ATTENTION Funnel builders...

"Finally! How to sell and build marketing automation funnels"

(So you DON'T have pitch and cold-call other businesses)

1st of 3 webinars on November 24th 9pm UK time LIVE (recordings published later)

Sell marketing funnels

How to price and project manage marketing funnels

Generate income and profit

From: Mike Killen (
RE: Marketing automation funnels

Dear Funnel Builders,

If you want sell a marketing funnel to a customer for profit, explain the value to a customer, so it changes from "nice to have" to "NEED to have", or even if you just want to project manage the marketing funnel during the build and sale, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because your customers want marketing automation funnels, even if they don't know it!

"I also need advice on selling the concept. Especially in a market where it's still pretty new and most people have not even heard of it. It sounds fascinating they say but like a nice to have. I think that's crazy"


Yep. Anchen is spot on here.

Marketing funnels WILL become commonplace in the next 5 years. But your customers don't know they want it. They know they want the results and they THINK that a website is all they need.

We're going to shift that thought pattern starting on November 24th at 9pm UK time.

We've heard what you want and we're going to show you.

3 webinars over 1 week showing you exactly how to sell, price and manage marketing funnels to sell to customers. Every webinar is totally different content. No repeats, no replays for “fake live webinar” events. New content delivered over 3 webinars.

24th November 2016
29th November 2016
1st December 2016

mike killen sell a marketing funnel
Mike Killen - marketing funnel expert

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Mike Killen and I'm a WordPress marketing funnel automation expert.

I've built my business on selling and building marketing funnels. They provide me recurring revenue and now I hardly build "just websites" at all.

These webinars are going to give you EVERYTHING you need to sell marketing funnels to your customers and plan/project manage them easily.

Here's what other businesses, funnel builders anad entrepreneurs want to know.

Every day, your customers are looking for the solution to low list counts, old leads and poor sales. You can SOLVE those problems with marketing funnels.

I want "Confidence. And understanding the worth of a funnel and how to convey that to the client."

- Chris

What Chris is referring to here, is the transition for customers on “yeah that sounds good” to “I will crawl over broken glass to buy this from you”. It's easier than you think. I'm going to show you how to do that.

We're going to go through all this and more, starting on November 24th at 9pm UK time.

We asked 1143 businesses what they wanted to learn with marketing funnels and over 200 said "selling". How do you SELL a marketing funnel?

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What I'm Teaching...

You'll know exactly how to approach a customer or lead to sell a marketing funnel. How to price the project so it's profitable. How to consult the customers and manage the project.

How to stop spending money on expensive tools and plugins and where to find profit with projects that pay for themselves.

You'll see that marketing funnels aren't hard to sell. They just need a process. Something that can be repeated.

Learn the exact step-by-step system to talking to customers about marketing funnel projects and helping them sign up to your services.

Know how to move from one off website projects to repeat income marketing funnel projects

"I need to know absolutely that I have everything I need in place before a single person subscribes. Otherwise I don't know what to do with them"

-Cate and Cath

I totally get how you feel. A lot of business feel the same way. What we've found is that we can split whole projects into manageable chunks that still deliver results, add value to your business and can easily be added onto to create more complex funnels.

We're going to go through all this and more, starting on November 24th at 9pm UK time.

Finally, I'll show you the pool of leads that you have access to that you're IGNORING and you could contact TODAY. I'll also show you WHAT to say to that pool of leads to start getting meetings.

>>When you make your first marketing funnel sale, you'll wonder why doesn't EVERYONE want one and that you can sell to literally any business.


>>When you're selling marketing funnel projects, your portfolio of projects increases overnight. Leads, email marketing, consulting, coaching, sales automation. Businesses want all of those.


>>Other business build one off websites and projects. You're going to deliver measurable results to businesses.


>>Knowledge bomb #6: The Real SECRET For Converting Marketing Funnels From "Nice To Have" To "Need To Have" For Your Customers.


>>Knowledge bomb #7: How To Generate Repeat Business And Recurring Income From Marketing Funnels


>>Knowledge bomb #11: Discover Why All Businesses NEED Marketing Funnels And How You Can Sell Them (help Customers See The Value)


>>Knowledge bomb #12: STOP Worrying About Whether You CAN Sell Marketing Funnels. I'm Going To Give You The Confidence To Sell And Build Marketing Funnels

So Here's The Bottom Line With THESelling and delivering marketing funnels webinar series”

You'll join us live on 3 webinars that talk about selling and delivering marketing funnels.

You'll get lifetime access to the video recordings and all the templates and guides used.

Finally, you'll see the exact gameplan you need to sell funnels to generate revenue and profit for your business.

No sales pitches, no horseshit. Just 100% pure content that you can use for EVERY customer and EVERY marketing funnel project.

You get all of this for only $497...

But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Bonuses For Acting Now...

Bonus #1: Sales letter for selling marketing funnels

spell-01-office-notes-notepad-entrepreneur-38556-square-1 This is the long form sales letter that you can use to sell marketing funnels. Turn it into a landing page, sales page, sales email, product page...the list goes on.

Real Value: $49 to $200

Bonus #2: Marketing funnel product launch emails

spell-01-macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284-square-18 emails that you can send to your current list, getting them excited and on board for marketing funnel projects with you. Start selling on automation with emails that we've pre-written.

Real Value: $49 to $200

As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of between $98 and $400... but they're yours when you act now!

And you have nothing to lose because you can...

Take A Full 30 days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

You guys know my deal by now. I ONLY ever want to create useful and valuable content. Stuff that is actually useful, not just theory. So as usual, I've got my iron-clad, no nonsense guarantee.

I (your name here) understand that...

If this webinar series doesn't show me exactly how to sell a marketing funnel to a customer for profit...

If it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to explain the value to a customer, so it changes from "nice to have" to "NEED to have"...

Or if it fails to help me project manage the marketing funnel during the build and working, then I understand that I will receive a full refund.

No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....

So go ahead and click the get access link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more!

Let's get started right now!

You'll get your confirmation and link to join shortly after purchasing.

The dates won't change but we WON'T be selling access to just these recordings cheaper, later in the year.

That's it. When we start the webinar, you WON'T be able to buy access later.

Frequently asked questions

Can we buy access to the webinars and just watch the recordings?

OK here's the deal. You WON'T get as much value from JUST the recordings.

Each webinar will have loads of Q&A time. You'll get to speak to me and ask me questions.

BUT, I get that the time-zones sometimes don't work for people.

So of course, if you buy access to the webinars, you'll get access to every recording as soon as it's live and all the resources and templates we use.

Is it 3 repeat webinars or 1 webinar series?
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What does this do, that the MArketing Funnel In A Box doesn't do?
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