales and profit.

This isn’t a quick fix, you’ll need to look over and work on the email specifics to your business. You’ll also need to set up your own automation or CRM system (I’ve got a few favourites I can suggest).

If you want to increase lead conversions and sales through, all on automation AND have a 3 part email series ready to use on your customer’s marketing automation – this is for you.

  • Today

    Buy and download the emails ($19 – seriously!) and read over them.  Watch the training video and read the notes.

  • Tomorrow

    Insert your business specifics and copy and paste these bad boys into your automation system.

  • The day after that

    Capture leads and know that EVERY lead you sign up is going to be moved through a marketing funnel that increases sales.

  • Next

    Send a series of launch emails to currents leads and customers in order to generate revenue from your current list.

  • Finally

    Know that you can sell marketing automation to customers and start selling email marketing funnels to your website customers.

email marketing copy funnel refund


1. You’ll receive 27 emails pre-written that you can use for your marketing automation and your customers.

2. You’ll get notes and training on how to use and seriously exploit the power of marketing automation using these emails.

3. I’m going to give you a 100%, no quibbles, no qualms money back guarantee.  If you’re not happy with what you receive.  If you try it and you think it sucks and it wasn’t worth $19.  I will give you every penny back no questions asked.

I’ll even give you 60 days to test and try the emails and get them set up.  If you honestly can tell me that you thought it was a waste of money, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.  No questions asked.

Are you ready to start?

Here’s the final thing.  I only EVER want to produce high quality and valuable products and content.  I honestly cannot think of anything more detrimental to my goals that schlocking out garbage products and tricking people into buying it.  I want to sell awesome, easy to use resources that help WordPress professionals like you sell and build marketing automation.

So here’s the method I used with the emails. This is how I generated $100k in 30 days for my customer.

First, I sent all current leads and customers the launch emails. They were spaced out over about a month. Each email is designed to engage and get the customer to read our content. The more they do so, the more qualified they are and the stronger the buying signals.

At the same time, we launched a PPC, paid social and organic SEO and social campaign to drive traffic to landing pages and blogs.  The blog posts offered free content in exchange for an email, as did the landing pages.

Whenever someone signed up, they were put into a marketing funnel that sent them the value stack emails.  The idea was the same as the launch emails.  Get them to open and read them and increase their buying signals

When leads and list members opened and read enough emails, they automatically qualified for a V.I.P. status where we started sending them MORE even BETTER content.  By this point, we could talk to them and start a conversation about the product.  Alongside our conversations, rather than following them up, we continued to market to them and get them to realise that they needed us.

But – why just $19?

Here are the facts. We now send hundreds of thousands of emails a week. I’ve gotten very good at writing and crafting emails and campaigns. Just a few weeks ago a UK telecoms company hired me to revamp their entire corporate marketing automation and marketing funnels.

However, I remember really struggling to sell my WordPress websites and I wanted to offer something different.  I knew marketing automation was how I’d differentiate myself and I remember struggling to find resources that would help me do that.

I’ve done the hard work and I want you to benefit.  Besides all that, I want to show you just how awesome my stuff is and how it can help you.  So I figured if I give you a taste of my emails marketing skills, you’d see how I can build you marketing automation process with you too.

I’m not going to be offering it at this price forever, it’s part of a larger $150 a month membership I have called The Gameplan.  I’ve got a revenue target for this and once I hit it, I’m taking this product off the $19 price tag.

Look – it boils down to this.

  • People just don’t care about standalone WordPress websites anymore. I don’t deny that you might build the best looking, fastest loading websites in the world.

  • But the fact remains that websites are static and they’re hard to generate revenue from.

  • I want to give you the first step towards automating your marketing and building responsive marketing funnels that do that hard work for you.

  • Most WordPress businesses and professionals will turn down new offers like this because it’s new and it’s scary.

  • I don’t want you to be one of those businesses, I want you to grow and see just how powerful a marketing funnel can be.

So that’s it from me.

Go ahead and click buy now below.

It’s literally only $19 and I promise you’ll see the value in it straight away.

Speak soon and don’t forget to shoot me an email if you found this useful.

Thanks again. I’m Mike Killen from SellYourService.

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