5 free awesome WordPress tools you’ve never heard of

As WordPress designers and developers, we’re always looking for easier ways to build great websites.

We’ve got a collection here of 5 WordPress based tools that we couldn’t live without.

They’re not all plugins, some are programs and some are websites.

1. InstantWP – FREE local WordPress on a PC or even a USB stick

InstantWP is a tool that I could not live without.  However it is PC only!  Sorry Mac users (although you can go here for some ideas).

InstantWP lets you deploy a fully loaded, functional copy of WordPress, right to your computer.  You don’t need an internet connection, or hosting.  It’s FREE and is a one click install.

You literally don’t need to set up a database, myphpadmin, server or anything.  Everything you need is right there, out the box.

You get access to the theme folder, plugins, database.  Everything.

I cannot tell you how many hours this has saved me, being able to update code and see it live without any FTP or uploads.

2. What WordPress theme – What theme does a website use?

Want to see what WordPress theme a website uses?  Then use this tool and find out.  Simple.

3. Built with – detect any content management system

Not strictly a WordPress tool, but it is cool to see what CMS certain websites use.  If you discover it’s a WordPress tool, then use #2 to see what theme it uses.

4. WordPress shortcodes – tons of functionality

Shortcodes are a way to include lots of design features on a website, without having to code them in.  Or without having to buy a bloated theme.

This particular plugin has TONS of shortcodes, but they’re really lightweight AND they’re responsive.

For design elements while keeping lightweight, this is the plugin you need.

5. InterconnectIT – transfer your WordPress website

Transferring a website is a nightmare.  Usually.

Let’s say you use InstantWP above and create a site locally, you then need to transfer it.

But what about all the gross horrible links?! Arrgh!!  Well that’s where InterconnectIT comes it.  With this script THAT YOU HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH, you can transfer the site and change all the data with no trouble.

I suggest trying this one out in private a few times.  But once you’ve got the hang of it, it is bliss.

Have you heard of any of these or are you already using them?  Are there any that I’ve missed?  Let me know in the comments below.

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