The 4 Biggest WordPress Hosting Problems of 2014 Solved in 30 Seconds.

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Joe is from Tap WordPress Hosting.  Recently we also spoke to Pete from Tap on the Podcast.  They offer free basic hosting, and and they’re giving away PREMIUM hosting, click here.

Firstly, let’s be clear about one thing.

I’m not talking about the obvious hosting considerations here: reliability, security, scalability, support, which is to be expected of any good hosting solution.

I’m talking about the front-end user experience; the design, the cross-device compatibility, the admin panel and how fast things work and respond for the user. I’m focusing on the user.

More and more people are falling in love with WordPress.

Not only for its effective blogging capabilities but also for its exceptional content management framework; designers and developers just can’t get enough of it.

This rapid incline in popularity has seen WordPress evolve into a solution used by the masses, including the non-techies of the world to whom hosting spiel sounds like a foreign language.

The problems we face in 2014 aren’t the technicalities of WordPress hosting but the user experience itself, which is desperately substandard where many of the solutions currently available are concerned.

The 4 Biggest WordPress Hosting Problems Users Face Today

1. It’s complicated & stressful

Let’s face it, most of the affordable solutions available today don’t make much sense unless you are a developer…Tap has stripped things right back for the people that don’t care about what’s under the bonnet and just want a simple and easy way to host their WordPress website. Tap’s so simple and stress-free it really will make you smile 🙂

2. It’s Time-consuming.

Designers and developers often spend hours trying to set up staging servers to demonstrate client projects. Tap makes doing this a breeze; your website is hosted and live before the kettle’s boiled. It literally takes 30 seconds. Did someone mention it was free too?

3. It’s Too Technical

The current market is teeming with solutions which offer users a reliable service with 5GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth. You know the rest. Whilst this is important to some and these solutions are all technically sound, they don’t accommodate the breadth of users on WordPress today. The actual process of hosting a website is clunky and unintuitive. Tap encourages and supports the average Joe with their hosting; we deal with all the technical stuff.

4. The Support is Formulaic

A lot of support today simply isn’t good enough. We’re talking about genuine support from people that genuinely care. A fielding call from a person in a support centre with a script? It’s not exactly romantic now is it? At Tap we’re passionate about going the extra mile to really ensure people feel loved and are completely satisfied with the support they receive. You’ll be dealing with people who are WordPress experts and have been working with WordPress for years.

The Bottom Line

The target audience for WordPress hosting in 2014 has changed and users are looking for a quick, affordable and lightweight solution to launch their blog or website.

WordPress hosting needs to be built and designed for everyone.

Users should love hosting a website as much as they love using WordPress.

We think Tap provides the answer.

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