Brand new LIVE workshop from Mike Killen
Best selling author and content creator

Finally! Get around to writing that business book and publishing it in under 60 days

(Even if you have no idea where to start)

Wouldn’t now be the perfect time to get that book published?

The single most important book you’ll EVER have, isn’t a book you read, it’s the book you WRITE

You’ve already WRITTEN most of your book.

I’m going to show you exactly how to get your ideas on paper, written and ready to publish.

  • The easiest way to write 1000 - 2000 words a day
  • The ugly truth behind being a published author and self publishing
  • If you can write an email, you can write and publish a best selling book

No more writers block. No more “I’ve got an idea for a book”

Just join us and see your book idea come to life.

There’s no such thing as a natural writer.

Businesses that educate, dominate.

The fastest way to massively increase your authority is writing your own book.

  • Using tools like Grammarly and spellcheck is a good idea, right? WRONG! Most writing tools KILL the writing process and make it even harder
  • The weird “nonsense-typing” trick that get’s you ready to churn out 1000+ words every single day
  • It’s not your fault that you can’t think about what to write, even if you have a great idea.

My name is Mike Killen, I’m a best selling author of Universe Fuel, From Single To Scale and Sales Genius #2.

I’ve got my upcoming book Five Figure Funnels and I’ve written thousands of blog posts, sales letters and email campaigns.

I believe that every person and business on the planet benefits from writing a book - it’s just getting it out there that’s the problem.

Most people never get around to writing a business book because-

  1. You don’t think they have a good idea (you do)
  2. You have no idea how to write a book
  3. You don’t think you're a natural writer

I’ve got GREAT news! NO ONE is a natural writer!

Even the best writers in the world have editors, years of practice and templates that they follow.

You HAVE got a great idea for a book, you just haven't put it into a clear and direct process.

You don’t need any special skills, software or talent to write a book.

If you’ve always wanted to write a business book, you absolutely need to join our LIVE workshops in July.

  • 2 x 2 hour live workshops
  • Book structure, ideas and chapters
  • Lead generation hacks to get the most FROM your book
  • Full plan of what to write every day
  • What ideas work and what to write
  • Perfect chapter structure
  • How to get to 70,000 words easily
  • The writing process
  • When to write, when to edit, when to publish
  • The end game of publishing and promotion

$297 one time payment

July 23rd and July 30th

Workshop #1
July 23rd 5pm UK

  • What makes a great idea for a book
  • Book structure
  • Getting your idea on paper
  • Writing methods
  • Content ideas and chapter layout
  • Daily writing plan

Workshop #2
July 30th 5pm U

  • Progress and motivation
  • How to use a book for lead gen and sales
  • When to edit and publish
  • Publishing options
  • Promotion

$297 one time payment

July 23rd and July 30th

I want to write a book but don’t have any book ideas

No problem at all! Join the workshop and you’ll see that you have dozens of book ideas and I’ll even show you how to pick the best one and commit to it. You’ll walk away with loads of other book ideas too!

There are loads of business books already - too much competition

There are lots of books and authors, but just like everyone learns to walk and drive, that doesn’t affect how much it makes YOUR life better. Plus, the way we write our books, means that smaller numbers can be better.

I’m worried that my business book idea isn’t good

I’m going to show you how to validate your book idea AND how to get over your fear of a book that no one likes.

Hasn’t someone already written a book similar to my idea?

Almost certainly, but that’s good news! It means there’s a market already and YOU have totally unique ideas, view points and probably a totally unique system and process.

I have an idea but don’t know what to write

Perfect! If you’ve already got an idea let’s validate it, and then get your writing plan and book structure down on paper to give you a plan on what to write.

As soon as I sit down my mind goes blank!

Yep - happens to the best of us. That’s why we create a book structure and “write” the book before we write it! Join us in July and you’ll see exactly how to write the perfect business book for your customers with ZERO writers block.

I can’t organise all my ideas

Luckily for you, on the call we’ll get all your ideas out on paper and written down so that it makes sense. We’ll organise it in a method that you’ll write and the reader will consume (they’re not always the same way round)

Do people really want a book about my topic?

Yes! Your leads, audience, customers, prospects and followers ALL want to read what you’ve got! And there’s even an easy way to test what they want to read!

$297 one time payment

July 23rd and July 30th