The 4 steps to defining the perfect niche for your funnel business

I want to show you exactly how to define a niche AND how to attract leads from that niche to work with you

Your problem is not finding a niche, or even thinking of one. Your problem is fear.

Fear that you’ll pick the wrong niche, or a niche that has no leads or customers.

Because even if you do manage to define a killer, profitable niche for your business. It’s committing to that niche that makes the difference.

You’ve got the map and the end destination in mind. But until you climb that mountain, you haven’t done what matters.

The great niche myth

The Great Niche Myth is a mistaken belief, that a profitable and killer niche will suddenly leap out at you.

Like a glorious sign from the sky, a shining light will illuminate a niche that’s so perfect and pure, that you can’t help but make money from it.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Sorry. It just doesn’t happen like that.

Discovering a niche is more like whittling down interviewees. You’re going to have to start with 100 ideas, then get that down to 50, then 10 and then (hopefully) 1.

It’s all up to you.

Businesses without a niche, are doomed

Funnel building is becoming more and more competitive. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You need a niche.

And to top it all off, I can’t even just GIVE you a niche. You wouldn’t do anything with it. It has to be something that you discover yourself.

The definition of a niche

A niche is defined as:

“A problem solved, or result achieved, for a specific group of people, with certain characteristics, that no one else wants to serve.”

Read on and I’ll tell you how to define that niche.

4 steps to define a niche

A niche is not an industry

Let’s get this out the way - a niche is not just an industry.

Yes, some business make really good money marketing to just travel agents, or car manufacturers or not-for-profits. But as Covid-19 showed us, entire industries can disappear overnight and there goes your revenue.

Small business isn’t a niche either

Another weak niche, is when people say that their niche is small business. That’s like saying your target market is 99% of all business.

There is absolutely nothing shared between a small garden centre with 20 employees and a 200 person manufacturing business. Both are considered small businesses.

Instead, we need to start thinking about the shared characteristics between your ideal clients and who you want to work with.

Step #1: A problem solved or result achieved

First, let’s start with the result that you bring your clients. What do they want-


Most people answer that before they even hear the rest of the sentence. And I’ve got news for you.

Being a marketing funnel builder doesn’t just mean delivering leads to clients. There’s SO much more you could say you do.

  • Increase average order value per customer
  • Turn one time buyers into lifetime subscribers
  • Reduce refunds and convert them into more sales

Funnels and automation and email and social - all these things can do so much more than just deliver leads.

Every marketing agency on the planet says they deliver more leads. So WHY would I want to work with you more than anyone else?

Think about the results you like to get clients, or the problem you like to fix, and that’s a strong start.

Step #2: Specific group of people

What type of person or business do you like to work with? Don’t say “small business”. That’s fear and scarcity talking.

Do you prefer working with the business owner, or the entire team?

Do you prefer working with businesses, who have a clear mission? Or businesses headed by best-selling authors?

Who are YOUR people? If you had a crowd of 100,000 in front of you, what question would you ask to get 1% of them to raise their hands?

“Who here helps their customer with money?”
“Raise your hand if you’re a CEO with over 50 employees”
“Does anyone here build bicycles?”

Step #3: Certain characteristics

This is where we get specific and look at “winning traits”. We want to look for signs that this business would benefit in working with you.

Yes, technically EVERY business would benefit in working with you. BUT some of those businesses will benefit more than others.

For example, if your speciality is email marketing and you work with digital product businesses, which of these businesses would benefit from your help more?

a) a business with 3 digital products, proven sales and 10,000 email subscribers
b) a business with 1 product, unproven sales and only 1000 subscribers.

Business A would benefit more because you could do more with what they’ve got. You’re looking for signals that they’d go further with your help and support.

Combining (specific people) + (specific characteristics) gives you a clear and killer niche.

Step #4: No one else wants to serve

Here’s the kicker. And this is where most people fall down.

You need to SERIOUSLY care about that market. It has to be a driven and committed desire for you to help that market. If you’re looking at the niche you’ve written down, you need to decide if you are willing to commit TO that niche.

Simple as that.

If you decide to commit there and then, to give that niche everything you’ve got, you’re on the right path.

How I discovered my niche

I defined my niche as “funnel builders” before I even knew what a funnel builder was.

I was working with funnel builders before ClickFunnels or LeadPages were even a thing.

Who I originally wanted to work with, was anyone and everyone in the digital creative space. Graphic designers, web designers, developers, content writers. Anyone and everyone.

Over time, I narrowed it down to “businesses who use the internet and websites to automate sales for their customers - I’m going to help them increase their prices and sell more of those projects”.

Bit of a mouthful, but eventually, it became a clear and defined niche of “sales training for funnel builders”.

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