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Discipline will always trump motivation

Why is it that some people succeed and some people fail? How do you continue to motivate yourself? In today’s video, I want to talk about why some people seem to have unlimited motivation and resources and want to get way more done every single month and why some people struggled to get over even…
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3 things that I do which keep me productive

There isn’t a magic secret productivity hack or tip or guide that’s going to magically make your 100x more productive. We all want more from our input. We want results faster and we want more output from what we’re doing. The huge elephant in the room however, is that there is no magic secret to…
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Business and cancer recovery AMA – ask me anything!

As promised, I figured I’d do a little bit of an AMA video which means ask me anything. I don’t want the whole channel and all of my content to be about having cancer but it has impacted the business in a pretty significant way. For example, I’m going to do this video and we’re…
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Cancer Recovery (Exercise)

It’s my first day back to rehab and I’ve still got a pretty gnarly scar. I’m just going to be doing 10 minutes of breathing work basically on my back. My core is incredibly sore and weak. We’re just going to step back into it with some light breathing work. Because the incision was through…
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Face fears every day

Running at 7:30 in the morning is not my idea of what I want to do at 7:30. I was looking for the quote “do one thing every day that scares you”. Turns out that’s not actually the quote. It was attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt who’s obviously incredibly bright, verbose, articulate. Turns out that’s not…
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What should your funnel business focus on?

Focus on Facebook ads.Focus on blog posts.Focus on content promotion.Focus on networking. I could list 100 other things that you’re supposed to “focus” on. As businesses owners and entrepreneurs, it’s a never ending merry-go-round that gets faster and faster, but never arrives anywhere. I’d love to tell you that I have the secret. The final…
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